Friday, October 19, 2007

October 19 of 31

The Regia Galaxy Collection is on sale 21% off in my shop for a limited time only. Colinette Jitterbug is also on sale in my shop at 20% off. I'm probably going to keep this going on until after I move. You never know what other surprises I'm going to throw at you! Like for example, I've just put Cookie A's patterns on sale! As well as the Hallowe'en Skull Themed Stitch Markers at 25% off! Yep stay tuned for some great deals! Don't forget to sign up for Robyn's Nest November Sock Club, the yarn is handpainted by Pixie Riot - and it's absolutely STUNNING! She's the one who painted my Robyn's Nest Signature Colorway (Which by the way, is also currently on sale!) Also there is a skein of Cascade Ecological Wool on sale too. One skein is plenty for a project, as there is 478 yards in one skein. Would make a great scarf or hand bag. And there is some Online Linie 117 City in the shop, 50% off. What a great deal!

The other day at knit night, Alison had a present for me. Sean Sheep yarn. Sean has his own line of yarn! This is a lovely color that I think I will make something for Sean with. Maybe a hat? Thank you very much Alison for thinking of Sean!

The good thing about moving is the purging and the de-cluttering and the de-stashing as well. I definitely have things to de-stash, and I will be getting that online shortly, just thinking about the best way to do it. I do have some yarn already up on the DeStash Section of my site. Anything is DeStash has NO taxes. In the DeStash section, so far, I'm destashing Knitpicks Bare Sock yarn and all my unused dyes. It was a project I was going to venture into, but realized I do not have the time. I hope it goes to a home where it will get used!

Tomorrow we have a lot of work to do around the house for our open house on Sunday. Gotta make sure the house is as clean as I can possibly get it. Today I went back to the new house to show it to my mother and sister. I go back there on Monday for my House Inspection, and then as soon as I get the report and lift the condition of the house inspection, we schedule the date for the deed of sale, and then I get my keys! Oh, I'm very excited! There will be painting to do and some minor repairs as well as some carpets to clean before I start moving in our things.


Shelley said...

I really can't wait until my cheques get here so I can get some of your stuff!

Melanie said...

I can't believe how fast things can happen when you buy a house - seems so smooth! Hopefully it will be just like this when our time comes :)

AliP said...

I saw the Sean sheep yarn at Walmart in an ivory chunky weight. It was soooooo sooooft and I was sorely tempted to buy some and make something for me like a cozy sweater. then I remembered the Fat Chick Fashion rule: Don't wear sweaters made of chunky yarn.
So then I pants?? I'm sure the same rule applies but when your ass is wrapped in cushy yarniness does one care??