Friday, October 12, 2007

October 12 of 31

Now that I've finished my deadline, I still have things to finish:

1. Cabled Sock
2. Jaywalker Sock
3. "Married" Sock
4. Sophia
5. Chevron Scarf
6. Child's Tank Top
7. Woven Trellis Scarf
8. Thrummed Mittens
9. Child's Cabled Pullover
10. Blankie Project

Some of these projects are very much near the end. So I've thought about what is next in queue:

- I was going to do Marlo but I decided against it, and I'm going to do Snow White instead. Even though I bought Marlo, the cables on the bust will NOT look good on me at all being of the not-so-small-chest-size. I mean look at it above - what on earth was I thinking? However, in order to start Snow White, I must finish Sophia first.

- I also want to make Monkeys, Pomatomus, The Tilted Duster, Lady Eleanor, Red Herring, and the Military Jacket., Drive Thru Sweater and eventually some Endpaper Mittens. Lots of things on my list.

My father-in-law came over tonight for dinner with my mother-in-law (actually my MIL was over earlier and taught me how to make her matzah ball chicken soup, as well as Chicken Scallopini. (Dinner was DELICIOUS tonight!) and my father-in-law brought over the items I knit for him, to try them on. He says he either wears the hat above his ears, or over if it's too cold. But for purposes of this picture, he wore it above the ears.


Anonymous said...

Your father-in-law looks great in the hat and scarf!

You sure have alot of projects that you are working on. Cant wait to see the finished projects!


craft-chick said...

Since I'm also not small-chested, or medium-chested I agree with you the cables that run right over the chest probably wouldn't look the way you would want them to on, but at least you have a great other option!

Shelley said...

I'm not sure I would like wearing cables over the looks like it might be uncomfortable.

Glad your father in law liked his hat and scarf. They look great!

Tara said...

Love the Marlo sweater. Wherer is it from?

Kate-the-enabler said...

Also love the Marlo...not being graced with a capacious bosom when not preggo....I might get away with the cables???
Love the way the hat and scarf turned out, and he looks pretty happy with them himself.
Also think it's a pretty excellent photo of you and Sean yesterday.

Laura said...

Mmmm....Matzo Ball Soup! I get hungry just thinking about it... Even knitting can be set aside for a good matzo ball.