Thursday, October 04, 2007

40 Weeks

Sean is 40 weeks old today. FULL TERM! (Which he never made it to in my belly!) I snuck into Jenn's bathroom during our playdate today, and used Jenn's mirror to do our self-portrait. (That's what I do at other people's houses - sneak off and use their bathroom mirrors!)

There were twin babies who came to the playdate today, who are 3 days older than Sean. Finally - some kids his own age for him to play with! He had a really good time playing with them.

The playgroup was a lot of fun. There were some girls there that I'd met before, and some that I've known via other people, but had never met them. Sean (and the twin boy & girl) were the oldest there, and all the other babies (including some twin boys) all are not mobile yet. All other mommies were able to leave their on their backs to go get snacks yet I had to take Sean with me whenever I wanted to pee, eat or drink, because otherwise he may have sat on another baby's face or something.... we don't want that now do we.....! I think the dynamic of this playgroup will be better for Sean once all the other babies are crawling.

Yep, sat in NASTY traffic. So, what does a knitter do in traffic? KNIT! Of course!!

And guess what else I did? CABLES! Yep - Cables in traffic. It's possible! A little trickier but do-able! I guess once I've mastered cables in traffic, anything's possible!

So... here is my current progress on Jamie's dad Irish Hiking Scarf. 32 inches (28 repeats). I have 28 inches left to go, which means I've got about 26 repeats to do! Can I do it??? But then there's still the matching hat to do!

I was in love with the Socks that Rock colorway Rhodonite until I googled it for socks and saw the way it knits up here. I absolutely love it in my Chevron Scarf (which is still on the needles as I have other deadlines), but I don't think I love it anymore for socks. Not a fan of the way it knits up anymore.

After I'm done with Sophia, I'm debating on casting on Marlo (Above) or Snow White (Below). I own both patterns but love them both soooo much I can't decide! Once I decide which one I'll cast on next (after a few FO's are produced from my WIPS) I'll pick out yarn for them, of course, from my stash.

And with further ado, here is Sean's blankie project in full, I've gotten some requests for a full picture of it, instead of just the individual squares, so today, I leave you with this:


Snarsh said...

Oh boy, thats some crazy nasty pooling in that sock yarn. I vote for snow white, I think its a much nicer sweater and will flatter you better, i find that where the cables goes over the boobs on marlo to be quite strange. You're making me want to do a sock yarn blanket, its so nice. I supppose you could do it with other yarn too, but sock yarn is so much fun.. I'd have to make it neutral so it would be appropriate for any future child I might have.

Lynn said...

I am curios about your mitered square blanket. I also am planning to make a blanket from my sock leftovers. Do you have a pattern you are using or guidelines that you found somewhere?



K. said...

I agee with Angela about Snow White. Marlo is cool too, but I've been finding more and more that it looks like the cables are suspenders or something...

The blanket looks really nice, and HUGE!

Barb said...

Snow White looks really pretty :)b

Bertha said...

Yeah, I pretty much always search for socks on flickr made with various STR colorways before I purchase them. There are SO MANY I love in the skein and end up hating the way they knit up. I try to stick to the more semi-solids from them now.

Also, playgroup! That's a good idea! June doesn't have any friends her own age yet! I should totally see if there is one in this area!

adrienne said...

gads, i remember playgroup. my kids are grown now. their main activity was usually the snacks.

Summer said...

That blankie looks awesome!!! Cant wait to see the finished project!

Cute photo of you and Sean!

Tara said...

Thanks for the full view picture of Sean's blankie! It looks great.

Shelley said...

That is so great that Sean has some other kids his own age to play with. And once the other kids get mobile, it will be even more better I would think.

I liked the way the yarn knit up in those socks you linked to - kind of funky.

Sean's blankie is looking great. How big do you plan on making it in total?

Tsuki said...

I love the snow white - where can I get that pattern?

Gee, I guess I can look on ravelry and I'm just commenting in case :)

lspollock626 said...

I love the snow white sweater. it is so stunning. I can not believe how big sean is. miss ya!

Trish said...

I vote for Marlo. I just LOVE cables :) Although it does look like it might accentuate in areas I wouldn't want it accentuated at!

Remind me to clean my bathroom mirror if you ever make it to my house. heheheh

Megalion said...

Knitting in traffic! I've thought about doing that but the AM isn't too bad. It's the PM that's the problem and it's too dark to do it then.

I love the Snow White pattern... I wish the model was a bit bigger so I could see how it'd look on someone who's not a size 6. I have a giant shelf as well as being wearing a size 18 for my butt so worried that it wouldn't be flattering if I tried to make it for myself.