Thursday, July 03, 2008

july three

I received some lovely mail today! A beautiful skein of Scouts Swag Sock Club (2nd Installment of 2008) in Stocker Pond. Yep, I love it. Finally a colorway I like (I wasn't 100% fond of the first installment, but I'm still not able to find online how it knits up? Has anyone knit it up yet? Ravelry has nothing).

Sean loves giving kisses to his brother. He tries to pick him up - but there is no way I'm letting him. I have to explain to him that Mack is not a toy, but his little baby brother. I'm hoping one of these days he'll get it.

Kisses galore. It's really cute how Sean tries to kiss as way he puckers up! I love it! I love my boys.

This afternoon my mother took me on some errands. First I needed the post office, as yesterday when I tried to get to the post office, there was a line up like I'd never seen before, and then we headed to Mack's doctor's appointment. We were seen right away, and first he was weighed. He has gained about 30 grams a day in the last three days, and is now at 2840 g which is just 5 g below his birth weight. So in 5 more grams, he's back at his birth weight. 2840 grams is 6 lbs 2.6 oz. (So almost 3 ounces). I am sooo happy that he's gaining weight.

With further discussion with Dr. F, I decided that I am going to do the clipping of the tongue-tie. It'll help him eat better, latch on better, and possibly (though there isn't enough research yet) prevent a speech impediment later on in life. She decided to see if she had the proper tools to do it at her office at the medical center, instead of having me come down tomorrow to the hospital where she works. Luckily, she had the tools there, and was able to do it right there on the spot.

It did bleed a little bit, but nothing severe. The bleeding did stop by the time he was done eating though. They have you put the baby on the br.east once they are done the procedure. It was nothing, and I think Mack was more distraught by the bright light in his face & the hospital gown that was tying him down, and also the fact that he really wanted to eat.

I'm glad I did it, since it won't harm him in any way by having it done. I've been getting a lot of emails in support (I do plan on emailing everyone back when I get a few moments to do so), and I see that I am not alone with having a child that has had a tongue-tie. Makes me feel better about the situation & doing the procedure.

This evening I watched the movie Sex & The City with my mom & sister. I really enjoyed it, though it was a long movie. 2 hours and 16 minutes. It did feel a bit long. The story was totally not what I was expecting, but I liked it regardless in the end. For the 2nd half of the movie though, I really hated Big.

Summer of Yarn Love
Contest: I have to blog about my favorite Summer time memory:

That is a good question. I think my fave summer time memory is a time back when I was about 8 or 9 years old and it was a time where I had no worries in the world, and we used to go out in the neighborhood and collect caterpillars. I'd collect some and put them in glass jars with holes in the lid, so they could breathe, because I wanted to see them turn into butterflies. I can't recall any of them turning into butterflies, but I do remember the act of collecting & saving them!


Bea said...

Yay for gaining weight!! Not a thing I ever thought I would say!

Nell said...

The Scout's Swag is very pretty! I love the blues and greens.

The picture of Sean kissing Mack is adorable. What a good big brother!

Jenny said...

Glad to hear that your little man is gaining weight and nursing well! Those pictures of Sean kissing Mack are so sweet!

O. said...

Hi! I didn't have a chance yet to congratulate you on your brand new addition! He's beautiful and Sean looks so grown up beside him. :) Best wishes!

Tara said...

I'm glad everything went well, and that Mack is gaining weight! I'm sure Sean will make an excellent big brother! :)

Dawn said...

My sister used to catch bucketfuls of caterpillars. The fluffy ones. Are those called caterpillars or something else. She loved those little things. Me not so much a fan of the bugs.

g-girl said...

that's good you got the procedure done. one less thing for you to worry about! awww, how cute is sean giving his baby brother kisses. :) really, you hated Big during the 2nd half of the SATC movie?? I haven't seen it yet..