Monday, October 22, 2007

October 22 of 31

Today we had the house inspection done at the new place. As soon as we hear that the chimney piece is fixed, we'll lift the condition on the offer on the house, and then arrange for the deed of sale for me to get possession of the house. The only major issue was the chimney, and the real estate agent who is selling the house for the family, said he will take care of it immediately.

Here is the gorgeous FALL scenery from my new balcony off my new master bedroom. GORGEOUS, ain't it? I can't wait. The leaves changing colors is just simply gorgeous!

Ignore the HOT pink and lighter pink. I have NO IDEA what the old owner was thinking, but my new basement is pinks. That will change as soon as we get possession of the house. Paint colors have already been chosen. You see the room behind the pink walls? That will be Robyn's Nest storage for yarn in stock on one side of the room and the other side of the room will be my stash room! I need to add a door to the room to keep Sean & the cats out, but this will be my room. I also think there is enough room to put my sewing table. It should fit beautifully in the corner of my "Stash" room. (The panels on the back wall are the boxes for the electricity. That's where I'd go if a fuse was blown to re-set it. The ceiling needs some jip rock and plastering.

This is the left hand side of my new "Stash" room. I think I plan on keeping the lower part of the shelving, but witht the top half I hope to do something like this (below):

I saw this "set-up" online somewhere, and want to use a set-up like this. I have a lot of ideas for my new storage space, and I'm looking forward to getting handy with some tools!

This is Sean's adorable face before I left him today. He is sleeping at my parents house tonight, as we had the habs game tonight. I totally forgot that Sean has his 3rd aqua class tomorrow (We missed the first one because I forgot and we missed the 2nd one because we went to the doctor, and we'll be missing the 3rd class tomorrow because he's still on antibiotics). And now that we're moving - I don't even know if it's worth it anymore. I'm going to call tomorrow and see if I can get some sort of refund... Ugh.... this sucks. But I don't really think I should take him in the water tomorrow just in case his ear infection isn't totally gone. I don't want it to get worse.

Tonight Jamie & I went to the Habs games. We kicked the Bruins butts 6-1. It was a FANTASTIC game. And I got a lot of knitting done on Sean's Drive-Thru sweater. It's easy to knit stockinette at hockey games. Anything tricky is too hard to do in the seats there. Anyhow, silly me forgot any of my cameras at home tonight, so there was no photography tonight at the game.

I did however want to show you progress (6 of 8 inches done on the size 2 Drive-Thru before you start the sleeves & yoke) and my lovely Habs jersey (mirror reflection so it's backwards).

I think Zeus is ready to move to the new house - what do you think? This is the first box that will get packed with some DVDs.... I think that's the easiest thing to start packing.

There is a super cute photo of me, as well as some super cute photos of Sean on Not An Artist's blog today. Go check it out.

Tomorrow is the agents Caravan at my house. It's when my agents (Century 21) invite ALL the agents from other companies that are interested in seeing my place to come. From this website it says: "Hold Agents Caravan - Agents sell what they know. In order to get other agents interested in your house an Agents Caravan, for agents only, is held during the week usually at lunchtime. I will invite all metro agents to attend and provide food and drinks. This will give your home a higher profile with those agents who attend." Uhm, I'm supposed to have food & drinks here? SHIT... maybe I should bake cookies in the morning??

ps- A week left to purchase your November Sock Club kits! You get yarn dyed by Pixie Riot, a pattern by designer Erin Vaughn and some gorgeous matching stitch markers made by Robyn's Nest (me!). Need a gift for your Secret Pal? The colors are just stunning...!


Laura said...

I love the view from your balcony! I'm so excited for you and your new house! I'm also glad to see that you got your yarn in the mail.

Mathgirl said...

I love the view from your bedroom. I can't believe how quick everything i moving along with your move, it must be exhausting but exhilarating. And I love the shelves you showed. They are clearly a must!

Woven ~N~ Spun said...

you are right, the possibilities of that room abound. Congrats and good luck getting moved and all.

Tsuki said...

Maybe (s)he means that (s)he will provide food, it is in the same sentence as invite agents. Unless you did that too?
Cookies is always good.
Have a pot of coffee on (posh stuff, smells gorgeous) and if you know how, bake bread - really homey smells!

Caroline said...

Lucky you! It must have been lots of fun at the game last night. I couldn't even watch it at home, I had a class.

And stop tempting me with the sock club! ;) I told myself I wouldn't buy any more sock yarn until... the new year at least.

Tara said...

Mmmm... Yarn storage. Love the room, love the balcony, love your pink Habs jersey! :) And that IS a cute picture of you (where was that taken, anyway?)

kristo said...

I'm LOVING the view from your balcony. The perfect knitting spot.
Food and drink, geez. I agree about the pot of coffee at least, and maybe some cookies or a veggie tray or something.... like you don't have enough going on right now!!!

K. said...

You mean you're going to have a YARN ROOM!!!! That's wicked cool!!! Hope you had fun at the game, the Habs were on FIRE!

Amy said...

Yay view! Yay cutie Sean! Yay...something else (I just has a brain fart right there). That looks like the perfect place for the nest. Your sock club's tempting for a gift to my SP...hmmm....

Drea said...

beautiful view! an di love that storage idea for yarn. oh btw i bought cheapo yarn from wally world for my scarf. i didnt want to spend a lot since im just starting. BTW what do stitch markers do?

Shelley said...

The view from the balcony is beautiful! You will have such joy knitting there...even when the leaves aren't changing colours.

I like your idea of those cubbies for your yarn storage.

I can't get over Sean's beautiful eyes! He's such a sweetie. I bet he loved staying with grandma and grandpa...and I bet they loved having him stay over.

Josée said...

Love the view from the balcony and I envy you the stash room! And that shelving you're thinking of is really neat.
I hope everything went well with the agents... the way it was written I though your agent was responsible for the food.
I'm glad you like the yarn and all and good luck with the move!

g-girl said...

pretty view from your future balcony!!! ooh, your room is going to be so cool!