Friday, September 07, 2007

September 7 of 30

Today was just one of those days. I hadn't left the house since Wednesday night, so maybe that was part of it. Maybe it was also the record breaking weather today too. Gosh is was disgustingly humid outside.

I received the sock yarn for the September sock club. I have a lot of re-skeining to do, but the yarn will ship as promised by the end of next week/beginning of the week of the 17th. (Mid-September). If I can get them out early, I will! Promise! (There is still about 15 spots left in the October Sock club so if you are interested don't forget to sign up!) Last month, the sock club sold out in a week and a half! Sign ups for Octobers kit you have until October 1st, or until the last spot it taken.

Tonight I finished sock 1 of Jamie's Anniversary socks. Sat down in front of the TV with a Heineken and my knitting. I don't drink beer often, but it was good to enjoy a cold beer on a freakin' hot day. The socks look great! I'm just worried they won't fit Jamie's feet. That's why I am not casting on sock number 2 yet. (Jamie's sleeping right now, so I can't wake him to try them on). I love them. So if they don't fit him, I'll take them! I am hoping they do though, I have just over a week left to finish them to wrap them for our anniversary! That reminds me, I have the card for him, but I need to finish getting the rest of his gift. He wants the NHL Hockey Practice Jersey Montreal Canadiens (the new Reebok one). I need to see what's the best place to get my hands on one. (Missed a good deal on a brand new one on ebay when he couldn't make up his mind). Also - I'll probably get him a box of hockey cards. He collects them. I'll have to go see his buddy at the card shop to see which box to get him.

Close-ups of the details. I just love cables. They are sooo delicious to make! And great to look at!

Tonight we went for dinner at Jamie's dad & step-mom's. It was delicious as always. (I love my mother-in-law's cooking!)

Tomorrow we were thinking about going apple picking, but the place we want to go to may only have Lobo Apples right now, and what I really want is McIntosh. I'm going to call first thing in the morning to see if maybe I'm in luck for McIntosh. If so, off to apple picking we go! (I'm dying to make some fresh apple pies!)

My blogaversary is in 45 days. (A month and a half). I better start thinking about a blogaversary contest! I have some ideas cooking, so stay tune in early October for those details!


Robin said...

You don't have to apologize for kicking back with a beer - especially Heineken! My husband has this "keg-o-rator" thing for which he used to buy Heineken kegs, but now they only sell these stupid 5 gallon "party kegs" aimed at the college frat house market! He was so P-O'd. Now he just orders Guinness, and that's too bitter and heavy for me to drink.

a friend to knit with said...

I do hope those fit him! They are lovely! Beautiful job!

Kimber said...

Apple picking sounds so lovely! Jamie's sock looks fantastic! He is sure to love those.
Hey, will you be carrying any Perl Grey/Handmaiden/Fleece Artist at Robyn's Nest?????

g-girl said...

jamie's sock looks amazing!!! I hope it fits--but if not, at least you get a new pair! ;)