Tuesday, October 16, 2007

October 16 of 31

From Sean's haircut the other day:

I had to keep a piece!

I took Sean to the doctor this morning since he had a bad cough. I thought it was related to teething since he was pulling at his ear, but it's not. His doctor (the one going on maternity leave) (as his new doctor couldn't see him today and I was able to get a fast apointment with his old doctor - I called and they said can you be here in 30 minutes) and she found fluids in his left ear. She's treating it as if it were an ear infection, and he's on Amoxil. (He likes it, since it's banana!) He's also got a rash on his body, which I think was from the carpets this morning. He took a nose dive into one of the cats, and got carpet burn under his chin. He's fast and the cat is fast!

Anyhow, I got Sean weighed today. He's 20 lbs 10 ounces. Almost 21 lbs. I will start looking for a new car seat, since at 22 lbs, he can go into the next stage car seat. (However, still facing reversed until the age of 1. I will get a convertable seat. I measured Sean myself upon getting home, since I forgot to ask the doctor about what percentile Sean fits into. SoI looked it up on Baby Center.

I entered:

Child's Age: 9 months
Length: 30 inches
Weight: 20.10 pounds
Head Circumference: 18 inches

Based on the data you submitted, your child falls into the following percentiles:

Length = in percentile 90
Weight = between percentile 25 and 50
Head Circumference = in percentile 50

But he's 9.5 months .... and you can only put 9 or 10 months, so I put it at 9 months, because he's not 10 months old yet.

So he's TALL and just about average height, and his head is the right size! I knew I did not have a big baby, tall I don't mind at all.

So then back to my question, I found this info on Safe Kids Canada:

My baby has outgrown the weight limit of his rear facing infant car seat. Does this mean I should put him in a forward facing car seat? Use a forward facing car seat only when your child is:

-At least one year of age and
-At least 22 pounds (10 kg).

Sometimes parents want to move their child to a forward facing car seat sooner, but this is not safe. In a crash, a baby could be badly hurt or even killed if moved forward facing too soon. Babies have heavier, larger heads and smaller, weaker necks. A rear facing car seat protects your child's head, neck, and spine. In a crash or sudden stop, the force of the crash is spread across the back. It is the strongest part of your baby's body at this stage.

Keep your baby in a rear facing car seat for as long as is safely possible. If your baby outgrows his infant seat before age one, choose a convertible car seat that can be used up to a higher height and weight limit. Use this convertible seat in the rear facing position until your baby reaches the height limit or weight limit of the convertible seat in the rear facing position.

While at the doctor's office she told me that I was wheezing, so she listened to my chest and gave me a prescription for a puffer. It's for 2 weeks twice a day, and hopefully it'll help. I was diagnosed MANY years ago with very mild asthma, so this is what's linked. She said if it doesn't go away in 2 weeks (when I go back with Sean for his ear follow-up), she'll maybe prescribe me a more permanent inhaler. (I hope not!)

This afternoon upon coming home from the doctor, picking up the prescriptions and picking up a few groceries, I ran into and spoke to the girl tenant upstairs. She said when she came home and saw the pizza crusts under the bed of one of the guys, she made him clean is right away. She said they are really busy right now with mid-terms and they're on the go and clothes are everywhere, but that she'll keep it tidy when we tell her there is someone comeing to see the place or for an open house. I told her we're moving, and she said the guys may stay, but she can't take the guys anymore, so she's moving in next year with some other girls. What they do next year is not my concern because I won't be their landlord anymore. I dont blame her for not wanting to be living with those guys anymore! I know her and one of them get into screaming fights once and a while.

I didn't want to sign the papers today for putting my house up for sale. I wanted to see tomorrow if I found something I love, and if so, see what is "included" in the house. This way, I know what I'm leaving here in the duplex. (Like light fixtures that I won't need...etc). Apparently once it's set in stone regarding the "inclusions and exclusions" you can change them, but it looks bad or something. Anyhow, I dont want to have to change my listing, so I'm seeing my real estate agent tomorrow for 3 houses, so I didn't need to see him today. One day won't hurt.

The yarn arrived today for the October sock club kits and they are going in the mail by Thursday morning latest! I am very excited. I can't wait for everyone to get their kit! The November Sock Club is listed and selling! Better go snatch one up now before they sell out!

I'm having a sale on Regia Sock Yarn until the end of the month - it's 21% off! Go on, check it out! Also - the sock blocker kits have been reduced in price permanently - due to the Canadian dollar being sooo good! (The sock patterns are a US import to my shop). For a limited time only, my signature colorway is also on sale. If you are attending Rhinebeck and want to save on shipping - please let me know, I can do "Local-Pickup!"

Here is my progress on Sean's Cabled Pullover. I've got about 9 of the 14 inches required for the back piece, the front is almost the same, just with neck shaping. Then there's just the sleeves! It's coming along!


Wendy said...

There is a video on YOU TUBE that I saw on someones blog a while back that shows what can happen to a baby if you switch them too early. It was scary enough to make me keep Lani turned around past a year.

Barb said...

i'm going too look around the store and i'll email you a little later for an order!!

Firefly said...

I wish I coulod go to Rhinebeck! Anyway I am going to order some sock blockers but am going to tey and be sneaky again, I'll put the details in my order.

AliP said...

You are such a wonderful mommy!! look at that curl keeper...
I don't think I saved any hair but boy oh boy to I have a collection of TEETH! They are all mixed up now too and I can't tell who's is who's in my jewellry box (that where the tooth fairy keeps her little tooth Pearls you know)anymore. Envelopes and sandwich baggies all holding one tooth abound...LOL. Sometimes the Tooth Fairy has forgotten to arrive..OOOPS!!.. and must pen an apology note about over work and schedules and cough up extra money or a special something as a bribe for forgiveness.
I think we used a convertable seat for our kids after the carrier type was out grown. Cammie was quite long and chunky as a baby. Like a wee line backer or sumo wrestler he was!! So cute.(he's not yet 9 yrs and wearing sizes 10 through 14 depending on the clothing. So much for handme downs...we have hand me ups because Ben can still wear size 7s in some things!!)
See you tonight...I placed another order and am having such GUILT. Yarny anticipation but again..such GUILT!! LOL

Andrea said...


BellaKarma said...

That is an adorable keepsake you found to keep Sean's lock of hair!
I hope your little one (and yourself) feel better soon.
Love the cable pullover you're making for Sean; I look forward to seeing it completed (and modeled!).

Take Care,

P.S. Visited you via Vickie Howell's blog. :)

Laura said...

I hope you both get to feeling better soon! I got the patterns in the mail today, thanks!

g-girl said...

ohh, i love the lil keepsake you have for sean's first curl! so cute! ack..hope you won't be in need of a permanent inhaler--nice of the doctor to prescribe you stuff though! :) hope sean feels better soon!

Drea said...

wow thats a big 1st curl :-) i have calebs :-) although his was more like a snipet hehe.

I wanted to tell you... IM KNITTING lol