Monday, July 07, 2008

july seven :: was my due date...

Today was my due date with baby Mack. So happy he's here already and almost 3 weeks old (tomorrow!) I am really happy that I didn't have to go 40 weeks, I couldn't imagine being pregnant any longer than I was! (Especially not in this heat!)

Sean was a really good boy today. I am really impressed. He has his moments, of course, but I really had a good day with him (especially this evening, while alone with both boys for about 4 hours myself! More about that later). (Those are not cuts on his face, but indeed specs of sauce from the Ravioli that he had for dinner!)

Before I talk about my day, I want to give you a garden update:

There are now 3 zucchini's in my garden. On this side of the plant there are 2, and on the other, there is a new one growing. I cannot believe how BIG they grow and how FAST they grow that big! Seriously! It's amazing. It's like 3 days ago, there were no zucchinis! The big zucchini above is just about ready to eat.... though, I may leave it a little longer to get a little bigger, and then cut it up and slap it on the BBQ! Mmmmmm! Grilled zucchini! I can smell it now!

Some of my tomatoes! They're growing big!! My cherry tomato plant gets new tomatoes on a daily basis, very excited to pick some off and eat them when they are ready. I believe the tomato above is my beefsteak tomato plant. I'll check tomorrow when I go back out to take a look. I keep forgetting to check the tag on the plant. Though, I'm pretty certain it's my beefsteak!

This morning the company that cleans Air Ducts in your house came to clean out our ducts. Since they were here, I feel it's cooler in the house. Ahhh! My A/C is working properly now. Also, the guy said that it's very possible that it's been about 30 years since the air ducts were last cleaned. (We've only been in this house for about 7 and a half months now (mid-November 2007), so I have no idea what went on before that, and the lady that was living here before us was here about 28 years or so, something like that. Apparently, she never got the ducts cleaned. My mom picked up Sean and took him on her errands while the guys cleaned in my house (took about 2 hours) so that Sean wouldn't chase the guys up and down the stairs and try to use their tools. It was much better (and easier) that he wasn't here!

This afternoon I had my sister Amy, Angela, Caroline & Madeleine over. To knit. I did get a few rows done on my misty garden scarf. It's coming along. I've done about 1/3 of the scarf. I'm going to get cracking on it... I plan on definitely having it done before winter. I've got another project to start working on as well, I will get to that shortly.

Madeleine brought me a present. It was really nice of her. I just love it. It's a beer sweater & hat. Perfect! I love the green color too! Fits my beer perfectly! (Actually this beer was a gift from Madeleine as well!) Thank you!

We hung out all afternoon, knit, talked, watched some TV (some Sean TV and some Adult TV too), and it was nice to have friends over. Late afternoon Angela took Sean for a walk in his stroller and within 7 minutes he was out cold and slept in his stroller for an hour. He NEEDED his nap. However, in the house, there is NO WAY he'd nap. NO WAY! Too many people and he'd be afraid of missing out on something.

This evening Jamie had baseball and everyone left, and it was nice to just have the house to myself with my two boys. Mack slept most of the evening, and Sean and I hung out and cleaned up his room and a bit in Mack's room. (Mack's crib has been a dumping ground for baby stuff in the past few months, so I finally started to organize it). I am sure it'll be a while yet before Mack goes into his crib and sleep there. (Probably when he starts sleeping through the night, he'll go into his room). Right now, he's been sleeping in the basinette in my bedroom as I'm breastfeeding. Sean started sleeping through the night at 2 months and 1 week old. If Mack follows in his footsteps, then that's in just 6 weeks from now. I can dream, right?

This evening Sean was REALLY good. He had his bottle of milk, and cuddled with me on the couch and was a really good boy. He even helped me change Mack's diaper. He was really good while I fed Mack on the couch, (I was worried about him taking off and getting into trouble somewhere in the house while I was stuck on the couch feeding Mack). I got lucky, and he was really good. Thank goodness.

I have a LOT of emails in my inbox. I am slowly getting back to each of them. I'm planning on emailing everyone back. It just may take me some time. If you're expecting an email from me, please be patient.

Tomorrow we have music in the park (a few streets away from my house) early in the morning. I'm planning on taking both boys. (It's more for Sean than Mack!) I'm hoping that I can make it out of the door on time, and get there on time. I think I can do it! Mack also has his tongue check up tomorrow afternoon, I am hoping he's gaining more weight than the previous week, after his tongue-tie clipping last week.

I've been thinking a lot of my opinion on breastfeeding. I am having mixed feelings about it. I will compose my thoughts together, and write a proper post about it (maybe tomorrow). I didn't get to breastfeed Sean, so this is a new experience for me. (Sean wouldn't latch, after 2 weeks of struggling, but I did pump as much as I could until he was 6 weeks old, when I wasn't producing much milk anymore). Mack is latching and eating a lot, I'm just not sure 100% that it is for me, but I want him to get the breastmilk. So I'm torn. Really torn. I will compose my thoughts on why I'm feeling this way and I will blog about it tomorrow. Breastfeeding in public - is another reason I'm having mixed feelings about this. I have no issues with the act of doing it in public, though even with a cover wrap - I'm not 100% certain it's for me. Anyhow, I'm beat, so I'm going to go feed Mack, and hit the sack. I'll be back. Same time. Tomorrow.


g-girl said...

the beer sweater and hat are too cute!! i'm glad to hear that sean had a good day today. :) cute that he helped change mack's diaper!

Jenn said...

I'm glad to know that I'm not the only using the crib for a dumping ground for baby stuff, LOL. We'll get it all straightened out sooner or later. I actually got a little laundry done today. Still not much knitting these days though.
I also had mixed feelings about breastfeeding.

Bea said...

Oh my! Look at your yummy fresh veggies!

I hope Mack's weigh in goes well!

Amelah said...

LOL Madeleine cracks me up! Beer sweaters, knitted penises, whats next???

I had fun, too bad I had to cut it short! :(

Sean is too hilarious, he was a good boy though while I was over. A little uncertain when mom was leaving lol when he was screaming! Boys will be boys!!!

Karley said...

your boys are so cute! and your knitting get-together sounds like a lot of fun. i'm interested in reading about your breast-feeding thoughts later!

Tara said...

I breastfed both my kids for 6 months, and was happy to do it, but I was also quite happy when it was done! There are advantages and disadvantages to either feeding regimen. Breastfeeding is a very personal issue, one that YOU must feel comfortable with!

Jennifer Lori said...

It's too bad I work, I could have come to join you!

I had mixed feelings about breastfeeding until Jakob was 3 mo. I enjoyed it, but it was hard and tough because he didn't want to wake up, and he drank so fast when he did that it hurt sometimes. But around 3 mo everything regulated, and it was great until I had to stop!

Whatever you decide will be what is best for you and Mack, so no one can fault you for that. You do what you need to do.

Caroline said...

Thanks again for having us! It was great meeting Mack for the first time and seeing Mr. Energizer Bunny again! ;)

Kimber said...

Hey Robyn, I hear you about your feelings about breastfeeding and I also can't wait to read about your feelings around the subject.

As it turns out I am not producing enough milk (and probably NEVER will because of my health issues and make up) and I was not successful with my eldest... finding out Liv lost almost a pound caused all these feelings of sadness and anxiety (as well as being a big old failure)to come back. Right now I nurse when she wants it (about two times a day and at least she is getting some breast milk) and the rest is formula and she is back up a bit in weight. I've decided that if I can't breastfeed then that's ok. I really didn't think the whole breastfeeding thing would be so emotional before I had kids but it is isn't it? I am sure that what ever you feel or decide that it will all be ok and don't beat yourself up over anything you might be feeling about the process and remember you are a good Mommy!

MamaMay said...

Ok, I love the beer sweater! It is just too funny!

Catherine said...

I've just been able to catch up with your blog and I have to say congratulations! Mack is beautiful! Your garden is fabulous! And I'm going to show my husband the beer sweater...he'll LOVE it! :o)

Hattie said...

I used the cribs like that too, it was just a good spot to put things!

I couldn't breastfeed either of my kids. I don't know why, and I struggled with it the first time around. When I had the same difficulties with Alexis, I just gave in. I knew it would be best in the end since I couldn't produce the milk for her. ;)

Turtle said...

Love the beer cozy! may have to make hubby one. Jealous at your garden, lol. I also had trouble with my milk for my daughter at about 6 weeks...just didn't produce enough, she ended up on soy formula, allergic to reg milk formula.

twins2005 said...

I wanted to breastfeed, but since my girls were born 9 weeks early, I had to pump. In the end, it worked out fine for me. I had tons of milk, I could have run my own dairy farm!
Try putting your son in a regular chair, giving them freedom & telling him he's a big boy but if he climbs it goes away. You'll be surprized!

Jenny M said...

What a great beer cozy! I've knit a ton of those, but they've never had that kind of pizazz!

Nell said...

Your garden is looking lovely!