Monday, October 08, 2007

October 8 of 31

Today is the Canadian Thankgiving. Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate! Today was a nice lazy day around our house. It was nice to sleep in, and watch TV on the couch, we caught up on some World Series of Poker 2007 (we're watching the Main Event).

This afternoon blogless Janet came over to fondle some yarn (and purchase some too!), she comes knitting with me on the Wednesday that I go knitting. It was nice to have her over, and she fell in love with my cats (want one Janet?). (Can you see I'm a dog person?)

Sean was acting all cute this evening when we went to his uncle's for dinner. Here are some photos of my cutie!

Sean took a little rest with a bottle, and the Homer doll is BIGGER than Sean! He was confused to what this thing was that was bigger than him!

To Lynn - who posted a comment about the information on Sean's Blankie. I have no idea who you are - there is no information (blog or email) attached to your name, so if you send me an email here, I will tell you what you need to know to make a blankie of your own.

This evening I did some work and finally put Sean to sleep. All else is going to have to wait until tomorrow, I'm tired. Tomorrow we have a date with two knitters (and their kids) who live off the island of Montreal, so Jenn & I with our kiddies are going to meet them at a cafe for a snack and some knitting. I can't wait to meet Tara and her friend Kate (Blogless).

My grandmother (also Jenn's grandmother) called me up today to ask me if I had a subscription to Interweave Knits. I told her I did, and she mentioned that she is renewing Jenn's subscription and that she was going to renew mine as well, for after it ends. Thank you Bubbie! (Bubbie is Yiddish for Grandmother!) I asked her what the occasion was, and she said there wasn't any. That is super nice of her! I'm almost done my IK subscription, I think there is two more issues - so it'll just renew after that's over!

I did work a few rows on my father-in-law's IHS, and I have the dimensions now for his hat (I asked my mother-in-law to measure his last year's hat - which is one his mother made him with a matching scarf, which he wants to put away). Three more days to go. I CAN DO IT!
I am looking for 1 x 100g skein or 2 x 50g skeins of pure black sock yarn (non-acrylic). I want to use it for the edges of Sean's blankie. Anyone have that they want to de-stash? I need for approx. 56 grams (that's why I need either a 100g ball or 2 x 50g skeins, one just won't be enough). I was thinking maybe Regia #2066. I used to have some, but I think I sent it in a swap last year. Anyhow, I have Briggs & Little in black in my shop, but I wanted something superwash, as most of Sean's blankie is superwash. I do have Louet Gems, but I'm thinking fingering weight is a little too thin for his blanket. The Louet gems seems a little bit thiner than most of the stuff I've been using. Anyhow, I'm either looking to buy or trade if you have...! Let me know!


Laura said...

I think I have some black Lang Jawoll in my stash. It's either really dark brown, or black. I'll dig it out tomorrow and take a look. Let me know if it'd be what you're looking for.

AliP said...

Squeeee! Look at that big gummy smile!!!! Awwww so cute!

Shelley said...

Sean does look so happy in that picture - so adorable!

That was so sweet of your grandmother to renew your subscription to Interweave for no particular reason. You are very lucky :o). The yarn store I was in when in Seoul on the weekend had the Interweave magazine..I almost got it but didn't have enough money with me :o(.

Tara said...

You'd better have that IHS scarf with you this afternoon! Looking forward to meeting you and Sean!

Arianne said...

I have a question!! Where did you get the Homer doll!! My stepson would probably freak out for one of those!! :)

Shelby said...

Happy Thanksgiving!! We celebrated on Sunday, and it was awesome! Growing up so close to Canada, we celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving with friends once we were older and could cook, and then American thanksgiving with family. Worked out quite well!

And Sean looks like he had a blast too!!

Snarsh said...

Don't forget that I have that one ball of black if you can only get one ball. I also have a dark gray if you'd be interested in making black and dark gray. I also have a few blues and a light gray I think. All are 50g balls. Let me know if you're interested.

Josée said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Sean is just too cute... love that smile! Got to enjoy it when you can - my girl turned 14 today!

I've got some black superwash yarn, but it's dk, not sock or fingering... I've got some Lang Jawoll too, but I think it's charcoal, not black - I'd have to double check that.

Laura said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

So, do y'all eat cranberry sauce and turkey for Thanksgiving too, or is there some other culinary tradition?