Thursday, September 20, 2007

38 Weeks

Today my mom's housekeeper came again to clean my house. This time she concentrated on our basement since last time there wasn't enough time for her to come downstairs to do so. My basement is sooo clean you can lick the floors! I can't remember when the basement was ever this clean - maybe when we moved in? The basement is Jamie's area - where he has his couches, tv/xbox, etc.... my office is downstairs as well, and it's super clean as well. I can see my desk now, and she really kicked my butt into cleaning up!

Today Sean is 38 weeks. That's exactly how long he was in my belly for. I don't know why I find this cool! I can't believe how big he's gotten, how smart he is, and all the things he can do! Next Friday he turns 9 months old, and I really have no idea where the time has gone. I can say that, right? Not too cliche?

Look at that blonde hair! And those chubby cheeks! And he's too funny my little guy! I love it!

I want to make this wonderwoman sweater. Wow! However, there is no real pattern, just a chart, so I'm not sure where to start. I'm still *kinda* new to the sweater knitting thing. Anyone have any suggestions?

I also wanted to show you all a neat pattern that I saw today, by Whistle Pea Works. It's the Interwoven Cable Hat. She's got some really neat stuff. I've even order some Knitting Stitch Marker Variety Pack which are some gorgeous pewter stitch markers, if they ever arrive in the mail! Canada post seems to be slacking as of late! But I've never had mail missing (yet!) so let's hope they just took the scenic route to Montreal.

Sean got these slippers as a gift, and I absolutely love them. They were from ...? (Let me check).

New in my shop are some Stitch Markers to go along with Cat Bordhi's new book called "New Pathways for Sock Knitters: Book One" in which she utilizes similar letter stitch markers. She suggests a set through H, but we will make custom sets up to the full alphabet upon request. For a full set please email: For a video tutorial of how to use these letter stitch markers, visit Cat Bordhi's YouTube video. In this book, Cat introduces us to a number of new sock architectures — new ways of shaping our socks. The book includes extremely detailed instructions for knitting these new architectures and employs the use of stitch markers with letters on them to mark out different sections of the knittings.

I really want to pick up this book, but it's only available on and not nor - so I guess I'll put it on my wishlist.

We got some new bamboo needles in the shop! 2.5mm! They're 5" inches! Great for socks.

Also - there is a sale on Colinette Jitterbug going on until October 1st - be sure to stock up on your fave colors! 20% off on all Colinette Jitterbug!

There is also just a few spots left in the October Sock Club - go on - sign up! The Deadline to sign up will be here in just over a week. (Where did September go?) (September kits are already in the mail on the way to their destinations!


craft-chick said...

Did you check out her tutorial? You'll need to find a sweater pattern first I think, then figure out guage, then draw it out like hers (for best results).

Amy said...

I'm OUTRAGED that you still haven't gotten the markers. That's ridiculous!

I'm so glad you like the pattern though!

yarn4kalei said...

HI Robyn: Have you received the package that I sent you yet? I mailed it on 9/1/07 Priority Mail. Nicole said she just received her package today. She said it seemed to have gotten held up in customs for some reason. I hope you get yours soon! Dee

Anonymous said...

Wow, my daughter would LOVE the Wonder Woman sweater but since I've NEVER made one, I don't think I'll try that one first. LOL

I just ordered Cat's new book and can't wait to get it. YAY!

Kimber said...

Doesn't that Wonder Woman sweater rock? I'll have to go to the site and study it and I might be able to help.

Those slippers are too cute! He is getting so big.

BTW Robyn, have you shipped the Sept sock kit yet?

Laura said...

Even if you're in the US Amazon's not the way to go. If you look closely, it says "usually ships in 4 to 6 weeks" fortunately around here two LYS carry the book so everyone's been able to get a copy. It's an awesome book, and thanks for making the stitchmarkers for me!

g-girl said...

that wonder woman sweater is the coolest thing!! I think once i've been knitting long enough I might try to tackle it--or maybe a child version! lol. what a great idea to start selling those alphabet stitch markers that cat bordhi uses in her book. I know a couple of knitters who were looking for those!