Tuesday, October 23, 2007

October 23 of 31

*(Rockin' Sock Club October Kit Spoilers below - read at your own risk!)*

While out this morning doing some errands before my mom dropped Sean back off at our place (he slept there last night since we had the hockey tickets, it was easier for my mom to babysit Sean at her place then come over to my place), and found this really neat basketball for Sean. It's small enough for him to hold and big enough for him to not be easily distracted by other things.

Upon getting Sean back, I saw that his top tooth (one of them) is about to poke through the gums. Maybe tomorrow? You can see the jagged edges under the skin! My baby will soon have his front 4 teeth - yey! All the crankiness and diarhea is now explained! I was sure a few days ago though, when I saw the pockets in his mouth.

Today I received my Rockin' Sock Club yarn from BMFA's today in the mail. They mailed out Canada before the rest of the International this time (I think), because usually England and even Australia would receive it first before Canada. (And Canada is WAY closer to the USA than the other two...!) I AM IN LOVE!

This is the first kit that I totally 100% love. The others are great, and some grew on me - but I just absolutely LOVE this one. And I love the little spiders (actually big spiders) they sent with it. The pattern is alright, I doubt I'll knit this skein in the pattern it came with.

Today I picked up my order of Claudia Handpainted for the shop. It is absolutely breath taking. I'm in love. With every single skein. Please buy some before I want to keep it all myself! The colors are vibrant, rich and just absolutely stunning.

There are three skeins of Regia Cotton Surf color at 60% off in my shop (no taxes on them as they are a deStash sale!) If you are interested, better snatch them up before anyone else does! Sale on all Yarn Art yarns in stock. 70% off! Check it out! Great for baby projects and other. Only 1.50$ per skein!! (If you want all 15 skeins of one color, let me know, I'll do all 15 for 20$ instead of 22.50$)

Houston we have a sleeve. One sleeve done for the Drive-Thru sweater for Sean, one more to go. The sleeve was a fast knit. I'm hoping to have the 2nd one done tonight (maybe) and then start on the yoke tomorrow. For the yoke, I'll be using my yarn meter to figure out how many meters you need for the yoke. I'm curious. Maybe someone else is. And I am sending some Cotton-Ease for yoke to someone for their Drive-Thru. Maybe soon I'll have a finished object, and then I'll have to cast on a second one in some girlie colors to put away for the future.... this project is soooo addictive!


Amy said...

Is that the colorway they've been hinting at on their home page?

g-girl said...

oooh, i'm in love with your latest rockin' sock club colorway! it's gorgeous. have you seen those balls with grips in Canada? They come in various sizes and are easy to hold. nice sleeve!

Shelley said...

Did you see my message on your wall on Facebook about the face cloths for Sean to chew on when teething?

The new yarn looks great! I got my cheques from home today so one day soon I'll be placing an order from your shop!!

Tara said...

I also got my kit yesterday. I knew you'd like those colours! And Yay! Claudia Handpainted! It's one of my absolute favourite sock yarns.

Bertha said...

Ooh, I love that new STR color! Gorgeous! I also love that Paprika Claudia's! Lovely!

knitgirl63 said...

Hey, it's my fave colors in the purples. You don't like purples, I thought, so feel free to send to me, me, me!

I'm excited to get mine now, I wasn't hugely impressed with the last one (maybe I will like it eventually but for now it's not high on my list of faves). Glad you posted this. :-)

Patty (aka knitgirl63)

Barb said...

I am loving that Claudia Handpainted!! next time i'll order it :) the Rockin Sock Club looks gorgeous :)

Drea said...

whoa the yarn w/ the spiders looks freaky! but beautiful :-)

Wool Girl said...

OK - I admit that I just love these spoilers! I can't wait till my sock yarn arrives from Blue Moon. It's amazing - I live less than 30 miles from them but I am always one of the last to receive my shipment! I just can't wait now that I've seen yours! :) Gorgeous!