Tuesday, July 29, 2008

july twenty-nine :: 6 weeks old

Mack says hi. Thanks for stopping by his mommy's blog.

Mack is 6 weeks old today.

Today was a quick paced day. Had lunch, ran some errands in the afternoon with my mother and the two boys, and then on the way home I noticed my friend Debra in the park with her son, with another friend and her daughter (who was born 2 days after Sean), so I packed up both kids in the double stroller (which now beautifully does fit into my trunk!) and headed over to the park. We played in the park for a bit, I wanted to socialize with my friend and the other mommy, and learned some valuable information for a daycare in my area (that I will call tomorrow and put Sean's name on the list for).

That brought us to dinner time. Sean went swimming at my parents house, and had hot dogs there. He was supposed to come home for dinner, but my neighbor who photographs for the Suburban wanted to know if he could use Sean as a model and if my dad could BBQ him some hot dogs to eat. He may end up in a future edition of the suburban and if he does, that's neat!

I had dinner on my own since Jamie had plans with two really good friends who hadn't seen him in a long time (usher/best man at our wedding) and I got A LOT cleaned up while Sean was still at my parents house. I had to clean Mackenzie's room. I want in the next two weeks to introduce him to his crib, but Jamie needs to raise the mattress. It was lowered for Sean and never made it back to newborn position. Mack's crib has been a dumping ground for baby clothes for the last while, so I needed to organize it, and get everything to where they belong. I'm very impressed with the progress.

This evening I hung out with Sean and Mack and actually got some knitting done. When Jamie got home we watched tonight's Big Brother and I knitted some more. YEY for knitting time! Now I'm off to bed, to get a good night's sleep, tomorrow we're going to visit Angela.


Amelah said...

Sean has the face of a model lol very adorable!

Cute picture of Mack waving! Also liek the one of you and Mack. It is very cute, he is awake, alert and looking right at the mirror!

YEAH for knitting :)

Anonymous said...

Hehe, I think that's a funny and cute picture of Mack's hand.

Bea said...

Hi Mack!!

amy said...

love your blogsite. wonder how you do so much, just checking the blogs i read everyday keeps me busy. you actually update, post photos, knit, run an online shop, and take care of 2 kids. you're truely amazing

Tara said...

Wow, has it really been six weeks already? Time sure does fly!