Tuesday, October 02, 2007

October 2 of 31

Jamie's Irish Hiking Scarf was 61 inches long. I will do my Father-in-Law's approximetely 60 inches let's say. That means I have to do 5 repeats per day by Oct 11th his actual birthday. If I want to surprise him with it Saturday night at the party we have for Jamie's step-uncle's 70th birthday (which we'll also be celebrating Jamie's dad's birthday - I think), I need to do 13 repeats per day. Or If I want to surprise him with it Sunday after the family golf tournament (yey, I'm finally getting to use my clubs this year) I need to do 10 repeats per day. WISH ME LUCK! Oh - yeah, and I also need to do the matching hat.

Sean HATES his nose being cleaned or even touched. You try to go anywhere near there with a kleenex, wash cloth, nasal aspirator, he cries. And not a light cry. A face turning red type of cry. Does anyone else have problems like this with their child? I'm going to bring it up to his doctor the next time we're there (flu shot - probably this month, I need to call tomorrow). Curious in the meantime, what to do - he doesn't know how to blow his own nose yet, so I need to clean it!

Ran errands this afternoon. First I went to Home Depot to do a return that was about to expire (oops!) and picked up some supplies I needed for a mini photo session I need to do in the next few days. After Home Depot came Walmart had a return to do and a few items to pick up and apparently I bought the wrong cat litter, so I have to go back and do another return tomorrow. (They're his cats, not mine - can you tell I'm a dog person?) After Walmart we went to check something at Sears and I didn't find what I needed but I got a new diaper bag instead. (It was on clearance, and I was eyeing it a long time ago). The current diaper bag is great, but for a newborn, etc. I simply do not need as many pockets anymore, and it's super thick. It's getting to be too heavy. So I got a new one. Very excited to try it out. After Sears I was going to do a return at Toys R Us but it was getting late, so I headed home in fear of traffic. I did stop by the strip mall near my house. I needed to pick up a few postcards and I stopped by the post office (though the items I had to mail were accidently at home - I'll go back tomorrow), and since I had a few minutes to kill and wanted to just stop "running around" for a minute I went to say hello to the girls at the post office. They LOVE Sean. They yell at me when I go there and I leave him at home with Jamie or my sister or whatever. They were happy to see him today. We curiously put him on their scale, I was curious to see how much he weighed. With clothes on (not heavy ones mind you), he rang up to 9.987 kilograms. That's 22 lbs and about 2 ounces. I wonder how much his actual clothes & diaper weigh, but I'm sure it's not one full pound. Which mean my big boy is over 21 lbs. (Which is actually average for his age!) But I'll have to wait for his flu shot to get him weighed and for his doc to tell me what percentage he falls in.

Jamie had quite an experience today. He left his desk job to go over to the franchise (we) run. (Still in the same company where his desk job is). Anyhow, he was getting off the highway and on the off ramp some guy was up his butt. The guy went on the grass and cut Jamie off. Jamie of course had to flip him the finger. (Which we all have done before, admit it!) Anyhow, the guy cuts Jamie off, and then slams on his breaks, and one guy (passenger) gets out of the truck and puts his hand through Jamie's OPEN window (he doesn't have electric windows in his old car - more about that in a minute) and puts his hands as if to strangle Jamie and pushing him up against his seat. Road Rage! I don't think I'll ever be doing that again (flipping someone the finger!) - Jamie thank god is okay. No damage to the car either. He has red marks all over his neck. Jamie managed to get the lisence plate off the truck that the guy got out of and called the police. The police took pictures of his neck, and filed a report. The unfortunate thing is that the truck was registered to a company. Anyone in that company could have been driving the truck and being a passenger in it. So the information was passed onto a detective and with Jamie's description of the guy, hopefully they'll catch him and arrest him for assault. So now we just wait and see. I hope they catch him! And I hope also that teaches Jamie a lesson to not flip anyone the finger.... who knows if the next time the guy will be carrying a weapon or something. Can't take that chance.

Tonight when Jamie got home from work, it was just as I was getting in from my errands and we left right away to the Audi dealership. Jamie got (finally!) his new car! I love it. I can't wait to test drive it. It's a 2004 (it was the end of someone's lease) but it's in superb condition and it's totally loaded (leather seats, sun roof, the works!) It's metalic blue with beige leather interior. I haven't yet gone for a spin in it, but I'm super excited to! Jamie had been driving a 10 year old Jetta, and totally deserved a new car.

The other day I took out a purse I hadn't used in a while, and found stuff in that purse. I think I am going to do a spring cleaning and go through all my purses to see what I can find. There wasn't any money in there (dang it!) but I found three pairs of earrings that I'd been looking for, and a few other things. I don't think I've used it since before Sean was born, because his 3D Ultrasound DVD was in the purse. (Didn't realize I'd "lost" that too). I wonder what else I'll find.

Sock club for November is now listed. You will get a skein (400 yards) of Yarn OdDity handpainted by Ms. Pizie Riot. She can be linked here and here. You can also get Limited Time Only Hallowe'en Themed Skull Stitch Markers until October 31st. Aren't they awesome? Only 4$ for the set!

I leave you tonight with a picture of Sean from last night in my arms all snuggled up & cute:


Tara said...

That's unbelievable! Thank God he's alright.

Regarding the IHS, how many rows are in a repeat, anyway? It looks like the pressure's on!

As to Sea crying when cleaning his nose, there isn't much you can do. You can try using Salinex (saline solution in each nostril). that should loosen things up and just let the nose empty itself naturally. You've just got to be quick about it!

Laura said...

Oh wow! I'm glad he's okay! Ooh I hope they catch that guy!

Shannon said...

What a horrible experience, I cant believe somebody actually stopped and assaulted him, I caution my DH all the time that people are just plain crazy and its better to just let it roll off then take a chance (he still flips the bird though)

I hope they catch him.

Summer said...

Some nerve of people! Thank god hes alright!!

Adorable picture of Sean!!

pahkcah02 said...

I hope that Jamie is ok! He's getting rid of the Jetta?? *sniff* - that car was a classic.

AliP said...

Mine always faught me off when it was face/nose cleaning time. I could sometimes hold one down long enough to use a q-tip to clean out boogers fast. For a stuffy clogged nose saline solution works great but they hate it. Good luck babe.

Arianne said...

I am death defyingly in love with those stitchmarkers...enough to de-lurk to ask about them.

How could I get them?