Sunday, October 28, 2007

10 Months

Sean is 10 months old today. It's starting to hit me that he is almost 1 year old. Time to start planning his 1st birthday party. I think we may be settled to have it in our new home. If not, I think we will have it in my parents house.

We had an open house today again, even though there was an offer on the table for the house. 4 different sets of people came by, one of them, in a Weaving Guild in my area asked me for some business cards when she saw my yarn inventory. My pleasure!

This evening I met up with Amy, who came in from Ottawa, to visit while her husband came in for a conference. She wanted some knitting - so we hooked her up with some knitting. I called a Knit Night at the Second Cup near my house. Amy is also in my SP11 group (she was in my SP10 group too) so we've been chatting for months now!

I *finished* Sean's Drive-Thru, HOWEVER, it won't fit over his neck... so some frogging at the top has been done, and there are live stitches on needles now... I need to sit down tomorrow and figure it out.

The people who placed an offer on our house, countered with an amount that was 5,000$ less than what we had originally wanted to settle at with a closing date of January 30th, 2008. My agent is trying to work on the other agent, to bring it to December. I am *willing* to drop the 5,000$ if I get the closing date in December..... preferably the 1st, but I'm willing to close mid-month. We'll see where it goes tomorrow, right now the ball is in our court, since they countered back. I'll let you know tomorrow if I've sold my house or not!


Amy said...

I look drunk and / or half asleep in that picture.

I had a lot of fun!

craft-chick said...

Good luck, with the sweater and selling your house!

Amy said...

Cute Sweater!!!!

Laura said...

I absolutely love the sweater!!!

AliP said...

Hey Robyn! Thanks for calling Knit Night last evening. It was a treat to get out since I'll be missing this Wednesday's meet. Amy was real nice. Thanks for getting us together to meet her.

Shelley said...

Awww...Sean is looking cuter and cuter, and growing so fast!

Sounds like you and Amy had a great time knitting.

Can't wait to get my order from your shop. I'll try to get the cheque off this week!

g-girl said...

good luck with figuring out how to fix drive thru. it looks great! I love Amy's sweater too! :)

Bea said...

Oh you guys look so cute! That sweater is really cute too!

I wanted to stop by and thank you for visiting my blog and entering the contest. I love meeting new people!


Mathgirl said...

With all your talk of the November sock club kit combined with a weak moment on my part and I somehow found myself paying for it :) I can't wait to see it when it arrives!

missfee said...

love the drive thru - I turned away for a moment - moving sock victim and then both of us tomorrow - and you finished it - it looks fantasitc.