Monday, October 29, 2007

October 29 of 31

Today while out my sister & I found these on the shelf at the grocery store. And we giggled. A lot. Poppycock? I've never heard of this before, but I bought a bag, JUST for the packaging. Totally funny. Our grandmother, who was with us, couldn't understand what we were laughing about, because she grew up with Poppycock, and knew what it was. She just thought we were really silly. It was too funny and lots of laughs. I am still laughing. Everyone needs a good laugh at some time, and today this was it!

I don't know if you can see, but one of Sean's top teeth have cut through the gums. Thank goodness! Now we just need the other one to cut through, and we're good to go, give it 2-3 weeks tops, and they'll be out chomping away.

This afternoon I took Sean to his check-up for his ear, and the fluid that was in the ear was gone. Thank goodness, so he's clear to go to to his swim class tomorrow morning - finally! Though, he's got a rash on his tuchas (yiddish for tush, bum, tushie....!) so he's got some treatment for 10 days and I'm hoping it goes away soon. If it's not this, it's that.....! Right?

Today I arranged for my new phone number to be at my new house for after the signing on the new house. I need to switch carriers as the carrier I am with now cannot switch my city number to the suburbs. That's okay, because I'm getting a great deal with the new carrier and more features! Not only will we have caller ID, we'll have visual call waiting, so I can see who is beeping me! Also, we'll have three way calling and call forward, which I've never had before, on top of the Call Answer (answering machine service), caller ID, and call waiting which we have now. All for less than I'm paying now - GREAT! And they are waiving the new line fee. Usually when you move or start a new number you have to pay a 55$ CAD transfer or start-up fee, and it's being waved! Great! I won't complain! I need to keep my old number in our duplex until we're fully moved into the new house, as I need an alarm system (which is via the telephone) at both places for the month of November. I was disappointed not to switch our old number to the new house, but I'm happy that I'll be getting away from all those telemarketers that have our old number, including those who STILL to this day call for Jamie's ex-roomate from his old apartment. (Same phone number that Jamie brought with him from then). I hate telemarketers!

This afternoon while we were out, I got my eyebrows waxed, and boy do I always feel better after getting them waxed. I don't know what about it, it is... but it's just so great. I'm usually good for about 2 months before I need to go again. I have my "girl" that I go to, this awesome Israeli lady, and I won't go to anyone else. I will run into the city 6 times a year from the suburbs just to go to her! Gives me an excuse to meet up with my grandmother for lunch! (It's near her place).

Today we sent them the counter offer for the same amount that they countered last night, but with a closing date of December 18th. They were trying to push late December, however Notaries don't work during the Xmas period, so we had to either close before then in mid-december on the sale of our duplex, or in January after the new year. I did NOT want to carry this house past 2007, so we agreed upon December 18th (since the 15th is a Saturday). 18 for Jews is Chai - meaning good luck. The symbol to your left is Chai in hebrew. It's got a numerical value of 18. So when people give gifts of cash to weddings or bar or bat mitvahs, etc, they will usually give denominations of Chai. (18, 36, 54, 72, 90, 108, 126, 144, 162, 180, 198, 216, 234, and so on). When we bought our duplex, we signed and got the keys on May 18th, 2005. Jamie & I got married on September 18th, 2005. We'll be selling this house on December 18th, 2007, and we'll be getting our new house on November 1st, 2007, which is 11 (Month) + 07 (the year) = 18! (Thanks Amy for figuring that one out with me on MSN today!) Not that I need luck, I'm all for Chai! (Except for that really HIDIOUS necklace with the hebrew letters (above) of chai that Sean got from a distant relative for his Bris back in January.... it's sooo hidious! I don't think he'll ever wear it... but it's tucked away in his drawer. Anyhow, back to the house, we're waiting on a fixed version of the amendment for the counter offer, with all the inclusions and exclusions for my house, they wanted it in writing, since it had been changed a couple of times. People care about what you leave and don't leave in your house upon a sale of the house. We've included the upstairs (where my tenants live) washer & dryer, fridge & stove, and we're including the lower (our place). We're taking some light fixtures (replacing them with inexpensive ones from the hardware store) because they were given to me from my parents and even if we don't need them in the new house, I'd like to give them back to my parents or to my brother or sister for their place should they need them. I don't want to leave them. We're also taking the satelite dish, which is attached to the house, and apparently that is something you need to include as part of an exclusion or inclusion. Man, buying and selling homes can get a little "detailed" sometimes....! I'm also taking with my window treatments (the ones I made and the one from our bedroom, which will go into Sean's big boy room, and the teddy bear curtains from his baby room, will go into the spare bedroom for baby number 2 when he or she should decide to come along in the future). Our new house is coming with a washer/dryer, but ours is newer, so we'll be selling the ones in our new home, as they're fairly new but not as new as ours. Also - our new place is coming with a fridge, so we're leaving the fridge that is in our place now, which we actually bought off the previous owner. I don't want it. We're taking our bed freezer, which we bought off the previous owner, but we need it/want it and it's ours. We're also taking our new gas stove, as we're going to install a pipe in our new house to the kitchen to be able to use it, however, we are getting a stove in our new house (which I think my brother wants, since his stove is older). I'm leaving the dishwasher in our current place because my new house is coming with a much newer one that is already built into the counters. We don't need two dishwashers. Also - we are getting a built in microwave, so we'll take our current one for the basement for popcorn during movies! (Someone suggested that to us - what a great idea!) Anyhow, so as you can see, anything that is attached to the house, or an appliance you have to state whether you are taking it or not.

Ok, enough house talk... I need a break! The next few days are going to be NUTS around here. Tomorrow we have aqua in the morning and then Sean & I will be galavanting around the city with Amy to do some yarn shopping and Amy wants to meet Veronik Avery, so I am taking her to Veronik's office to get her book signed. (Must bring my book too! I haven't gotten it autographed yet either). Tomorrow night, I've got the Habs game with my brother - very excited - need to figure out which knitting project to bring with me to the game (a project that doesn't need counting or cable needles)... and then Wednesday I am accompaning my mother to Kingston, Ontario for a few hours to meet up half way from Toronto with her friend who is a dog breeder/trainer, etc, who will be taking Piper, one of my mom's great danes for a few weeks until Bosco is feeling better from his snip-snipping which he had done today. My mother had to fix him, as there was a problem with a dog in his litter, so she can't breed him, even though he's got a clean bill of health. Piper's currently in heat, and my mom thinks it's best if her friend (who also co-owns Piper) takes her for a few weeks until Bosco is healed and not so hyper. So, I'll be visiting Michaels on Wednesday, I made sure there was one in Kingston! I need a few things, and I'm dying to go! Sean will be coming with us also. Because there is no second dog coming for the drive, there is room for Sean & I!

I had to put Sean to sleep tonight with my tshirt that I wore yesterday. I think he needed mommy's scent. He's been very clingy lately, and after he falls asleep in my arms, he wakes up, and wants to go back into my bed with me. I can't have that. I can't let him get used to that. So I'm trying the tshirt that smells like mommy trick, and we'll see where that goes!

Tonight we ordered pizza from my fave place near us. I am surely going to miss ordering from there when we move, (there is only 1 location and they will not be delivering to my new area). I will have to make a point once and a while to go there for supper. I will miss my whole wheat green pepper pizza with low fat cheese. Mmmmmm. And their house salad rocks. Gotta order from there a few more times before we move!

I really should be packing. I've only packed one box so far. We get keys to our new house in 3 days. (Thursday). I need to steam clean the carpets, paint 2 rooms and the basement, and do a once over cleaning in the house before bringing any boxes over, so we still have a bit of time. I do however hope to be 100% settled into the new house by November 30th. That's the deadline, but now we have 2 extra weeks since the new owners of my duplex don't take possession until December 18th. So we have that little extra time should we need it. Phew!


Shelley said...

Wow, you really are going to be busy for the next little while. There is so much involved with selling a house. I had no idea that you had to state whether or not certain things like fridges or stoves were included...I just thought that previous owners decided they didn't want them and were basically being nice about leaving them for whoever moves in afterward.

Sigh. I miss going to Michaels. I miss going to Wal Mart and other North American stores for that matter.

Tara said...

Well, you sure are going to have a lot on your plate over the coming weeks! Let me know if there's anything I can do to help!

K. said...

Hahahahahahahahaha Poppycock!!!!!!!!! Now THAT is funny!

craft-chick said...

Congrats! Is Jamie as excited as you are about the new house? Have fun getting settled in your new house over the next few weeks!

Amanda said...

You should have heard my former roommate and I squealing at the grocery store in Boston when we found "cock flavored" bouillon. Yes, it really said that.

Now, it's CHICKEN, so get your mind out of the gutter.... ;) :P :P

AliP said...

Oh man and older child are going to the Habs game tonight too!!!
Also, Poppycock is very common back home. Its like Crunch and Munch..carmel popcorn..but some versions are better than others.

g-girl said...

you're a nut--you've never seen poppycock before? it's good too! lol. goodness, I had no idea that you had to state what you were leaving and what you were taking with you when it came to selling a house. Interesting about 18 being lucky for Jewish folks too. oh and yay for sean having his two front teeth soon! :)

Arianne said...

I had a beautiful gold necklace. A little tablet type piece on the front it had Chai and on the back was a short prayer

It was stolen when we were burgled in 2006. I cried for months. I still look in the pawn shops in our area hoping to see it again. :( *sigh*