Thursday, September 06, 2007

36 Weeks

Today I went picture happy, since yesterday I didn't feel like taking a single photo. So here goes.
Sean & I in my office this morning. Just chilling out, waiting for an MSN reply from someone.

Today Sean is 36 weeks old. (2 more weeks until he's been out of my belly for as long as he was in). <-- I don't know why I find this cool, but I do!

Mommy kisses.

Funny faces.

Today I watched 2 movies. I decided today would be sit on the couch day.
Sean made a mess with his toys (what else is new?)
And I watched Blades of Glory (Stupid but funny).
And Georgia Rule (not what I was expecting, but alright).

I worked on sock number 1 of Jamie's anniversary socks. September 18th will be here before I know it, so I must finish his socks.

They are coming along great, but I'm worried they will be a little tight on him. Here's to hoping they won't be!

I got my BMFA's sock club kit in the mail the other day. Not 100% happy with the colors (again!) but they're alright. They may be gift knitted eventually. (We'll see). But they definitely won't be in the pattern that blue moon sent. They're totally not me.

I've been keeping my emergency skein on my corkboard in my office. Only 2 more to go. My boyfriend Saku Koivu has a place on my corkboard just above the emergency skeins.

Also on my corkboard is my lonely socks. I've got 1 "Married sock" (to match the "Married" socks I made Jamie last year/early this year) and 1 Jaywalker. Eventually I need to get around to make their match. First I need to finish Jamie's anniversary socks, and then my Father-in-law's hat & scarf set that I'm making him for his birthday (Oct 11th). Deadlines! Deadlines! I'd also like to finish Sean's Cabled Pullover BEFORE he outgrows 18 month size! (He's in about 9 month size now, but before I know it, he'll be in that size!)

Tonight I also watched Big Brother 8 and Eric, whom I was rooting for, was evicted right after his girlfriend on the show Jessica was. I am very disappointed, as I was rooting for Eric. I do not want any of the last 4 to win. I kind of don't want to watch the show anymore, though I'm curious as to whom will win. What a big disappointment!

Crazy Aunt Purl is having a sweepstake contest, go on - enter! There are two ways. One is a random draw, the other you have to knit a cat sweater. (Not for your cat, but for you, with a cat on it!)

My October sock club kits are selling, and I've very excited for the colorway. It's just a gorgeous "fall" colorway, perfect for the season. I can't wait to get a kit for myself! The September kits should mail out by mid week next week. I'm hoping the yarn arrives tomorrow in the mail. My tracking number with UPS says it's "on time" and the delivery is to happen tomorrow. I cannot wait to see it!


Amy said...

I really, really love the cabled socks.

K. said...

Saku Koivu...YOUR may need to duke it out on that one...The sock is looking fantabulous! Jaime's going to love them I have no doubt!

kathy said...

Your pics are precious! It's amazing to me to watch him grow so fast. And the anniversary sock is gorgeous!

g-girl said...

the pics are adorable. sorry to hear the latest str shipment wasn't up your alley. here's to hoping that the last two are! :)