Saturday, October 27, 2007

October 27 of 31

Today I went by the new house to take measurements for painting. I also wanted to take picture of the walls for insurance purposes should the movers bang anything moving the stuff out of the house before we move in. There is still a bed, a couch, some sofa chairs, dining room table, buffet, etc in the house, so it wasn't left completely empty.

I LOVE my new kitchen. It's double the size of my current kitchen. I have an island in the middle for cooking and baking, which I lack in this place. I really HEART my new kitchen. I can't wait to be fully moved into the house.

Please ignore my purse & diaper bag on the kitchen table which they are actually leaving us. I just wanted to show all angles of the kitchen.

I love this reflection picture of Sean in the patio doors of my new master bedroom. Reflection pictures are so much fun to do.

Tonight we were officially given the offer on the house. Right away I countered back. We gave them until Monday morning 10 am to counter back, but I am sure we will hear from them tomorrow. I countered with December 1st, but it looks like they will counter back with January 15th or January 30th, 2008. I reject January 30th, but January 15th which is a Monday is the absolute latest that I will go until. I really did not want to carry this house past December 31st, but I understand that Notaries will generally not do sales on houses at that time of the year (xmas break, what have you). I have my agent preparing 2 counter offers, for two different ideas that I have in my head. One will be firm and final, if I get the counter back that I would like. The other, is if they are just a little bit lower than the amount I want them to counter with - then I have two to play with. Either I'll be selling this house on paper by mid-week next week latest, or I'll reject their counter if it's not in the ball park that I'm expecting. My house has only been on the market for a week and a half, so it's early in the game. If I should sell my house, they have 5 days for a house inspection, and then 10 business days to get approved for a mortgage. We also have an open house tomorrow, we'll see how that goes.

I got a copy of Interweave Knits Holiday Gifts from Angela, and I'm going to go plop myself on the couch, watch some TV with Jamie, and check out what gifts I like in this magazine!

I am *this* close to be done Sean's Drive-Thru Sweater. Details tomorrow, hopefully with some F.O. pictures!

Just a reminder, there are 5 days left to purchase the November Sock Club Kit. November's kits is absolutely stunning, I do have to say so myself. You do NOT want to miss out on this kit. If there is one kit to buy this year, it's this one! The colorway is just out of this world. There are matching stitch markers to go along with it, and an awesome pattern. Thursday, November 1st is the deadline to get it. It makes a great gift, or a nice goodie for yourself!


craft-chick said...

OOOOOHH...your new kitchen is great! I can see why you love it!

lspollock626 said...

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR KITCHEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is like my dream kitchen. the cabinets and the granite!!!!!! the island is great! do you have a pantry? that is so sweet they are leaving you the table. it looks great in there!

Good luck with the open house today and the counter offers! we miss ya and can not wait to meet Sean soon!

lauren :-)

Shelley said...

The kitchen looks great!

I was thinking of ordering a NOvember Sock kit...but sadly the international ones are all sold out. Therefore, I went with the order I sent you :o)

Andrea said...

Nice kitchen!

Tara said...

(Wiping the drool off the desk). Um... I love your kitchen!

sharon said...

I have kitchen envy - like you, but want your house.
I love the Holiday gifts magazine. I have three thing on my to do list.

AliP said...

That is a seriously kick ass kitchen. I always wanted a work island. Granite will be awesome for rolling out pastry! My old house had a huge eat in kitchen but this place we have now has this weee little galley one. I find it easier to keep clean though...LOL Less family clutter as its a "work" space. Gorgeous table too.

g-girl said...

oh gosh-the first thing i saw in your kitchen was the island and I was in love. That would be my dream come true!!

Emily said...

Moving is *such* hard work, but it looks like it's going to be really really worth it for you! The new house looks lovely, and I think Sean likes it too!

kristo said...

I am so LOVING your kitchen!!! I've always wanted an island... and it looks like you have loads of cupboard space too... you're so lucky.
I just got that Holiday Gifts magazine too and I'm thinking of making the colourful fair isle hat from the cover!