Friday, July 25, 2008

july twenty-five :: 82 weeks :: 5000th Comment

I forgot to post this picture last night. It's how I wore my new pendant needle gauges. I made them into earrings. I think I need to make a necklace for myself too. They're just too awesome! They are so lightweight, they rock!

Sean is now 82 weeks old.

And he still makes me laugh and smile and made silly faces.

Today we tasted the first 2 cherry tomatoes from our garden. Totally ripe and ready to be eaten. Give it a week and we should have a TON of ripe cherry tomatoes to eat. I can't wait. I love to eat cherry tomatoes!

This afternoon while Mack napped Sean and I had fun while I folded the never ending laundry.

I just love these two up close pictures of him.

We had fun just hanging out together, and he was too cute in his hooded blanket. I love it!

Meanwhile, Mack was fast asleep:

Yes his pants are too short (I'm using them as shorts because where on earth can you find and buy shorts for a newborn that is under 8 lbs. It's too hot to have him in sleepers most of the time and too air conditioned for him to be in just a onesie. Anyone know where I can get 1 month size shorts for a boy? A skinny little boy... And yes, there are sheep on his booties!

We have a 5000th commenter! It's Bea! She left this comment:

Bea has left a new comment today on my post "july twenty-one":

You make me want to start a garden! Yum!! I can't imagine how much dirt I would have to bring in to have something to grow it in though. I still want one...

Congrats Bea! I will be putting together a prize for you, and get it out in the mail as soon as possible! Give me a few days though, I'm still trying to figure out life with two kids.

For the first time in a long time I actually got to sit on the couch this evening and get some knitting done. It's been a long time since I've been able to do that without interruption. I worked on none other than my My Misty Garden Scarf. It's coming along, and I can't wait for it to be finished and send it along to my pal.

Speaking of knitting, I was debating the Ravelrympics, but there is NO way I can commit to something like that right now. 17 days to cast on and finish a project? If I didn't have a newborn, then I'd say it's possible. Maybe next time.


Turtle said...

what a nice day you got to spend! And how precious that one on one time is now with the baby around! Congrats to Bea!!

Bea said...

You are right about the earring. I think if you aren't a knitter you might just think it was a whimsical design rather then a practical useable design.

I love the silly faces Sean makes in all his photos. What a goof.

mmm...tomatos. Yum! You only make me want the garden more. Its a little too late for it this year. Maybe if there is extra dirt from the front garden beds.

I'm so happy I won :) Yay! Do you need my address or do you still have it?

I thought about the Ravelympics too but frankly signing up for something is a surefire way to make me not do it.

Amelah said...

Wow they do look nice as earings :) i might have to get 2 more, but only if you make the earings for me :) obviously i am going to get two more of teal? or the ones in the white bag lol

OMG Sean is too adorable! Mack too! I have 2 of the greatest nephews ever!!!! Sean is going to be a heartbreaker that kid!!!!!

K. said...

OMG how freaking cute is my boyfriend. And I love the napping pic of Mack, makes him look tiny with big feet...too adorable!!!!

Nell said...

Your boys are just the cutest! I'm glad you are still getting a little special time with Sean. He probably loves it.

Tara said...

Wow, those really DO look nice as earrings! Congrats to Bea for being the 5000th commenter!

g-girl said...

mack's shirt is so cute! yes, i see a necklace in your future..if you could turn it into a ring, I'm sure you would! ;)