Saturday, July 26, 2008

july twenty-six

Jazz told me that he hadn't been photographed in a long time. He wanted to be blogged as well. It's hard to photograph him being all black - especially since he sleeps most of his days on a black couch.... so I caught him today in front of our white front door. He says hello!

Garden update:

Some more Lincoln Peas.
Next year I want to do snow peas.

My mini-bell pepper is growing! I have no idea how big/small the mini's get.

My San Marzano tomatoes are growing!

And more cherry tomatoes are ripening!

And today I actually picked some Lincoln Peas and a new zucchini!
(This is our 5th zucchini picked!)

This afternoon Jamie had to go to work so we all went with him (since we own the store). So we packed up the kids in Jamie's car and took a drive. While Sean was waiting for Jamie to pack up the car with stuff for the store, he climbed right into the car and started watching his DVD of Seseme Street. He just loves it. And we're sick of his fave DVD!

Mack also enjoyed the car ride, getting a good grip on his toy. I couldn't believe the grip! He wouldn't let it go! At almost 6 weeks old (this Tuesday) he's starting to discover things around him. I love it.

Jamie got some work done and kept Sean with him. I wore Mack and checked out a store next door to where Jamie's office is. I found some neat stuff...! Here are my finds:

Awesome turquoise earrings.

And really cool baseball buttons for a sweater for Mack & one for Sean. (Must finish some WIPs first though, then I'll get to making them a sweater!) Aren't these buttons just the cutest?

We had lunch near by and then headed to the mall across the street. I had a return to do, while Jamie sat in the car outside the store. Yep, return was all I was supposed to do. Not an exchange. You see, while on the way to the cash I found 2 sweaters and a new shirt. I didn't try them on, just grabbed my size as they have a return policy. Then while waiting in line at the Central Cash, they had jewelry on severe liquidation. Three pieces caught my eye:

This clear necklace.

These black & white earrings (they match the dress I'm wearing to my cousin's engagement party on the 10th of August)

And these purple-y-blue earrings.

Can you tell I love earrings? Yep. Love them. I have quite the earring collection as well. I have two cases full in my bedroom. Mostly costume earrings, but I love danglies! I love love love earrings (and purses and shoes and yarn too... and books too). If you were to ask me what I collect.... it would be that.

1. Yarn
2. Earrings
3. Purses
4. Shoes
5. Elephant things

And it's not even vintage purses/shoes/earrings or anything like that, it's items I use!

I like my finds from today.

We ran two more errands on the way home, one to Toys R Us and one to Zellers. At Toys R Us I needed some stuff for Mack and Sean got to pick out stuff too. I got him a tool set (no link) and a cash register. We also picked out a second booster seat, as the one we have is now permanent for every meal in our kitchen. So instead of taking it out each time. So we picked up this one which is cool because it comes with a toy center that snaps on after/before dinner to keep Sean entertained. The one we have in our kitchen is the same company, but this one.

At Zellers I needed wash cloths. I use 1-2 wash cloths every morning to wash up. I have my routine. Lately, they've been smelling rather off, as many times as you wash them with nice smelling laundry detergent. So, it was time to chuck them, and buy new ones. Now, I'm PICKY when it comes to the wash cloths, as I use them on my face. I finally found some that I liked, in a good quality at a good price. As soon as I got home, all the others that I've been using (for god knows how many years - they followed me out of my parents house), went straight into the trash. I can't figure out why they got sooooo odd smelling when wet. I use them, and then hang them in the bathroom to dry before tossing them in the hamper (I have a special hamper just for towels as I do those loads separately). Maybe because they were old? But I have bath towels older than them that don't smell? I just don't get it. And since I use the towels on my face to wash up, I didn't want to smell them like that any longer. I hope these new face cloths do the trick. I'll start by only opening up 1 pack just to make sure I like them before opening them all, as they are returnable.

This evening Jamie played hockey and I hung out with the boys. Mack decided that his eyes were bigger than his belly and ate too much and threw up all over himself, the vibrate chair and it was all in his hair too, so he got another bath. Ahh, the joys of motherhood...! So of course I was dreaming when I thought that maybe I could actually get some knitting on the couch done tonight. Maybe tomorrow...


Bea said...

I like your new jewelry. It sounds like you guys had a busy and fun day!

Nell said...

Very cool jewelry! Good thing Mack isn't sick, just full!

Tara said...

Sounds like mildew. I get the same thing, so I either wash my washcloths in hot water or use bleach.

g-girl said...

how funny is that..the day you posted this, I had wondered whatever happened to jazz! lol. cute earrings--particularly the turquoise ones and the black and white ones!

tagisa said...

Dangly earrings are the best!!!