Thursday, October 25, 2007

43 Weeks

Sean is 43 Weeks today. Sunday he turns 10 months old. I can't believe he's nearing 1 years old. I really still feel like I just gave birth to him last week. I really have no idea where time goes, and I guess I can keep wondering that for the rest of my life. Sean has to touch everything that I have. For example the camera strap in the above photo. He has to taste everything. He's very curious. Too curious for his own good sometimes.

I have a new found love for my Canon Rebel Xt. I just love it. I've been using it more and more often lately. Though, sometimes I'm lazy and just use my pocket cameras. I really need to start using my XT more. Because I just love it.

Today a Hasidic family came to see our home. The husband and wife came with the real estate agent at about 3:45pm. Sean was just getting up from his nap. (Phew - good timing). It was actually the real estate agent that was selling this house when I bought it with my agent. They were about 45 minutes here. Anyhow, they decided to come back again this evening while Angela was over with a bunch of their kids and another lady, this time without the agent, which was cleared with my agent to be okay because we know the agent and I'd already met this potential clients. They were here another 45 minutes. The seemed REALLY interested in the house, and kept asking about the open house, whether it has just passed or was happening this weekend, and I told them there was one last weekend and another this weekend. I think he was asking to see when he should make an offer by. My only concern is that his agent was talking to my agent about occupancy for July. I don't think so! I'm looking to get someone asap (Like Decemeber 1st. I'm willing to carry both houses until December 31st latest). I really dont want to have to pay bills at both places for longer than that.... July? Is he kidding? The family is from New Jersey, and it seems that they are probably renting here, because the kids go to school here. I hope that they can get out of their lease, because I don't want to carry this house too long. Anyhow, I'm not going to get ahead of myself, but I'm really hoping for an offer to come in soon! We'll see what happens. If they wanted to put an offer before the open house Sunday (Which we'll still have even if there is an offer, no point in wasting time), then it will have to be done by tomorrow evening, because of Shabbat. So let's see what happens.

I really hope that no one comes by tomorrow because I really just want to relax for one day! That would be nice. Today was just such a hectic day...

Tonight, as I said, Angela came over. I have been working on Sean's Drive-Thru sweater and it's coming along great. I will post a progress photo tomorrow, or maybe it'll be an FO! I'm in the middle of the yoke, and I want to finish the yoke before taking a picture. Hopefully on my lazy day tomorrow I can work on finishing it! I'm so happy with the way it's coming along. I even know how many feet it takes of yarn (My yarn meter measures in feet), for each color of the yoke. More details about that tomorrow.

ps- Looks like Sean's rash on his face fadded almost completely. I think it was just a heat rash. The other night he had woken at 4:30 am and I took him into our bed to fall back asleep and between our bodies (heat), he woke up with a rash.... I guess I won't be doing that again!


jen said...

oh i like that mirror portrait!!
nat's rebel xti is pretty awesome when i stole it recently. so much so that i immediatley want one...but won't be able to afford glass for it yet. He of course got some huge lens kit off ebay and a a nice macro lens for cheap by asking his in house photog at work.

good luck with the house selling, fingers crossed

Tara said...

Good luck with the open house! And I'd say that definitely is a heat rash (Maxime got them all the time in the summer).

Jenny said...

Good luck with the home sale. I know how stressful it is and I hope you get the perfect sale soon!

lauriec said...

He is SO adorable!!

Sending "sell fast!" vibes on your house!!!

g-girl said...

glad to hear the rash faded away! i hope your house sells as quickly as you found a new one and that the buyers move in as soon as you'd like to move into your new home!