Wednesday, October 03, 2007

October 3 of 31

My Blogaversary Contest:

Let's talk about this first. It's what everyone has been waiting for, right?

My blogaversary is on October 21st, 2007. It'll mark 2 years of blogging with Blogger. Last year, when I had a stalker, and moved to Wordpress for a bit, I lost all my comments. It started fresh last year about this time just after my honeymoon when I moved back to Blogger. Before Blogger I used to have an Open Diary - I think they still exist - but the website (I just checked it) doesn't look like the one I used to do. I still have all those posts saved to a file in MS-WORD. Maybe one day I'll add those old posts (from 2000-2001) here. We'll see.

So back to the contest! Yes! You want details!

All you have to do is be the 2121st commenter. (2121 for the 21st of October). I'm not telling you how close or how far we are from 2121, but I expect it to reach that number by the 21st of October, that's why I am announcing it now! However, I will only announce on the 21st (my actual blogaversary) who the winner is.

And what do you win, you ask?

Here's the loot:

And here's what's included in the loot:

- Regia Sock Yarn
- An Issue of Interweave Magazine
- Bamboo DPNs for sock knitting
- A Cookie A Pattern of YOUR choice from my shop
- A set of handmade stitch markers by me (I'll customize them for the winner!)
- Sock Blocker Keychain Kit
- A ton of fun extra goodies

Good luck to all!

This morning I had an apointment across town at 10 am and then did some returns in the are. I met my parents & Jenn (with Jakob) for lunch and then headed to the movies with Jenn and the kids. The movie for Starz & Strollers this week was Feast of Love. "A meditation on love and its various incarnations, set within a community of friends in Oregon, and is described as an exploration of the magical, mysterious and sometimes painful incarnations of love." - A story for anyone with an appetite for love. I cried. I really enjoyed the movie. I definitely recommend it.

After the movie I picked up a few things I needed from Walmart and then headed home to do a few things before going knitting tonight at the NDG Knitting Meetup. It was a lovely crowd tonight, and although I unfortunately didn't get much knitting done tonight (2 repeats only), I got to see friends and that's enough for me. If I make the deadline Saturday, great, if not, my FIL will get his gifts (that he doesn't know about) when it's done! Hopefully by the end of next week when we do Friday night poker.

Get this - I called Sean's doctor's office to book his flu shot. It's only available in November. That's fine, and that's not the problem. Turns out his doctor is on Maternity leave as of the end of this month (when I went to his 6 month appointment she didn't mention she was pregnant nor did she look pregnant) (apparently the secretary on the phone says she's very pregnant). Anyhow, so I asked how long she's on maternity leave for, they don't know. I ask who is replacing her, as Sean has his 12 month checkup in December. No one. No one is replacing her? WTF?? Now what??

Now Available at Robyn's Nest, Stretchy Circulars (10" 2.75mm, great for sock knitting!) (Above) (I received other lengths in stock as well, as they will be listed shortly. I also received Novelty Bamboo Knitting Needles (9") in various lengths that say "I heart Knitting" on them! They are awesome!


Lucy said...

Looks like a good contest! I'll have to delurk and comment a bit more :)

Bertha said...

Ooh, fun contest! I'll sure to comment plenty between now and then (and afterwards too!)

Also, wtf about your pediatrician? That is kind of ridiculous that she didn't even tell you she was pregnant nor sent a letter to any of her patients informing them of her maternity leave? wtf??

Tara said...

What a great idea for a contest! And very nice loot, to boot (loot to boot, Tee-Hee!). Cool circulars, too. I may have to get me some of those.

Regarding Sean's vaccinations, you may have to resort to your local CLSC!

Emily said...

A comment contest! A great opportunity to mention: I don't know if you've been following the SP11 hostest thread on Ravelry, but I know it got a bit controversial and I just wanted to say I think you're doing a great & charming job of being our hostess!

Arianne said...

But I bluggery (made up word) want the prize (mostly because I don't have that issue of IK) and I'll NEVER be the 2121st commenter because a) I hardly ever comment an b) I never win anything and c) Phooey.

I love a prize though. Happy Blogiversary! :)

AliP said...

Holy schmoley thats some contest!!!

Summer said...

oooh!! I love contests! That is a great idea for a contest!!

kristo said...

cool contest... and what a sneaky way of getting people to comment! it worked on me, here i am leaving a comment. ;-)

Laura said...

What fun! Congratulations on your two-year blogoversary!

Amy said...

That's a great contest Robyn! Hope you do find someone reliable for Sean.

Andrea said...

Hurray contests!!!

I was seriously considering buying some of those stretchy sock circs but I wasn't sure about ordering from them, I'm glad you carry then now!! I'll have to order them after I pay off my credit card :D

Tsuki said...

Ooh! contest, and also you've turned comments back on - yey. should pay more attention, bad lurker.
Though I'd cost a fortune if I won, being overseas in the UK as I am. :(

Can't get over your doc not being replaced, that sucks. They'll have to arrange someone to sort out her remaining appointments.

Back to lurking now I think...

adrienne said...

i would be very interested in hearing how those stretchy circulars work. it seems like the cable might be a bit "sticky"?

let us know, please.

sharon said...

Cute contest!
With regards to the pediatrician - as far as I know they don't take leave because they are self-employed and therefore do not qualify for EI or any other benefits. She will likely not take more than the necessary weeks to recuperate and figure out a routine. Last year, when I was on mat leave, I went to a local clinic and the dr who saw me was super pregnant - we got to talking and she was having twins on my daughter's birthday. She was back at work just before Christmas I believe. So unless complications arise, you can bet your pedi will be back quick as a whistle!

Betsy said...

Shiny things!

Hello, knitting-friend. I finally found your blog :)

Shelley said... contest that involves yarny/knitting prizes...count me in!!

Man, that is totally weird about Sean's doctor. Usually when a doctor is off for whatever reason, someone takes over - whether the doctor works out of that office or the patients have to go to the other doctor's office....someone always fills in.

Jenny said...

Congrats on your upcoming blogiversary!

K. said...

You know that now i'm going to randomly comment on your blog about anything...mwahhahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!! That's a really good idea for comment btw!

noricum said...

Happy Blogaversary!

Deneen said...

Oh, neat prizes and happy blogiversary!

kaempfe said...

happy blogaversary. cool contest and stuff. I am very impressed by circulars-I don't know why I'd never thought of a stretchy cable.

Trish said...

Happy Blogiversary! You should put up those old posts, if only to have them all in one spot! :)

Nice contest too. I'd have entered for only ONE Of those prizes!!! Woo hoo...Here's to commenting! :)

Megalion said...

Hi, I've been crocheting and knitting for many years but not really at an advanced level. Thanks to Lady Linoleum, I'm discovering that there's a very active yarn loving community here in LA that I find myself wanting to be a part of. I miss the days of going to Olga's Thumbelina shop in Whittier which is where I learned to crochet and spent many days in high school at.

Just wanted to introduce myself. I love the contest idea and I can really relate to the multiple blogs and archived posts things.

I think I'll be resurrecting my original blog at its website soon so that I can join the LA yarn blogosphere :)

Katy said...

yay for contests! Noricum told me about it, so here I am. Happy Blogiversary!

Dandy said...

Happy Blogaversary!!!

looks like a great load for a contest...