Monday, July 28, 2008

july twenty-eight :: 19 months

Sean is 19 months old today.

At 19 months old your child...

... will probably be able to:
-"feed" a doll (I haven't seen him do so, because he only has 1 boy doll and I'm not even sure where it is at the moment)
- use 6 words (hot, hockey, apple, "aw, aw, baby", down, doggie - check!)
- walk up steps (he walks up and down now instead of crawling up them - check!)

... may possibly be able to:
- build a tower of 4 cubes (he can build more than that with his mega blocks - check!)
- identify 2 pictures by pointing (My parents have a collage frame in their house that I made for them one year that has all our photos in it, individually. When you ask Sean to point out who is who, he does. Even the dog is in that frame! - Check!)

... may even be able to:
- name 6 body parts (if you ask Sean to point to his eyes, ears, nose, mouth, head and belly button (that's 6!) he can. He can even show you were your nose is. Though, his fingers may end up, UP your nose! He can also show you were his grandpa's mustache is (Jamie's dad) when he's holding him. - Check!)
- wash and dry hands (he can wash his hands and wipe his face with a napkin, but drying hands on his own, we haven't tried yet, but I don't see why he can't do it? - check!)

I think we're doing good with Sean!

This morning I actually managed to do an errand in the morning with BOTH kids, alone! Very happy about this! It also made it a lot easier that I had the double stroller. I think my life just got four hundred times easier. I am going to attempt more errands tomorrow!

This afternoon my sister came over to babysit Sean while I attended Mack's first playgroup. I'm so super happy that I've found a group of mommies whom have had babies at the same time as me. I kept hearing of great things from other mommies that I knew who had babies after I had Sean (but weren't in Sean's "age group") and were super jealous that they all had playgroups on a weekly basis. I never got to experience that with Sean. And now I get to experience it with Mack and I love it. So Mondays at 1pm (the only time everyone was basically free) we're getting together for a playgroup. We're supposed to be a bunch of us (around 10 mommies) but we were only 4 of us today with our little ones (And one a little bit bigger).

From Left to Right: Dylan (3 weeks old today), Mack (6 weeks old tomorrow), Kennedy (6 months old) and Jake (2 months old)

Dylan, Mack, Kennedy & Jake.

Of course Mack had just thrown up all over himself & me. I apparently only had 1 sleeper in his diaper bag, which was Preemie size. Whoops. He can't stretch his legs out in them anymore, I thought I had a NB or 0-3 month outfit with me. Nope. So, he's wearing Jake's sleeper that he no longer fits into anymore in these pictures. Thank you Jake for loaning us your clothes.

Kennedy decided that she wanted Mack to taste her fingers. He thought she was moving too fast for his liking. Maybe next week he'll be ready for that step in their relationship, as they just met today for the first time.

Left to Right: Melissa & Dylan, Robyn & Mack, Kelly & Jake, Daryn & Kennedy.

Once again, I'm so super happy that I have these lovely mommies and gorgeous babies to have playgroup with. Next week we will be more mommies & babies, and since I don't have a sitter for Sean next week, playgroup will be at my house. (Must clean the house, must clean house)....

Some garden updates:

There are some beautiful looking stems of cherry tomatoes!

Some cherry tomatoes that are even turning red!

Here's a close-up of the ones that are turning red!

The cucumber that we picked tonight (before it was picked).

And some new mini-bell peppers starting to grow! I wonder how "small" the mini-bells are?

Sean is still getting super jealous while I feed Mack his "baby juice". We had to start calling it baby juice so sean wouldnt think I was giving Mack "his" milk. So Sean gets his milk and Mack gets his baby juice.

The freakiest thing happens when Mack spits up. The spit up shoots out through his nose. Apparently it's normal and he'll out grow it? Has this ever happened to your child? Sean never had it come through the nose. I know that the ears, nose & throat are all connected, but I never would have thought that it would constantly come through the nose! It's actually kind of gross.

I've re-stocked the shop with the lovely Stitch Savers. The girl who makes them, sent me a personalized one for myself. I love it!

My almost 6 year old nephew is saving up his money (mainly from the tooth fairy right now) to go one day to Madagascar. He was excited to see the lemurs at the zoo & again at the biodome. I'm thinking about getting over my fear of knitting toys, and making him Hococo The Lemur. Isn't it just cute? I'm also definitely going to make him a skull hat... he's obsessed with skulls lately.

This evening was rainy (thunder storm actually), and so we chilled on the couch and caught up on some episodes of both Gene Simmons: Family Jewels as well as Monk.


Bea said...

The play date sounds like a lot of fun and the veggies look wonderful as always. I know you are probably impatient for some of it to get ripe! I would be.

I totally think you can knit the Lemur. He's cute and if you don't want to weave in his ends you can always stuff them inside and use them as part of the stuffing. Just make sure to knot them securely first!

Caroline said...

I love the lemur! Maybe we could do a toy knit-along, I have some that I want to make...

Ann-Marie said...

your garden looks awesome--i'm hoping my tomatoes aren't ripening while i'm gone or i will miss some.

it's nice to have other mommies with babies at the same time. the year aidan was born there were 7 at our church--a first!


Jennifer Lori said...

That lemur pattern is so cute! And check out those veggies! You're a regular Martha Stewart! (You should be teaching Sean "Sean-and-Mack's Mommy had a farm,EIEIO, and on that farm they had some lettuce...etc...).

Hmmm. Veggies don't make sounds though. That could be a boring song. :]

If you're giving Mack "baby juice", does that mean you're giving him formula? Did I miss a post where you said you stopped bfeeding/pumping?

Amelah said...

Very cut epictures. I had a blast spending time with Sean, NOT baby sitting! Sorry about next monday, but its back to the doctor I go! If I get back in time I can swing by since we all know playgroup is almost 3 hours ;) Love yous!!!
I have decided, in return for Mondays with Sean, since you are now ditching me, I want FRESH cherry tomatoe's from your garden!

Hattie said...

That lemur is SO cute, my son would love it. Now if only I liked knitting toys as well...

Tara said...

Um, sweetie. Those cherry tomatoes aren't just "getting" red, they ARE red darling!

g-girl said...

i love the pic of the sweetie tomatoes! I just noticed that they go from big to small on the branch. that's so cool!!