Monday, September 24, 2007

September 24 of 30

Last night I went upstairs early, but sat on the couch and knit. Wasn't in the mood for Jamie's dad's Irish Hiking Scarf birthday gift, which I now have less than 2 weeks to complete (and a hat too!) but I wanted to pick up Sean's blankie project again. I completed the 24th square (above).

Today during Heroes, I cast on the 25th square. I really like the green! It's an end square, so part is attached to the blanket, and the other half isn't! I am sure it'll be done tomorrow! I should be working on Jamie's dad's birthday gift - and to finish Jamie's anniversary socks. Oops! (Knitting A.d.d.?!)

I forgot to download the 1 picture I took at the Spa this weekend, so here it is - a self portrait of me in the mirror with the smokin' Jacuzzi! I want one just like it in our new house when we move! I think I'll add it to the list of things to look for when we start house hunting!

This is a picture I took of Sean from last night on the way to dinner with my parents. He looks too darn cute in his hoodie! He also look great in orange!

This video is for Patty. (I wanted to send a link on the net that I bookmarked on how to do it, but the link is now invalid). Or if you're wondering on how to Wrap a Skein - you can watch it too! (Please excuse my attire, I was still in pj's when I shot this video!):


missfee said...

love love love the birth of the skein way cool - and once again I really love the accent!!!! and the pj's
Sean is growing up so fast to!!!

Andrea said...

Thanks for the demo, I've never been able to figure it out!

Patty (knitgirl63) said...

You rock, my Canadian friend. Thank you so much - it really helped a lot to get a visual. I was actually pretty darn close but this helped a ton.

Thanks again, Robyn!

I'm off to California tomorrow for the knit and crochet convention and a tour of San Francisco. Hm. Maybe I'll find a little thank you for you there. :-)

g-girl said...

cool! thanks indeed for teaching us all how to wrap a skein. I had an idea but didn't know to keep twisting til I couldn't twist anymore!