Saturday, September 15, 2007

September 15 of 30

This morning we got up super early and picked up Janet (blogless), Mona & Caroline at around 9 am. We wanted to be at the Roxham Wool Gathering for 10 am, when it opened. We got there and artists were still setting up shop. It had rained, but cleared up when we got there, and stayed clear while we were there. It was really nice, but it shouldn't have been called a Wool Gathering, when there was only 3 of all the artists with yarn. One lady was over priced, one lady just had natural yarn (to dye if you wish) and another had handpainted stuff, but also some natural yarn as well.

Some sheep! (Thanks to Caroline for this image - I couldn't catch the sheep in time while they were out of the barn with my camera! I'll try again tomorrow!)

Mona is admiring the first seller we saw that had yarn. Her stuff was rather pricey. Gorgeous colors though.
Mona & I admiring the yarn from seller number 2. The handpainted stuff. (I ended up buying from this seller later on in the day, more about that soon)

And this was from seller number 3. Some natural yarn from her farm. She also sold roving.
Mona introduced Sean to her bag of roving that she bought. Hmmm, maybe he'll be a spinner one day!

Janet asked me if there was room in my trunk to take this dog home. Unfortunately Sean's stroller takes up the entire trunk (pretty much).

Mona was happy to get some "baby" time, and Sean loved hanging out with her. And I got some hands free time to knit a few rows on Jamie's Cabled Socks, pattern designed by Mona herself!

Here are some of my purchases for today. (Can't show what I bought my Secret Pal, she may be reading my blog, who knows!)

I bought some natural fibers as well as the same thing but dyed in a hot pink. It's merino wool, and I love the two colors together.

I bought 3 skeins of purple. No idea what I'm going to do with any of my yarn, but I'll figure it out. I just loved this shade of purple.

And I bought some navy dyed yarn for something for Sean. Need to swatch to see what gauge I'll get (no idea the yardage either - all I know is the weight of this yarn in grams and what fiber it is). All my purchases today were from Lady Godiva, and she's from Howick, Qc. I just mapquested Howick, and it's 49 minutes from my house, off Highway 132. It's about halfway between Salaberry-De-Valleyfield (off highway 30) and Hemmingford (where Roxham was today), but there is no direct highway between those two points I just named. So the seller did travel from about the same distance I did to get there today, actually, it was probably further for her, since she had to probably came via Montreal to get there! The drive there and back wasn't too bad at all, maybe 40 minutes max. Time passed in the car very quickly, as we were all deep in conversation! I was in good company, and had a great time. Sean had a great time too, enjoyed the fresh air, and napped on the way home.

Tomorrow I'm meeting up with SP11 Hostess Kerry at Roxham. I am very excited to meet her! We've been talking via email for a while now, and I just think it's neat to meet another hostess. She lives just as far from Roxham as I do, but I'm in Canada and she's in NY State!

Tonight Jamie & I played Bowling on the Nintendo Wii. He figured out the trick, and has been kicking my butt in the game. Dang! I was kicking his butt before, and now he's got me back. He's such a competitor, I swear! Almost takes out the fun in it!


g-girl said...

love the pic of the flock! you picked up some yummy yarn! You bought purple yarn. wow!! it's a pretty shade. :) i like that pink and natural combo too!

Jennifer said...


That's me falling off my chair. Did you say you LOVE a shade of purple???