Wednesday, September 05, 2007

September 5 of 30

Thank you to all of those who commented on my accent/voice. Is it a Canadian accent? Does that even exist? I was just being giddy in that video. I don't think my real talking voice sounds like that. Then again, I was in a bathroom that echos! I do have some other videos of me with Sean in the archives of my blog (since January of course).

Anyhow, today I got a lot done, and even took a nice little morning nap with Sean. (Much needed). I took care of laundry, worked on my shop a bit, and even got an order in the mail today. Very excited to put some new items in the shop this week. And some more goodies on it's way!

There is a new 2nd Cup that opened up across the street from the shopping center that I usually go to around the corner from my house. I'm very intrigued to check it out, and see if there are comfy couches in there for knitting. Maybe Sean & I will take a walk over there tomorrow or Friday.

Tonight I went knitting on Monkland and had a good time. However, tonight I really concentrated on my cabled socks for Jamie. I have 13 days to finish both. (I think I can, I think I can). I asked Mona who was there tonight, and the Cabled Socks from Steppin' Out is her pattern. I also found out that my (autographed by Mona) 1st Edition booklet lacks the names of who wrote which pattern, unlike the 2nd Edition which does. Oh well. Glad that the designers live in my hometown & come to my SNB, because I'm able to ask who did which pattern! The socks are coming along great. Progress pictures tomorrow.

So many projects I want to knit, so little time. Can I get more hours in the day?

Marga's hosting another Booty-Swap & I joined. I'm very excited for this round! I participated last year, and got some awesome Boot-ay! Happy Hallowe'en!


Amanda said...

I just got to watch the video now - adorable!! You definitely have an accent to my ears - very Canadian for sure. I love it, though. ;) When we meet up at Rhinebeck, you can tell me if I have an accent, LOL!

AliP said...

Those socks are freakin' awesome babe. Love them and am jealous at your skill level. I'll get there someday i suppose.

Jenn said...

If that isn't a Canadian accent that I don;t know what is!!!!!!

Is that A sound in clapping. Yours is much softer than what mine sounds like.

Check out my May 4th entry to see a video of my can hear me there :-)

jen said...

oh i love the pictures today! all of them. Especially the one with his back to us while he's playing along.

hee hee he is still such a cutie with those cheeks of his.

love your socks and those blockers are super cool, can i ask where you found them?