Sunday, July 20, 2008

july twenty

This morning we left bright and early and headed out to Granby Zoo.

Sean was SUPER excited with all the animals that were there.
(Above with his Auntie Andrea, Jamie's sister).

A lot of the animals were sleeping today, which was funny because it wasn't hot at all. It actually was my "perfect" temperature for being outdoors. I hate the heat/humidity. They were calling for 90% rain all afternoon. It drizzled for like 2 seconds some point mid-afternoon but was clear (but cloudy) the entire day otherwise. (Above Sean is with his cousin Merlyn, Andrea's son). Last time I was at Granby Zoo, with Merlyn he was 2 and a half years old. (He's turning 6 this November). It was hot and muggy when we went, and the animals were actually out. Weird!

Above is a 150 year old turtle.
The secret to a long life? Eat grass.

One of my fave shots from today - the reflection of the giraffes.

Another fave shot from today, Jamie & Sean enjoying the scenery/animals.

I'm not really sure why Jamie's dad zoomed in so close for this shot, but I like it anyhow.

Mack slept in the stroller for the morning, but after lunch I wore him because he didn't really want to go back into the car seat. I don't blame him. He slept quietly in the sling for the rest of the day. He was very comfortable to wear! I am actually really enjoying the SlingRider sling.

Sean was sooo exhausted from the zoo he slept the entire hour and a half car ride home. (I'm very happy about that!) Jamie had a ball game tonight, so he pretty much ran to his game upon getting in from the zoo, and I made dinner for everyone (my sister-in-law & nephew are staying with us until Tuesday as they live about 3 and a half hours away from us). It's nice to have them here - it's been a while.

So happy the weather held out today and we got to spend the day at the zoo! It was a lot of fun!

Happy Birthday Cynthia!

ps - I'm sure we'll hit the 5000th commenter this week on the blog. Stay tuned!


K. said...

The zoo...kick ass!

I can't wait to see you tomorrow and meet the new mini-man!!

Caroline said...

I love the Granby zoo! I grew up 20 min. from Granby so we went to the zoo every summer when I was little. I haven't been in years though.

The picture of Jamie and Sean is beautiful! You should frame it!

Anonymous said...

We love the zoo - can't wait to go this year - I agree, the best days to be there are the ones that threaten to rain. Last year we went on a thunderstorm day, but the thunderstorm never really materialized, however the waterpark was pretty empty due to the threat - sweet.
Great photos all around - sounds like a fun day :)
Kate-the-enabler (somedays my blogger sign-in works, somedays it doesn't...)

Amelah said...

Looking good! Nice picture of you & Mack in the sling.
Sean looks like he had an awesome time! Wish I was there to see his reactions! When you go again when Mack is old enough you better invite me!!!
Wow, wonder how many years is normal for a tutrle???

Turtle said...

looks like a great zoo day! not too hot not to cold....the turtles!

Firefly said...

So do you like this sling better than the azure wrap? I am overwhelmed by he amopunt of carriers there are to choose from so I am starting to survey people(plus I'm not even pregnant yet).

Kelly said...

I love the picture of Jamie and Sean. It is so natural looking. They look so happy!

Anonymous said...

Sean looks like he was having an amazing day - I especially love the picture of Jamie and Sean, they look great together and what a fantastic memory :-)

Tara said...

The zoo's great, and I agree it's even better when it's not TOO hot. Looks like a good time was had by all.

Big Girl Feet said...

that looks like a very cool zoo- what a fun day!! & thank you for the happy birthday!! :))

Bea said...

The zoo looks like a ton of fun!

Heddy said...

Oh, the tales that turtle could tell! LOL!

Looks like a fun place to go!

Kitten With a Whiplash said...

That gorilla is kewl! Want one for my living room. Well, maybe not.

Anonymous said...

Glad that Sean had a great day at the zoo and with his cousin. I really like that picture of you and Jamie.

A. said...

The turtle reminded me of a pet owned by a high school classmate. Every winter, it would burrow into the earth and hibernate, in spite of the fact that it was in Southern California.

One spring, the turtle didn't emerge.

A few years later, my friend's mom was tilling the ground. She found an empty tortoise shell.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great day at the zoo. I am glad that you are adjusting to two kids -- even going on an all day outing. Way to go.


Hattie said...

I haven't been to a zoo in years! I want to take my kids sometime soon. It looks like fun!

Jenny said...

Looks like a fun day! I had the slingrider and I liked it a lot when Chloe was an infant. Once she got above 12 lbs though, it was a bit uncomfortable and I switched to my bjorn and my ergo.

adrienne said...

haven't been to the zoo in ages. looks like all had a terrific time! the boys are so cute.

g-girl said...

how fun that you all went to the zoo! I'm sure Sean loved it. :)