Saturday, September 08, 2007

September 8 of 30

I got to sleep in this morning, I was very happy about that. Jamie took care of Sean, and then upon getting up, we took our time to get ready. I packed the car, using my new tote bag that I won from Raesha (the red one - LOVE IT!) We then headed to the Deli to pick up some grub and then to the park to have a little picnic. We got swarmed by bees at the picnic tables, so we tried to eat on the ground on our blanket. Still got swarmed by bees so we finished up quickly, and took our blanket elsewhere for some relaxation, and then I took Sean on the swings. Upon getting to the swings we noticed some water fountain thingies and decided to check them out upon finishing on the swing. Sean loves the swings. He loves swinging high. The look on his face is priceless. He smiles the biggest smile ever. He used to love the swing I had in my office when he was just a little wee one. Now he loves the big boy swing in the park. I'm hoping that we'll move in the spring (still working on Jamie for that) and we'll have a big enough backyard when we move to have a swing set in the yard for Sean and for his future sibling(s).

Jamie captured a Bee. The little buggers wouldn't leave us alone. And I'm talking like 12 of them. It was as if they knew we had the good stuff!

Sean enjoying being outside. This kid loves the fresh air. And he loves to look at everything!

Sean loving the swing. Told ya so! Look at the smile on his face! Priceless! From ear to ear.

Daddy gave Sean some Kernatzel from the deli to gnaw on. For those of you that don't know, Kernatzel is a Jewish Deli meat. Apparently, it's also a MONTREAL Deli thing....

But... LOOK! Look at his bottom gums! See those two lines? Looks like teeth that are about to errupt! Oh my....! I am sooo excited. Any day now.... maybe tomorrow!??? (It would be about time!)

Anyhow, in the park we discovered this area for hot days! I'm hoping Monday will be nice so I can go with my sister & Sean in the afternoon this time in bathing suits.

But I did manage to get this photograph of Sean & I before we left the water area. Love it! Shadow Self-Portraits are so much fun to do!

Self portrait of Sean & I in the park. (Daddy doesn't like to be photographed all too much)

Sean is getting very good at standing. We tried it in the park, but the grass wasn't level. But I took a video anyhow! Thought it was too cute not to post!

I cast on sock number 2 for Jamie's anniversary socks but haven't made any progress past the long-tail cast on and the first round of ribbing. I do plan on working a bit on it upon publishing this post. I plan to opent he bottle of wine that I have in the kitchen, having a glass and knitting infront of the TV. Last night I enjoyed one ice cold beer, tonight it's a nice glass of red wine. I don't drink often, so this is a treat. And there was the nice bottle of South African wine that was staring me in the face at the store this past week. I couldn't say no.


Anonymous said...

That video is so great!! Looks like he almost has it!


Patty said...

We've got those damn bees here too. But Frank said that the reason they swarm in September is because they're doing their death dance. Literally. They're trying to get as much sugar as possible because they think they need to store it up for the coming winter. Little do they know they're about to cack. Hate the buggers - Frank got stung when we were on vacation a week ago and I got stung on Friday. Hurts!

g-girl said...

that bag you won is a target bag!! ;) oh my gosh, i totally saw sean's future teeth coming out!! How exciting. :) the video is cute too!

Robyn said...

The first time you sounded Canadian you blamed it on the bathroom echo. Now you have no excuses. Your accent is pretty obvious to me cause I don't here it everyday. When I talk to Canadians at work my accent starts to come back. One night I came home from work and JJ was looking at me like I was crazy everytime I talked.

Drea said...

hes going to walk early! grief!