Tuesday, July 01, 2008

july one :: 2 weeks old :: Canada Day

Mackenzie is 2 weeks old today. He is a very good baby & sleeps! Only cries when he's hungry. That's my kind of guy!

And he's still asleep...!

I just love his Air Jordan socks. They came with a 0-3 month size onesie & hat set, however, the onesie is the exact same length as Mack! No way he's fitting into it now! But the socks, are sooo tiny, they actually fit! Yey for something fitting!

Some new things are sprouting/blooming in my garden! I just love this spikey flower thing. It's going to turn into some flowers, eventually. (I'm pretty sure). The rest of the plant has flowers - so I assume that's the next stage for this neat looking thing!

We also got these really nice red & yellow/orange flowers. I think they are daisies, and so does Jamie. He noticed them the other day in the front yard and told me to go out and check them out!

This afternoon Sean went bike riding with my parents. I thought he would love to look around and check everything out, but apparently he fell asleep after leaving my house, and napped in there for 45 minutes while my parents cycled around the area.

Oh well, next time hopefully he'll stay awake, I really think he'd get a good kick out of checking out everything near him en route.

Last night Mack decided that he wanted to eat for about 3 hours straight from about midnight until almost 3 am. So I fed him, and today I'm zonked because I went to bed late, and didn't get that good of a rest. Neither the night before, Mack decided he didn't feel like staying asleep more than 30-45 minutes at a time, and well, we're all pooped. It's starting to catch up to me!

Late afternoon Jamie & I went to go meet Sean at my parents house, they brought him back there after bike riding, so that he could go swimming in their pool. He had a lot of fun, and I'm so jealous that he can go into the pool. Hopefully in due time I'll get to go into re has pool.

I got a few rows knitted before dinner at my parents house, so there has been progress on my misty garden scarf.

Must make time for finishing my book that I'm currently reading. Though, I'm getting caught up on my blog reading - that's a start! I'm also slowly getting caught up on emails.

Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian friends!


Bea said...

Love the bike riding contraption! Very cool.

Cetta said...

First I thought "No - don't clip the tongue-tie!" but if he's wanting to nurse for 3 hours (ouch!) maybe he's not getting as much as you think? What if you pumped and bottle fed him once or twice a day to see how much he's taking in or if it satisfies him more?

And I hope you didn't have him feeding for 3 hours, really -- you're going to hurt yourself!

Here ends my unsolicited (but well-meaning) advicce :)

Cetta said...

Blogger ate my comment --

Maybe you could pump and bottle-feed him once or twice a day so that you know how much he's getting or if he's more satisfied?

3 hours is a long time to let him nurse - you're going to hurt yourself!

Here ends my unsolicited (but well-meaning) advice!

Turtle said...

so much for his bike ride of entertainment! smile. Oh, that is how my daughter fed, around the clock too!

Casey said...

Happy Canada Day! (yesterday now) and I am so looking forward to that middle of the night thing :( haha. not

Tara said...

Growth spurt, growth spurt!!! That's usually what it means when they want to feed ALL THE TIME!

Nell said...

What cuties!

I used to love taking a bike ride in the trailer my parents had. Of course, theirs was from the 70's with no seat belts or top cover. A little scary!

Drea said...

Awe Mac is going to love riding w/ sean one day in the bike thing. we have one similar. our boys ride all the time together. although its a workout!!! we normally split them up. I ride taite. Travis rides Caleb. We have two carriers.

YOu look great btw!

Firefly said...

I didn't realise that those bike carrier-trailers were so fancy, that looks like a super comfy seat, I wonder if I can get one for Jase to pull me around in? SOunds good to me, go for a ride, see the sites, have a nap, read a book and all with the wind in my hair and a bug shield in place!

Firefly said...

SO sounds like you got the kiddo clipped, was it as eaasy as it sounded? I downloaded Baby Mama, it wasn't a very good copy but it dod the job, I didn't realise it was such a recent movie, and the popcorn was just buttered(I made it in my popper that goes on the stove)!

twinsetellen said...

Nice job with the helmet for Sean - I see lots of parents who don't make their little ones wear helmets when pulling them behind. I wonder why they think a little mesh would protect their child in a crash?

Remember the rule to nap whenever the kids do!

ahufford said...

Looks like Sean had some fun - little that it was. Mack's just as cute as ever!

Craftlover said...

Wow, what an adorable baby here!
I love babies. :)
And you look great (even though your labour wasn't easy, but you look very great now)!!

g-girl said...

mack is so adorable. i love his lil fingers! wow...3 hours of feeding??? you poor dear.