Friday, October 05, 2007

October 5 of 31

Sean chilled out this afternoon in his play pen after my mom had to leave to head back home. She came to visit him this afternoon so that I could get some work done. He had fun with his grandmother and then was a good boy for me. I got a lot of work done today.

Today I did a photoshoot and now all the Briggs & Little (the 113 lbs of yarn I'd received in stock) is up in the shop.

Buy 2 Skeins of Briggs & Little get 1 skein of the Anniversary Twist for only $1.50 to celebrate Briggs & Little's 150th Birthday! 100% Wool. The color is absolutely stunning.

Also, the Local Pick-Up option is now functioning on my site. You have the option to have it shipped if you wish, but also - the option to pick-up/have it dropped it or have it brought to a Knit Night in Montreal. Finally I got the bugs worked out with the web and the feature now works!

I finally updated my Knitting Book Library on my sidebar. I had been putting that off for a while now, but finally sat down to do that. Slowly checking things off my to do list! (And that was one of the things on the list!)

Also on my list of things to do - is to Destash my Crochet Book library. I don't crochet, and I never really got the hang of it, and purchased a bunch of books in the hopes of getting it. I don't really enjoy crocheting, and would rather spend the time knitting! So, I have a bunch of books that I wish to destash for cash or possible swap. If you don't live in Montreal, I can let you know how much shipping is.

Here are the titles I'm destashing:

There is more stuff being destashed (some yarn too) so stay tuned. Today I worked on the Briggs & Little - and the stitch markers for the October Sock Club kit.

NO knitting got done today. That's not good, but anyhow. So it's still the same exact progress since yesterday. Oops. I have all day tomorrow to knit knit knit - nothing else is on tap. Especially since the Briggs is now loaded on the website, I'm feeling more relaxed. I had been trying to get that done for a while now, but it was a big job and Sean can't just "sit there" anymore now that he's mobile and more into toys than he was when he was a month or two old.

This evening I worked worked worked, but Jamie's dad and step-mom came over for supper and then they stayed to play poker with Jamie and some other guys that came over. It was nice to have people over, since they helped take turns watching Sean so that I could do the Briggs uploading.... slowly but surely! And the stitch markers too, as I mentioned above.


Lucy said...

I love your photography set-up for yarn. I've looked into making a lightbox, but I love how your set-up looks!

Tara said...

Briggs & Little, cool! They make great sturdy man socks!

Knit Girl said...

That Briggs looks awesome. Adding it to my wishlist!

kristo said...

your photography is fantastic! i've always thought it was amazing and i'm so happy you posted a photo of how you do it. i'm getting excited about the october sock club... can't wait to get mine! yay.