Sunday, September 16, 2007

September 16 of 30

Today was another fun day at the Roxham Wool Gathering. We decided to not leave as early as I did yesterday, and I picked up the girls, Angela, Kadi & Alison around 11 am today, instead of 9 am. (Much better idea!) Sean was in a good mood, as usual. He enjoys being in the outdoors, so that's great!

He even gave us a peek at his two teeth that are coming in, and I finally got a great shot of those little buggers. I've been dying to snap a shot, but he's very quick at sticking his tongue over his teeth to hide them!

We ran into Kate and Tadpole at the festival. Sean likes older women, so he had a good time playing with Tadpole today. She is such a cutie, and was even wearing this sweater.

I even got to see a sheep being shaved. This is my first time seeing it (not on tv).

Had fun playing with mirrors! (Above you've got me and below you've got Kadi, Alison & Angela - well part of them anyhow!)

Alison bought a really cool typewriter pin. She modelled it for me. Very cute piece of art the pin.

Kadi got in some knitting time. I think she's the only one who pulled out knitting today. I wanted to, but had my hands full with Sean.

And here are my two purchases from today. (Did not see either of these two sellers yesterday, not sure if they came out later in the day, or only today):

Got this GORGEOUS handmade (sewn) purse. I am absolutely in love with it. Transferring my purse over tomorrow to use this one!

The gorgeous side view. I just love all the colors and material choices as well. Stunning!

And I love the two length option. You can put the button in either hole to change the length.

And my last purchase was these fimo alpaca knitting needles. I dont think I'll knit with them, they're more for fancy decoration in my office on my desk. Had to have them.

And finally, some progress on Jamie's anniversary socks. While they may not be finished on Tuesday, they'll be finished pretty soon. I find the cable chart knits up very fast. I just need to find time to knit!

Angela came over after the festival today, since we got back into the city around 4:30pm. We stayed there for about 3 and a half hours, even checking out 2 garage sales up the street from the festival. I didn't get to see SP11 Hostess Kerry - I have no idea if she was there or not, but I looked out for her, and made sure we were visible at all times for her to find us. (At one point we were in line for almost an hour near the entrance for the saussages for lunch). It's too bad that I didn't get to meet her - was really looking forward to it. Kerry - were you there today? I feel bad that we missed each other! Email me.

I am finding hotmail (windows live) easier to use now that I've been trying to clear out my inbox (still have some more emails to respond to over the next day or so). However, though I'm getting used to it, I'm still not happy they switched me over. What can I do? Get used to it - I guess.

I fell in love with three new projects, that I want to start, more about that tomorrow.


Amy said...

Kate is probably my all time favourite designer. I'm working on one of her sweaters right now. Must move to Montreal now!

By the way, I'll probably be in town the last week of October!

Tara said...

I've checked out your shop, and will definitely be visiting when I'm no longer on a forced yarn-diet. I'd definitely be up for a coffee or whatever during the daytime (even in Montreal). I too have a car, it's just that driving into town during a weekday evening, when I've got not one but two little ones, can be a bit more than I can handle. But during the day, in the week? I'm up for it. Email me (

g-girl said...

oh look at his lil teeth that are coming in! the purse is cute. the needles are super cool. too bad you didn't get to meet up with kerry. :(