Wednesday, July 02, 2008

july two

Just as I was waking up and feeding Mack this morning, Angela arrived. She came over to spend the day with me. We had lunch and then finally got out of the house (getting out of the house is a whole other story!) and ran a few errands. I got my property taxes paid 25 minutes before they closed for the day (yep, life with a newborn!) and I tried to go to the post office, but there was a line up like I've never seen before (and I have no idea why, because income taxes have been over since April 30th).... so we left and I did some banking and we got blue slush puppies. Slush puppies are great on a very hot summer day!

When we got home, we checked out my garden:

Not really sure if this is a weed or if my Red Globe Onions are supposed to be like this? Anyone have experience with vegetable gardening onions?

My strinlgess bean plants are massive! I'm not even sure where on this plant the beans will come, but I'm very excited to see how they will! I totally thought that by now, there would be something growing on this plant, but now, I don't know how long it takes?

And my Paris Island lettuce is HUGE! We've been using this lettuce as well as the Black Seeded Simpson to have fresh Caesar Salad each day until today (we're out of Caesar dressing & croƻtons, I need to buy more). I love being able to pick fresh vegetables that I planted from seeds from my own garden. It's great.

And my tomatoes are growing larger! I love it! I can't wait to see how large they grow.

And my cherry tomatoes are growing too!

And take two of my cucumber plants are doing great. YEY!
We're going to have cucumbers!
This is just one of the two plants!

I found these flowers in my front yard. As I said, new stuff is blossoming in my yard. Anyone know what these flowers are called? I love how white & pretty they are.

Remember this plant (above)? It's blossoming!! I cannot wait to see what they look like!

And there are flowers like this that are about to blossom as well. Curious to see what they look like fully bloomed. I like that they are pink. I heart pink. Pink rocks.

Mack likes sheep. Just like his mommy! Ok, so his mommy bought him clothing with sheep. Mack doesn't know yet that he likes sheep. This outfit, 1 month size is WAY too big for Mack. The pants keep coming off. It's kinda funny. He's still pretty much in preemie sized clothing. However, some of that preemie sized stuff is big too. And socks don't stay on his feet, no matter how tiny they are. When we go to the doctor tomorrow to get Mack weighed again. I tell him every night that I hope he's gained some weight, that it's very important. However last night, he ate and ate and ate, and then didn't keep it down. So he had to eat some more because he had an empty stomach. Poor little fellow.

Mr. Mack's tiny feet. So precious. I love them.

My thinker. I wonder what he's thinking about? I love this pic a lot - I had to share it.

I got some lovely mail today!! From my Summer of Yarn Love Pal! Thank you! I love it! I got some Koigu KPPM, a row counter, some new brand of gum that I've never seen before (I'm a huge gum chewer!), some gorgeous silver earrings, some really cute stitch markers, a Thomas & Friends book for Sean, and a really pretty card. Thank you pal! I love everything!

The beautiful flower arrangement that I received from "Cherry". Some of it was dying, so I put it into my own little mug and made a smaller arrangement. I think it looks cute!

Tonight I watched What Stays in Vegas with Angela. I thought it was really cute. A fun comedy. Was in the mood for one, and it did the trick! There had been such bad movies out lately, I'm glad that there are finally some movies that are coming out that are great/good.

Secret Pal Question of the Week #4:

1) What yarn (that you don’t have/haven’t used) would make your stash “complete”?

Yarn to make my stash complete: I would like to get some Sundara Sock Yarn, Paca-Ped Sock Yarn and some Wollmeise Sock Yarn to make my stash complete!

2) What yarn do you never want to be without?

Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock, as well as Colinette Jitterbug! I think those two are my fave sock yarn right now.


Anonymous said...

I'll agree with you about the movie - it was a lot better than I thought when I went to see it. Cute pictures of Mack (especially of his feet, so cute).

Casey said...

I love seeing pictures of Mack! it makes me feel less stressed about another newborn and more excited! he's so darn cute

Christine said...

Hi Robyn!

I'm no expert, but here are my very unprofessional opinions:

The onion plant isn't a weed, but then I've never seen every weed in the world, nor have I grown Onions!

The white flowers look like Alliums.

Balkan Style Bloggers said...

Your garden is growing so much! The big white globe flower is a hydrangea, and the flower that looks pink is an echinicea (can't spell it), and it actually is a purple-y pink and very, very pretty. Enjoy all of it! :)


caroncm said...

The white flower is a snowball hydrangea. They are lovely dried.

Firefly said...

Wow your garden is awesome! I am so jealous, I thought we would be in a house by now for sure and I would have a garden , lets just hope we find something by fall so at least I can put in some bulbs. I am pretty sure that nice big white flower is a hydrangea, which may turn blue, purple, or pink, or it may saty white, can't wait to find out!

Heddy said...

nice looking garden ... the large white flower (with all the little flowers making up the pouf) is a hydrangea (they dry well ... it may turn pink -- if so it is a PeeGee Hydrangea), the tall plant with the long unopened flowers is a lily, the pink daisy type flower is an echinacia (aka - Purple cone flower), the onion is likely a weed (usually onion tops resemble "green onions" you buy in the grocey store or like rellyu large fresh chives ... look at the base of the plant - does there appear to be an onion slighlt below the ground, mostly covered? if so -- it is an onion. Did you plant a row of onions? are there more of the same type of plant in the row?

Your beans are looking great ... start looking under the leaves and soon you'll start to see little tiny string beans. Let them grow until they fill out some, and they will be great!

I'm glad your first garden is growing well.

Secretly Spun said...

I'm more of a Slurpee fan myself, but I really miss them.

I love all the flower pictures and it makes me wish I lived somewhere with a garden. The hydrangea is gorgeous and the colour will depend on the pH of the soil. Here they are usually blue or pink.

Give Sean and Mack a cuddle for me.

Tara said...


Biscotte said...

Oh !! I just LOOOVE baby feets hee hee !! Thank you for the pictures..! I like to read your blog just to watch the beautiful pictures you are posting ;-)

g-girl said...

did any beans start popping out yet from your stringless bean plant?? that is so awesome that you're able to use lettuce out of your very own garden!! I'm so jealous! oooh, i think that white flower is a hydrangea. they're one of my favorites. sigh..wollmeise! I need that for my stash too. ;)