Friday, September 28, 2007

9 Months

Today, I sat on the couch all day. Except for when I was checking on the laundry. (Got a lot of it accomplished today). It was really nice to just sit and watch some TV and chat on the phone, and wind cakes. Yep, I wound 60 + cakes. All for Noricum of Soapbox. We're swapping. Swapping leftovers of leftovers for our sock blankets!

This evening I met my mother & father, and siblings for dinner, my parents brought me back Sean, as he slept over there last night, as you know. Anyhow, on my way to dinner, I saw this amazing Ferris Wheel and took a photo opportunity. I love the colors of Ferris Wheels!

Today Sean is 9 months old. 9 months old! He was soooo serious when we were reunited this evening at the restaurant. After a bit he woke up a bit more (from snoozing in the car) and was in a good mood!

I finally found where I put What to Expect the First Year. I dug around to the 9 month chapter, and see where Sean is according to the book:

By the end of this month, your baby .... should be able to:
-work to get a toy out of reach (CHECK!)
-look for dropped object (CHECK! But depends on how badly he wants it)

... Will probably be able to:
- pull up to standing position from sitting (by 9.5 months) (CHECK!)
- get into a sitting position from stomach (by 9 1/3 months) (I don't know if I've seen him do this, but he can sit from crawling, so wouldn't that qualify?)
- object if you try to take a toy away (OH YES! You get an earful!)
- stand holding on to someone or something (he can stand holding on to just a loose pieces of your pants, he can walk the entire house holding onto the walls)
- pick up tiny objects with any part of thumb and finger (by 9 1/4 months) (He does this with Cheerios!)
- say mama or dada indiscriminately (YEP!)
- play peekaboo (He loves it and giggles!)

.... May possibly be able to:
- play patty-cake (clap hands) or wave bye-bye (Clap yes, bye-bye is in progress!)
- walk holding onto furniture (Cruise) (Yep. The couch. The walls... he's mobile!)
- understand word "No" (but not always obey it) (OH YES! and cries if he doesn't like that you said no!)

.... May even be able to:
- "play ball" (roll ball back to you) (Not yet)
- drink from a cup independently (from a sippy cup yes, not yet from a "real cup")
- pick up a tiny object neatly with tips of thumb and forefinger
- stand alone momentarily (for 3 seconds max right now)
- stand alone well (we're waiting - any day now!)
- say one word other than mama or dada (I swear I heard him say CAT to the cat!)

Some knitting content!

Here is the 27th square finished. It's the leftovers from Jamie's (almost done) Cabled Socks.

Square number 28 that was cast on during the hockey game last night, and finished by the time the game was over. It's leftovers from Angela, who used this yarn to make her Monkey socks. I'm not sure what the yarn is. Angela?

And last night watching some TV with Jamie I cast on Square number 29. I actually just finished knitting it. Pictures tomorrow. I must stop procrastinating my FIL's birthday gift. Grrr! I'm bad!

Robyn's Nest now has a signature colorway! You can check out it's yarn goodness here.

Still just a few spots left in the Robyn's Nest October Sock Club. It's been selling the last few days, so make sure to order a kit before the Sunday night deadline! (Wow, I can't believe Monday is October!) The October Sock club will ship mid-October.
Off to go cast-on another blankie square.


Tara said...

Ah, Ferris Wheels... I'm soooo looking forward to being able to take the kids to La Ronde!

Snarsh said...

Hey, it's Regia Canadian Classic Colors, colourway Orion 4748. my very first sock yarn.

Alison said...

Sean is obviously a superstar. :)

I recognize some of my sock yarn in your blankie -- in fact, I'm wearing the socks right now that match square 24!

Where is the Ferris wheel?

g-girl said...

i love ferris wheels too! :) great shot. congrats on getting your own exclusive colorway! Love the name too. :)

sharon said...

I want that yarn....
must resist must resist (just like I did with the sock club for Oct. Thanks so much!

NH Knitting Mama said...

I've seen some rave reviews on your shop on a couple blogs - thought you'd enjoy knowing that!

Sean is getting so big! I enjoy sitting and reading a bunch of posts at one time on your blog, so I really see Sean grow if I haven't stopped over in a bit.

Barb said...

I LOVE your signature colorway for your shop, I almost ordered it, i'm going too wait until the middle of the month and hope you have some left ;)

Robin said...

Sounds like Sean is way ahead of the game!! Congrats to you and him!