Sunday, September 09, 2007

September 9 of 30

This afternoon we ran some errands with my siblings. First we went to ToysRUs to do a purchase & return (two items I bought Sean in the past month or so went on sale, so I bought new ones & returned them with my old bill - saved over 30$ - so I bought Sean some new toys!)(See below).

Sean got his very own Caillou comfy chair. He likes it. And look - he's sooo darn cute in it! He also got a lawn mower that is a learning toy (ABC's, 123's etc) and some Mega Blocks (but those he ain't getting until he is closer to 1 year old, I'll put them away for the next few months).

At the pharmacy I picked up this awesome Habs bowl & spoon. I needed something to serve Sean in tonight (We had dinner at my brother's place and I forgot to bring a baby spoon), but upon seeing this dish, I had to buy it, and it was on sale too! Can you tell we're huge Habs fans?

At his Uncle's house, Sean checked out all the electronics. I played the Nintendo Wii for the first time ever today, (BOWLING!) and absolutely MUST get a Wii now! I think I'll be going tomorrow (with some early Chanukah gift certificate money!) I played 3 games of bowling, and I must say, it's SUPER addictive!

Tonight, I felt the bottom gums in Sean's mouth, and you can FEEL the teeth now! They're really sharp! They feel all jagged! I cannot wait for them to push more out! It's soooo exciting! You should have seen the smile on MY face when I felt that! And I managed to get my finger in there as he was falling asleep. Sean usually seals his mouth shut if you try to go in there now. (I don't blame him if his gums are sore from cutting teeth! There are definitely two in there coming out! The bottom two will be the firsts! Oh - I'm a proud mom! I cannot wait!

Tomorrow Sean is having some visitors. I need to run to a supplier to pick up an order, and my sister & I will probably go check out some Ninetendo Wii's! Tomorrow night I have my first aqua class of the season - I am very excited. I'm meeting a friend who is about 20 weeks pregnant or so, for the pre & post natal aqua class. She's pre and I'm post! I just love that class. Get to talk "mommy" stuff. I love the teacher and I love the relaxed atmosphere. Plus, I need to get back into shape before we decide to have baby number 2. Slowly getting there. My stomach is flattening more and more by the weeks that pass. It's tough though, to get rid of that "baby" fat. I also need to sign Sean up for the next swimming class. (Which will start in October). I hope I don't forget when I'm at the Y.

There was unfortuntaly no knitting done today. I just didn't get to pull it out of my purse while we were hanging out this afternoon, and that led into the evening, and I had stuff to do in the house this evening upon returning home. Oh well. There is always tomorrow.


Shelby said...

Too cute! We love the Wii too, got it for our birthdays this year. Celia really loves it too- her faves are golf and bowling. She's actually getting pretty good, too!

Robin said...

That's cool that you can get credit for the lower price if toys go on sale - sounds worthwhile!

Stupid question from me, who knows nothing about the subject - is it easier to bounce back after the second baby if you've gotten back into shape after the first one? It just seems like so much work if you're just going to gain the weight again anyway.

Amy said...

Sean looks absolutely adorable in your pictures.

Caroline said...

My boyfriend got a Wii for his birthday and I LOVE IT! Though I prefer tennis to bowling (but I can't play right now because of my injury).

g-girl said...

oh, i love the pic of sean in his calilou seat! sean looks mesmerized by the huge tv screen!