Tuesday, September 25, 2007

September 25 of 30

While I've supposed to be working on Jamie's dad's birthday gift, I've been plugging away at Sean's Leftover Sock Yarn blankie project. (For those of you who asked - yes, I'm still collecting leftover sock yarn - if you have any to send my way, please email me to let me know, I'll send you my mailing address!) The green square makes up square number 25.

Square number 26 got cast on this afternoon while watching the movie Knocked Up with Sean, Jakob & Jenn. Jakob slept for most of the movie, and Sean, cranky as all &#!@ terrorized my den while we watched until he finally gave up his battle and after rubbing his eyes for about forever, fell asleep on me. That didn't stop me from knitting though, and I finished later on the 26th square.

Knocked Up was funny! Some parts that were unrealistic. Like how can the doctor turn a breech baby because his umbilical cord is around his neck without an ultrasound. Does he have x-ray vision? There were some other parts that were odd, but overall the movie was really funny, since it was indeed a comedy!

And tonight during the season premier of Bones & House on Fox, I cast on square number 27. It's still in progress and I'm off to bed shortly, I'm exhausted!

Sean was being a real bugger this afternoon after Jenn & Jakob left, so I plopped my little strawberry into a box. It kept him entertained for about 15 minutes. Enough time to get laundry in and switch over what was in the washing machine into the dryer.

The new purse that I got a week and a half ago (Sunday the 16th) at the Wool Gathering has ripped. (The strap). I contacted the bag designer, and she says she will fix it for me. I just need to be in contact with her. I hope it's fixable, it's my fave bag right now.

Tomorrow we're off to see the new Beatles' musical movie Across the Universe for the Starz & Stroller program (babies are welcome!) with my mom, Jenn & Jokob. I am very excited to see the movie. I love Beatles music, and I'm glad they chose this movie for the program this week. I still have a free movie pass from the last time we went and the movie had technical difficulties for part of it (Hairspray).


Jenny said...

I love how little ones can get so entertained by something as simple as a cardboard box!

Shelley said...

The blanket looks like it's coming along nicely! Can't wait to see it completed. I had some sock yarn I was going to send you before I left for Korea but unfortunately in all the hustle and bustle of getting things together and heading out the door, it slipped my mind :o(.

I love Sean's strawberry bib - it's so cute...and his smile is as sweet as usual!

Hope you can get the strap on your bag fixed without any problem!

K. said...

I can't believe that the bag broke! The green in the blanket is super gorgeous, and Sean in a box is freaking hilarious!

Mathgirl said...

That picture of Sean is so cute! And I was knitting a bit of my sock durring Bones/House but mostly I was too excited for a new season to do too much knitting. I can't wait to see House's interview "Survivor". And thanks for the movie rentals, I just got them today :)

g-girl said...

oh my gosh, sean's strawberry bib is too cute! love the new squares on his blankie! ooh, and I can't wait to hear how 'Across the Universe' was!