Tuesday, September 04, 2007

September 4 of 30

This morning I woke up to the post man. He brought me some Rockin' Sock Club (photos to come tomorrow, I forgot today, sorry!) and a Hallowe'en costume for Sean (the Frog arrived!). Let's just say that Sean cannot grow anymore between now & Hallowe'en. He fits just right in the costume. There is a little bit of room, but not much. It's a good thing it's lined very thick because I don't know if he will be able to wear any clothes underneath. (Maybe a onesie with some leggings or something. (Yeah, I know, boys don't wear leggings or tights. But he may just have to for Hallowe'en to keep warm!)

A little later, Sean got up. I heard him on my baby monitor in my office (I started doing a little bit of work). So I go upstairs. Upon walking into his room, I say to myself "Boy his diaper pail stinks this morning worse than ever..." but... it wasn't his diaper pail.

It was Sean!

He had a huge blow-out. The first one ever.

There was poop on his crib, on the sheets, on the bumper pads, on the pillow, on the blanket, on two of his stuffed toys in his crib. There was poop on his pj's, on his hands, feets, all the way up his back.... and the worse part, on his FACE! Now, I have no idea he if put any in his mouth. I have no way to know. I just surely hope he did not!

I called Jamie to tell him what happened. He asked me to take a picture. I said no way. I didn't think my blog readers really wanted to see a picture. I didn't want to be reminded (It was gag worthy!) and I didn't want Sean to be embarrassed and hate me for it later in life. Plus, Sean had to be cleaned up right away, there was no time for getting the camera.

Wow. There's a first for everything. I cannot tell you how many wipes it took to clean up this mess. It was just everywhere.

I do not know if it's because of a position he was sitting in or lying in. I do not know if it's because he diaper was a little too loose? There is simply no way of being able to tell. Not this time. I do have to tell you that if it ever happens again, I hope it's on the weekend or on Jamie's day off, where he can clean it up the next time. Tag, he's it!

After a long morning of cleaning up, we went to my mom's house. I did some work on their PC after lunch, and my mom watched Sean. It was nice to be able to get some more work done. All the products are now loaded up on my new website. I love the new look. It's so easy to manage, and great for the customer as well.

Here is Sean tonight in his bath. He's such a funny kid with the faces he makes. I just love this photo. (And he's NOT supposed to be trying to climb up in the bath!)

I was having fun with the camera, so here is a fun shot of Sean & I. We were having a good time.

So here's the thing. Sean claps to everything now. You ask him to say bye-bye, he claps. (Hasn't gotten the grasp of waving yet. We're working on that. Anyhow, his Nana taught him to clap over the weekend in Toronto. She used Patty-cake to teach him that. He just loves that song. Here is a video I took tonight of Sean clapping in the bath. He does it with one hand open and the other with a clenched fist. He's got to learn to open that 2nd hand!

No knitting tonight or today for that matter. I just didn't have the time, though I had Jamie's sock with me all day. Oh well. There's always tomorrow.


GIA said...


I just found your site - and its a keeper. I will bookmark it for sure. Sorry to hear about your past be-lated friend. Always sad to think of a demise....

I have a blog, but not upkept - I think I will start again. Tahnks for sharing :)

(other website: www.giabottini.com)

~Jo~ said...

Yay for Sean and his clapping, I felt like clapping right along with him! ;)

craft-chick said...

So I had a good giggle over the blow-out story, and Sean was sooo cute clapping! And, I've taken embarassing photos of my little guy, for hubby's enjoyment later. They get deleted to prevent future embarassment!

Amy said...

I know about blow outs all too well. It seemed that earlier this week at work, I had at least one a night. Sometimes I wish I was cleaning up a baby .... LOL! Glad to hear that you had a laugh over it, as it's not the easiest thing in the world to deal with.

That video was sooo cute! Thanks for sharing.

Drea said...

ew blow outs stink hehe
in more ways than one

You have such a fun accent. I dont have any sort of accent!
Taite wont clap yet , so way to go sean your passing all the milestones fast!

missfee said...

Sean is so cute - I love the video - when he gets a bit older I will send you some dvds of the kids show I work on here in Australia. -Play School
It was amazing to hear your voice - as I read you so much I now can put a voice to the face and the words.

Shannon said...

His face was like I'm gonna get you! He's too cute.

g-girl said...

oh, the video was so cute!! thanks for sharing that. :) sorry to hear about the blow out. :P