Monday, September 10, 2007

September 10 of 30

Tonight's post is photoless. I didn't take my camera out today. Sorry! (Tomorrow!)

I am sitting here at my desk, I can barely keep my eyes open. Today was a busy day. My sister came over before lunch, and we headed out the door. First we went to one of my suppliers, while she sat in the car, and I went to pick up a few things that I ordered that came in. Some new colors of Colinette Jitterbug that will be going up for sale in my shop tomorrow. (Apparently I missed a delivery today too - some yummy yarn goodness is also arriving tomorrow - more details about that tomorrow after they re-deliver!) (113 lbs of yarn. The girl on the phone when I called to re-schedule my re-delivery was like "Did I read that correctly? 113 lbs of yarn?" (LOL!) After leaving my supplier I went to have lunch with my sister and then we headed to the electronic store to get a Wii Console. None left in the province in Quebec. WHAT??!!! But I want one now! They're "expecting" some soon, so I'll keep checking. I did manage to pick up a few seasons on DVD that we collect. (Simpsons, South Park & Seinfeld - the Three S'!) And I still have plenty of gift certificate left to get my Wii (already bought the extra controller and some accessories and 1 game that Jamie wanted).... but waiting on that darn console! I hope I don't have to wait long. Thank you to my parents for the lovely early Chanukah present! (Chanukah in September?!) (Though, in 2013 Chanukah actually starts in November and is way before Xmas like it was in 2002 (last November Chanukah date). And in 2016 it actually starts on Xmas Day (Erev Chanukah (the start night) is on Xmas Eve).

This evening I went to post-natal aqua, with a friend of mine, Elana. It was great to see her. She's 17 weeks pregnant, and her little belly is super cute. She thinks she's having a girl (from her 13 week screening) but her 20 week UltraSound at the hospital isn't until October 1st. She's coming over for a late lunch tomorrow, so I am very excited to see her. Should be nice. On my way out from the Y I signed up Sean for Starfish, the next swimming class (for 6 months + babies). I wasn't the only post-natal tonight in the pre & post natal aqua class, my friend Marie, who had a baby in February came also. Phew - I wasn't the only veteran there. Lots of new faces, which is good. I like that! My aqua teacher asked me if I was pregnant yet, I told her not until next year. Though, I miss being pregnant, terribly! I loved being back in the water for this class though. Pregnant or not, it's relaxing!

However, I'm beyond exhausted from aqua tonight. It tires me out. I also think I am going to go to bed at a decent time tonight. I need to form better sleeping habits. And now because I'm exhausted from aqua, maybe that will help. I think maybe I'll turn off my computer, so I'm not tempted to come back on. Maybe I'll get to knit a few rows on Jamie's sock number 2, if I can keep my eyes open a bit longer. We'll see. If not, tomorrow I'll put in some knitting time. Yep, that's the plan. While waiting for my 113 lbs delivery.

ps - You can't really see them yet, but you can totally feel Sean's teeth trying to push through the gums. I love it! It's sooo exciting right now as it's something new!


Barb said...

I would love too see just how much yarn 113 lb. is!!!

Robin said...

Wow! 113 lbs of yarn!

You enjoyed being pregnant? Just because of the excitement of having a baby, or did you actually feel great? I don't hear from too many people who love it so it was surprising.

g-girl said...

goodness, that much yarn?? you know, wiis are still difficult to come by. Hopefully you can locate one soon!