Sunday, October 14, 2007

October 14 of 31

This evening we went bowling with some friends of ours after going out for dinner. Besides bowling on the Nintendo Wii, I haven't been physical bowling in ages. I used to bowl really poorly - like getting a score somewhere between 65-100 but since being spoiled with scores of over 200 on the Nintendo Wii, I knew I was going to be competative tonight.

Of course they had to give me the ugliest (purple) shoes ever.... (NASTY!) (I think that's why I don't go bowling..... the gross shoes and the germs on the bowling balls).

Sean was well behaved at dinner and at the bowling alley. He was very inrested in what we were doing when we dropped the ball down the alley.

So what's the story with the link with Autism and Flu Shots? Should I get Sean his flu shot or should I not? I believe there is mercury in flu shots. And I've read that mercury in shots is what's the link between children getting Autism.

I've been working on Sean's Cabled Pullover tonight, and it's coming along. I'm almost done the back and will begin working on the front once I'm done, I think this will be a finished object before I know it! I really want Sean to not outgrow this one before I finish it - and as well, not fit into it just for one week like that baseball sweater I made him when he was 3 months old. The Cabled Pullover is 18 month size, so I think I'm good. He's just just just fitting into 12 month size (and some of it is still too big) so I think the sweater will be good for the end of the winter/spring. We are only October still. Aren't oversized sweaters cute on babies anyhow?


Shelby said...

I'd ask the pediatrician about the mercury. Our pediatrician uses a particular shot that does not contain any mercury. Maybe that's an option?

Bowling is so much fun! Just wait for Sean to be old enough to do bumper bowling. We took Celia about 6 months ago, and she had a blast!!

Tsuki said...

I'd check out whether there is really a link or not - is the risk of your baby dying from flu higher?

There was a big scare over here about the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) and then the rate of deaths from measles went up - now they've proven that it was rubbish and there was no link.

So really, check and couble check the facts before you decide, and talk to the professionals.

Kirsty said...

Also, the link between shots and autism had already been properly disproved with massive studies at the time I did my Psychology degree (2002)- the work which first showed the link was very sketchy, but sadly was championed by a very charismatic pediatrician (who turned out to have dodgy qualifications himself, but that's a different story).

Obviously people would rather be safe than sorry, so it's really hard to convince everyone that truly, it is safe. It's an unfortunate, tragic coincidence that autism sets in at a similar time as jabs are given.

Still, as Shelby says, if there's a mercury free option that seems best!

(By the way- I've been reading in the sidelines since you commented on my Wonder Woman jumper- thanks!!)

Shelley said...

I haven't been bowling in years! I used to get around 100...hardly ever over that, but I had fun and that's the main point for me.

I've never heard of flu shots causing autism in babies...though since I've been in Korea I've not heard much in the way of news from North America. But, I agree with Shelby that maybe you could call a doctor (I know how much you're not liking the pediatrician right now) and see if they can help you with that.

Can't wait to see Shawn's sweater. I'm sure it it going to look sweet on him!

kristo said...

I'm struggling with the same decisions over shots with my baby. It's so frustrating that parents are being put in this situation! Speak with your doctor about your concerns and don't let anybody pressure you one way or the other, after all, he is YOUR son.

Wendy said...

Your bowling pics came out so nice! Our alley has HORRIBLE lighting and my pictures are awful :(

As for the vaccines, I don't think that mercury is used in the shots anymore, not in the US anyway! I always ask my doctor to see the ingredient list, and inserts from all the shots that Lani is getting. We skipped a few this time since she is not in child care. Umm...forgot which one it is right now! There is so many people flaunting the negatives from both sides that it is hard to make a decision!! You are an awesome Mom and I know you will do what's best for you.

Amy said...

It's been close to a year since I've went bowling. It was for a bowl-a-thon for the Junior Achievers in my area. I got an award for having a gutter ball - free gutter cleaning. I can't wait for this coming November.

BTW, what did you bowl?

g-girl said...

scary...i had no idea about there being a link between autism and the flu shot!

IrishGirl said...

Hey Robyn. I'm worried too. My teenage daughter is in the middle of a new round of vacc's. I thought we were thru w/all of that in childhood. Now she's getting Guardasil (cervical cancer-2 shots), Meningococcal meningitis, Hep A (2), Chicken Pox booster (highly recommend the Chicken Pox when Sean is old enough-I had the CP 3x's as a kid & shingles w/pregnancy-CP Vacc. prevents ALL of that!) & Tetanus. It was so sad last month when she got 3 shots. I forget she's still young sometimes. She sat there, still as can be, w/tears running down her face. Now to wonder if they are safe, as well?? I don't think autism is a risk for her, but I just watched a show on the link between vacc. & autism, so there is at least some controversy. I wouldn't say it's completely disproved. Go to the autism site & read up. Kids w/ weakened immune systems are @ a higher risk. Talk w/your Dr. & make the best decision (as you always do). We rejected the Hep A (the hep you get from bad restaurants) but she gets 3 more Thurs... :(

Summer said...

I love bowling!!

Tara said...

Size 18 months should be fine. Did you get the Drive Thru sweater pattern yet?