Thursday, July 10, 2008

july ten

This morning I got a lot of cleaning done while Sean followed our cleaning lady around the house. She apparently didn't mind him following her, and I kept telling her that if he is being annoying at all, to let me know. Mack slept for about 3 hours in the basinette in my bedroom and I got some organizing done. (Some stuff on my to do list).

This afternoon I ran some errands with my mom, and got some things taken care of.

Late afternoon when Jamie got home from work we picked our first zucchini from the garden. A week ago this zucchini didn't even exist. It's amazing how fast and big these grow! I'm amazed.

Sean thinks it's pretty cool that he'll get to taste some fresh vegetables from his mommy's garden! Too bad when we turned on the BBQ for dinner (grilled zucchini, Mmm!) we were out of propane. Argh!

We have (above) stringless beans!
Two days ago these didn't exist!

My beefsteak tomato is massive! (And others growing in the background!)

There are a ton of cherry tomatoes now!

And Lincoln Peas! These are just the coolest things ever! (And 2 days ago there wasn't a single pea on there!) I almost want to set up a video camera and watch them grow that fast! I just don't get it!!?

One of the plants in the backyard has some new flowers. It's really pretty. I love the pink!

Sean wants to remind you all to take the time to stop and smell the flowers. (Doesn't have to be roses!) I just love this picture of him smelling the flower! He's got daddy's tape measure in his hand, and he has been a big "help" with chores in the backyard. Though, he's gotten his hands into my garden a few times, and I wasn't impressed.

This evening my friend's husband came over to explain to us how RESP's work. We've started an account for Sean & for Mack too. We'll save money monthly until they are a high school graduate. The government contributes a certain percentage of what you contribute, and it's a great plan for children who will go on to get a higher education after high school. I definitely hope that both my sons will go to school after high school.

I was going to start the bedtime routine tonight with Sean, however, the RESP thing took longer than I'd expected and our rep only left just after 10 pm. So much for that! I guess there is always tomorrow. However, tomorrow, Jamie has ball, and I'm alone. I think I need moral support from Jamie when we start the "putting him into bed at 9:30pm and letting him cry/scream" thing. We picked 9:30pm as a time to start with, and we eventually will move it to 9pm, and then eventually after that 8:30pm (which I still think is late for a 1 1/2- 2 year old. But for a kid who has been going to bed when he feels like it all his short life so far, it's a start. I have to start somewhere.

... and with the first child, I learned from my mistakes.

However, I always thought it was great that Jamie actually got to spend time with Sean after getting home from a long day of work, since he didn't get to see him all day, and Sean was still up and didn't have to go to bed the second we finished eating dinner as a family.

I did get a chance to make Halishkes tonight, and that's what I'll be having for lunch tomorrow! Mmmm! It's the recipe from the Second Helpings Please cook book.

I have an early visitor coming tomorrow (a friend of mine wanted to come over tomorrow morning at 9 am and I stupidly agreed!) I do want to see my friend, but I am SO not a morning person! LOL Hopefully I'll be able to get up! Not sure yet what else is on tap for tomorrow, we'll see!!

Oh, my breastfeeding post. Tomorrow? xoxo


g-girl said...

OH. my. WORD!!!!!!!!!!!! That thing is freakin' huge!!! You sure do have some green fingers! I don't think I've ever seen a zucchini that big before! Wow, everything is sprouting up so quickly! I'm so excited for you! 9:30 isn't bad. I can say this because my niece is usually up at this hour (unless she's at my mom's house..she may be sleeping already but it really depends)..sometimes she's up later than that and it's for the same reason you have--so that she could spend time with daddy! I think once he gets older though you might be able to get him to go down earlier. I've got 5 year olds with bedtimes @ 8! I think I need to move to Canada. lol. We don't have RESP's here in the least as far as I know!

Anonymous said...

Wow - Bravo on the garden - it's all beeyoutiful :)
What will you be doing for a bedtime routine? They say it takes a few days for the pre-bedtime activities to start signaling 'it's bedtime' but if you're consistent with them, that should help out sooner rather than later.
Best of luck (and oh yes, like I should be giving sleep advice...sigh)
cheers - Kate

Tara said...

Wow, that zuchini is OBSCENE! LOL!!! I just can't get over it. My plant hasn't got any veggies on it yet, just flowers.

And if I can make the eensiest suggestion re Mack's sleeping? Move him to his own crib. I know you're breastfeeding and it's convenient to have him in your room, but when you DO want to move him to the crib, he's going to freak out, because he's been used to the basinette all this time. When establishing a bedtime routine, try to thing long-term ("Is this the way I want it to work when Mack is 8-10-12 months old?").

Drea said...

Owh love the garden! sean is getting so grown looking. beautiful flowers 2. and u look cute!

Bertha said...

Haha! I love those pictures of Sean with the zucchini! I can't wait to buy a house so we can have a vegetable garden!

Anonymous said...

Those are some huge zucchini! I love how Sean is playing with it. You remind me that I should be bugging my grandma to make some chocolate zucchini bread for me.

Amelah said...

Love the pics with the zuccini!!! LOL it looks bigger the his head lol

Carrie said...

You're garden is doing great! And how wonderful that Mack gave you a three-hour nap. I love those, and with my older child, they're so rare, now. By the by, I slept in the same bed with my kids for the first year on all of them, and they transitioned just fine to their own rooms. Each family is different, and so will what works for everyone. Great pics!

ArtsyAndi said...

I've grown zuchinni but have never been a fan of them cooked any other way than baked into breads. I've never grilled them though... might have to try that!

Bea said...

That thing is HUGE!! Wow. I bet it will be really yummy on the grill. Hope you had fun with your friend today!!!

5elementknitr said...

I love your garden! I have a black thumb and have been known to kill cactus. Fortunately, we have a great farmer's market near here. Last year I bought some lovely zucchini and made a bunch of cinnamon/zucchini bread. mmmmm!

Hattie said...

My kids go to bed at 10, and have for a loooong time. It's just how our schedule is. They go to bed later, and sleep later. Well till 8 or 9, but it works for us! I think as long as it works with your schedule and isn't absurd it's fine. ;)

Dawn said...

I love that zucchini. I wish my garden grew as fast as yours. My almost 2 YO goes to bed at 9 and my 4 YO goes to bed at 10. Although the 4 YO hasn't gone to sleep til almost midnight for a few days. They sleep till almost ten in the morning which really works for me b/c I am not a morning person either.

Turtle said...

i just picked up a jar of zucchini relish at the farmers market, delicious! Am hoping to can some myself, zucchini's are only about an inch long right now though.

Jenny said...

Good plan with the RESP. We have 529 plans for Chloe and they do basically the same thing. It is never too early to save for college!

Hang in there once you start the bedtime routine. It will not be easy but it usually only takes about a week before you start to feel the relief.