Wednesday, July 30, 2008

july thirty

Today was a good mail day!

First, I received these lovely embroidered bibs for Mackenzie. The were made by Sherrie's mom - thank you Mrs. N. They're awesome. Her mom makes them for a local baby shop in their area... Neato! Sherrie's been trying to convince her mom to open up an Etsy shop. I think she totally should. I'm putting these bibs away for when Mack's about 5-6 months old and we start him on solids!

I also received a delicious package from my Summer of Yarn Love Pal. I received a skein of Paca-Peds yarn from the Alpaca Yarn Company, in the Singin' the Blues #601 colorway. Love it! I also got some gum (best kind of candy to get me!), a really neat knitting sweater keychain (matches the earrings I make!) and a Where's Woolly book, by Usborne books. Thank you pal! I love it!

My pal is very sneaky! I have no idea who they are! The first package was postmarked from NH, USA and this one was postmarked from MA, USA. Very good pal! I'm definitely not figuring out who you are now! I'm darn curious too! I can't wait for August to get my final package and learn who they are!!

So, as it turns out, both my boys are stomach sleepers. For the longest time we tried procrastinating putting him on his stomach. Sean was a stomach sleeper from early on. It's funny that I feel I'm being more over protective with Mack. Aren't I supposed to be more laid back and easy going and at ease? Definitely feel more nervous with Mack. I think it's because I was too laid back with Sean and fell out of routine and out of schedule with him, that I want things to be different with Mack. Anyhow, I knew it would happen, and he sleeps better (and longer) on his stomach. He's got great control for a 6 week old baby of his neck, and I'm totally not worried. Plus, I only let him sleep like this if I am next to him in the same room. Would never leave him alone this young on his stomach. Eventually I will, when he's got full control of his neck. But if he's in the bassinet, and I'm right next to him, and he's more comfortable this way, then why not.

Sean was photographed last night as I mentioned by my next door neighbor. He is an amateur photographer and sends in photos to the Montreal Gazette for their photo contest. Apparently the photos he took of his daughter didn't come out, so he asked my mom if it was okay to photograph Sean for the contest. (Honestly, I wish I'd gotten a phone call about this. I would have said yes, but still, a phone call would have been nice asking my permission). Anyhow, from the 4-5 photos that I was emailed of Sean, this above photo is my fave. Apparently he made a HUGE MESS with the ketchup after this shot was taken. I wonder if it'll make the contest! I don't know how many people apply to win.

I called the daycare around the corner from my house today and spoke to a lady who apparently knows me. I'm hoping this is a good thing. Anyhow, she took my name and Sean's info down, and the usual girl who is in charge of the waiting list, etc. is on vacation, so I'll call back next week to get more information and see how long the waiting list is... I'm hoping for my sake, Sean gets a spot there soon! I'd basically be using it as a babysitting service for when I need to do groceries/errands and can't take both kids, or if I have some work to do, I can drop him off and he can play with his friends there. I already know (as well does he) some of the kids that go there.

Spent the afternoon off the Island of Montreal visiting Angela. I did some great damage to my visa, buying the boys both clothes (and some shoes and a purse for myself). Ah, retail therapy. Sometimes, much needed. Had dinner with Angela & her fiance, and then headed back home to bathe Sean and put him to bed. (This putting him to bed awake thing is working. Though, the pouting and tears he gives when you put him in his crib for a nap or for bed at the end of the night just makes my heart melt. It's super cute and makes me sad). We had a nice day visiting with Angela.

What is your favorite supper for a hot summer evening?

Fave supper for a hot summer evening... Hmmm... I enjoy a good Angus burger on the BBQ with cheese of course. (Swiss or Provolone cheese).I also enjoy the hamburger buns slightly toasted.


Amelah said...

I know what you mena, Monday when I put him down in his crib for his nap, he cried only for a few minutes - it BROKE my heart!!!

Bertha said...

My favorite meal for a hot summer evening is tomato salad! Fresh tomatoes, (from the garden in your case, from the farm stand in mine), cut into chunks with some cucumbers, fresh basil, salt & pepper, and drizzled with olive oil! YUM. Best served with crusty bread to dip in all the juice afterwards! Also, some fresh corn on the cob goes wonderfully with the tomato salad. Mmm, I wish I had some right now!

Kitten With a Whiplash said...

Good luck on getting into the daycare. That will be a big help for a busy mom.

dawn said...

I hated to hear my oldest cry himself to sleep too. He is four now and I swear sometimes he just insists on whining/crying himself to sleep. I guess as long as he goes to sleep eventually it's ok.

Kimber said...

Liv, loves to sleep on her tummy too. She's been able to hold her head up from day one (my eldest was all about strong legs - what a difference eh?) and now she is using her arms to push herself up already! I think as long as they have some neck strength and they are happy you can put them on their tummies. I still watch her though during nap times just to be extra safe!

Tara said...

I wouldn't worry too much about stomach sleeping. After all, it's how WE slept as babies, right? And we turned out fine.

g-girl said...

those bibs are so cute! fingers crossed regarding the daycare!