Sunday, October 07, 2007

October 7 of 31

Today we had our Family Golf Day. Last year I didn't go because I was about 5 months pregnant and since it was pouring rain and I'm prone to bronchitis in such weather conditions like that, I didn't go. Here are pictures from today:

Jamie teeing off!

Jamie's Step-Brother's on chipping from the fairway.

Jamie's step-brother chipping from just off the fairway.

Me trying to get the ball over the sand! (It did make it over by the way!)

Me about to hit the ball that you don't see cuz Jamie didn't get it in frame!

Hole number 16. My fave number!

The cart pedals -playing around!

Women's tee off!

My pink golf ball.

A lucky ball!

The score card.

My shadow.

And yes there was knitting on the course - are you kidding me??
I had some "waiting" around time during the day.

I haven't golfed since before Sean was born. Or even a thought. September 2005 was the last time, after I'd just gotten my own set of clubs. It was great to use them again! I hope to get more golfing next summer. I had one really fantastic drive, one really fanstic iron shot off the fairway and a few fanstic putts... I really must get to the driving range! There were 12 of us who golfed, so we were 3 teams. It was best ball, so we had to use 3 drives from each person, during the 18 holes. I did not bad! Very impressed with myself. It was a fun day to be on a team with Jamie and his step-brother and his step-nephew!

I'm beat from being in the sun for 6 hours today, more tomorrow! Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians!


Amy said...

Did you get a decent score?

Mathgirl said...

Happy Thanksgiving Robyn! I'm glad you had fun golfing there. I've only gone a few times but I enjoy it. I do however happen to have a tendency to entirely miss the ball on my drives, lol. I may not be the best teammate *grins* I've watched one of the two movies I rented with the coupons so far, "Notes on A Scandal" with Judi Dench which was... okay. I wouldn't highly recommend it. I'm more so looking forward to the next one "Two Weeks" which I plan to watch tomorrow.

K. said...

Glad to see you had fun! Happy thanksgiving!!!

Bertha said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I wish our Thanksgiving was today, it's my favorite holiday! 7 weeks to go, sigh.

AliP said...

Happy Turkey Day, KM! Glad your golf day was so fine. Your family sounds so awesome.

sharon said...

Golf - haven't played in 8 years. Enjoyed it at the time, though. Good job !

summer said...

Happy Thanksgiving Robyn!! Glad that you had fun golfing. I havent tried golfing except for in school(high). I agree with Amy, what was your score?

Emily said...

That looks like a lot of fun! Yay for outdoor quality time.

adrienne said...

since i don't golf, i cannot understand the fascination. why would anyone want to drag a big bag of heavy clubs around, while trying to hit a little (normally) white (not hot pink!) ball into 18 different itty-bitty holes.

i would volunteer to drive the cart and knit!!!!

Wendy said...

Looks like such a pretty day:) I haven't never golfed before! Well, unless miniature golfing counts:) What a fun way to celebrate Thanksgiving!!

Arianne said...

Are those Signature Needle Arts needles?

Are they good? What design did you choose?

I hate golf. Mostly because I'm so terrible at it.

Andrea said...

It looks like you're having way too much fun!

g-girl said...

you've got your own clubs? That's so cool! hope you're able to make it down to the driving range more often. love your pink golf ball! :)