Sunday, September 23, 2007

September 23 of 30

We had an absolutely amazing weekend up north despite a few things. The food was just plain, and the service was terrible. My massage was fantastic, though I didn't like the fact that the lotion she was using to massage my body, was used to massage my head as well and got all in my hair. It was gross. The bed was uncomfortable, but the Jacuzzi next to our bed was an awesome experience. We will not be going back there.

Last night we watched Nacho Libre (shit) and some World Series of Poker (WSOP) 2006 (I need to get 2007 to watch). We enjoyed each other's company, sans baby. It was nice. We did miss Sean though, very much!

Today when we turned on the TV in our room, (after drying out the remote control because Jamie accidently dropped it in the full Jacuzzi - oops) - we saw a show in some other language. Later on, upon returning to the room from breakfast, it was on again - but this time in English. Based on music by Fred Penner - or something to that effect, it was Tipi Tales. It's a Canadian show, and it's damn weird!

I took my camera with of course, but didn't take any photos except for 1 of the Jacuzzi. I have some progress on Jamie's dad's Irish Hiking Scarf, but the progress photos haven't been taken yet. (Maybe tomorrow). My sister did take some photos of Sean for me though, while we were away:

Looks like he had a great time and is not afraid of (big) dogs! (We knew that though). My parents dogs have been staying with their co-owner in Ontario, while my parents kitchen is being renovated. They were back in town for the weekend as there was a dog show in Laval and Piper was being shown. She's got now 6 of her 10 points that she needs to be considered a champion. She should be able to get them in the next show (the last 4).

Alright, I'm going to go snuggle with Sean and Jamie in bed and take it easy (haven't been feeling too good this weekend - rather tired or burned out actually) so some sleep is called for! (And still not sure what's on tap for tomorrow except for Aqua at night!)

ps- still a few more spots left in my October Sock Club , as well as a sale going on (20% off Colinette Jitterbug sock yarn!)


Laura said...

Yeah, the spa where I get my massages (when I can spare the $$) has showers you can use (not showers like the Y, nice showers) after your massage. I usually just book mine so I can come home and don't need to look nice. I always come out with my hair looking very greasy. I'm glad you guys had fun, even if you don't plan on returning!

Tara said...

Glad to see you had a good weekend. It's important to enjoy those baby-free moments, they're so few and far between!

Amy said...

Chris and I went here:
once and it was awesome. It's a bit more of a trek for you but it was great.

ScrapHappy said...

Aww... we loved Nacho Libre! ;)

JL said...

Oh my, such a huge dog !

g-girl said...

what a cute pic of sean and piper! I didn't know your parents dogs were co-owned. that's gross about the lotion used for your massage also being used for your hair. :P