Saturday, October 13, 2007

October 13 of 31

This afternoon after running a bunch of errands with my mother we both went to get our hair done for the party we had this evening. While I was there, getting my hair done by one of my sister's closest friends (she works at a salon near my parents house), Sean got his VERY first trim. I wouldn't call it a haircut, because he just needed the hair that was growing over his ears to be trimmed. Of course I kept a little piece to put into a little keepsake thing I have for the first haircut. Also as you see above, I took some photos.

I didn't get my hair cut or anything, just a blowdry/straightening. I always love the way it comes out when someone else does it! Plus I love my hair being played with.

While I was there I got my nails done as well. A little treat as I hadn't done my nails in forever. I absolutely LOVE red nails. I own red nailpolish, I just can't apply it myself, so I never wear.

Here is Jamie & I tonight at the 15th Anniversary dinner for my father's company. We went to a restaurant called Queue de Cheval (Horse's tail is the translation, but that makes no sense!) and we had steak and it was delicious. I'd never been to this restaurant, though I always heard good things about it since my parents frequent this restaurant.

And for dessert - Death by Chocolate. Yep, you read correctly. That is what the piece of chocolate cake was called. And no, Urgence Sante didn't have to be called tonight.... but if you are diabetic, I do not recommend eating this piece. It was MASSIVE! My image doesn't do the size justice!

No knitting got done today but I do plan on finishing off Jamie's Cabled Socks as well as Sean's Cabled Pullover as the 2 next projects, before finishing the other stuff I have on needles.

Sean's at my in-law's tonight sleeping over, so I'm off to have another little party tonight, just Jamie & I. Ah.... a night to ourselves...! We don't get it often, so I'm going to go enjoy!

Does anyone know if they are collecting knitted hats at Rhinebeck? I always see on the Harlot's blog about hats that were collected, but do they do that at Rhinebeck as well? I have some knitted hats that I can bring, but are they collected? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?


Josée said...

First trim! That's so cute... I still have clippings from my kids first cuts.

Wish I could give you an answer about the hats since I've never been... I envy you the chance to go to Rhinebeck!

And enjoy your night out with Jamie!

Shelley said... the reference to Ferris Beuler's Day Off (or however you spell his last name)! I remember when that movie first came out - I saw it in the theater when I was in high school.

What a cute picture of Sean's hair trim. He looks a little nervous, but I'm sure he did fine...doesn't look like he was overly scared or anything.

Did you make the vest you are wearing in the pic of you and Jamie? Gotta love the purple!

AliP said...

I too loves the red nails but i am a nailniter without compare. I am thinking that next time I start keeping my nails done again(salon nails) I will go red rather than french manicure (its soooooo DONE).
I love going to the hairdresser just because I LOOOOOVE getting my hair played with. I get Cameron to brush my hair sometimes just because.

Amy said...

If you are looking for somewhere to donate the hats, I have a little charity project of my own going.

And Sean's first hair cut ... awwww!

Summer said...

Sean looks so adorable!!

You and Jamie look great! and your hair looks fabs too! Glad you had a good time!

P.S. Enjoy your night alone with jamie

adrienne said...

it's no wonder that the dessert is called "death by chocolate" really does look like something to "die for!" send me the leftovers?

Tara said...

Your hair looked great. I hope you had wonderful "adult" time as well :)

Amy said...

The little trooper! Looks like it was a success. I like your hair straightened like that. Have fun at Rhineback.

Megalion said...

I'm with ya on loving my hair to be played with.

I'm always game to be a guinea pig for anyone who wants to mess with hair or makeup.

g-girl said...

wow, his first trim! he's getting so big now. your hair's getting long too. it looks good. :) love that ring you're wearing too!