Saturday, July 12, 2008

july twelve

I love lazy Saturdays. We had visitors today. Tara came by to meet Mack, and pick up her SP12 gift, that I had in my house for her. Her pal had ordered some Robyn's Nest goodies and sent me some stuff to add along with it, and I was supposed to deliver it to Tara on her birthday, but then Mack surprised us early! Tara came bearing a gift from her & Kate. Thank you ladies, I cannot wait to get my spa jet treatment with exfoliation! I'll have to wait until Mack's not nursing every 2-3 hours to go get it though. I have another gift certificate from my Aunt for my birthday to that same spa, and I'll be getting a massage there too (as soon as it's comfortable for me to lie down on my stomach again - and not because of the C-section, it's because of my b00bies because of the nursing!) It was great to see Tara and she got to meet Mack & see Sean again! That kid is just a huge flirt. I'm going to have to watch out for that one in about 16-18 years!

I spent the later part of the afternoon pruning my tomato plants. I didn't finish, but now I'm afraid I did too much? I'm going to do a bit of reading up on that before I do anymore. But I want the tomatoes that are there/and coming to get all the nutrients, so pruning is a must. Pruning is the right word, right?

I got some mail this week, that I want to share:

I ordered 10 lbs of Haribo Raspberries from

And with birthday money, I also ordered a Seatbelt Bag by Harvey's.

You see, I ordered them to my friend Sherrie's house. It was free USA to USA shipping for both items (Amazon & Harvey's). Sherrie had asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I just told her to send me my items. So thank you Sherrie! I really appreciate the favor. only ships books & DVD's to Canada and Harvey's will ship to Canada but FedEx only, and I did not want to get stuck paying a brokerage free with FedEx on the bag. Plus FedEx was expensive too.

I heart my new purse. It rocks. I love it! And I'll have enough candy to last me for the rest of eternity. But it's one of my fave candies, and very hard to find in Montreal (except one location downtown, that I never get anywhere near!)

We have Lillies in my backyard. (They are lillies, right?)

They are just gorgeous!

This evening Jamie's good friend and his wife came over for a visit, and came bearing gifts. Everyone is coming these days bearing gifts. Boy are my sons spoiled! It was nice to have visitors though. Much appreciated! (Since we barely get out otherwise).

Mack is 2 days older than 17 year old Jamie Lynn Spears' daughter Maddie who was born on June 19th, 2008. Did you hear that it was recommended to her that she should have a c-section because of the umbilical cord being too short and was wrapped around the baby, and she refused and had a natural birth? The baby is not even born yet at that point, and she's already acting like her older sister, putting her child in harm's way! Geez!

Sometimes I do have good luck! I've won a contest over at Emilee Knits!

Boy, time flies. Summer is when many of us head out on vacation/holiday. So, this week's question/s has us wondering:

1) Where is your favorite place to go for vacation/holiday?

Vegas. I'm not a beach person. Though, I love Virginia Beach. Spent a few summers there and miss it. (Not for the beach though!) I'd love to go back to Vegas though. Jamie and I are thinking of going next year.

2) Where is one place you'd like to go?

I'd like to go to Australia, Japan, Alaskan Cruise, and to Brazil (to Rio where I have family). Never been and it's definitely on my list.

I've listed up in the shop the September Sock Club (early!). There are still spaces left in the August Sock Club & it's going to be an awesome kit, because I'm designing the pattern. I'm just loving how it's turning out (yes I've been knitting - but I can't show you - it's a secret!) Anyhow, for the September Sock Club, the yarn will be handpainted by Kavatar/Sock-o-holic who makes Lovesticks yarn! The Exclusive colorway is just delicious! Would I give you anything but?


g-girl said...

lilies!! In your garden! that rocks! the candy looks yummy. love the seatbelt purse. how do you like it? wait a minute. jamie lynn was told to have a c-section but she said no and kept on with the natural childbirth?? oh no..

KarenS said...

That is a lot of candy! I wouldn't have the self-control not to eat the whole thing in just a few days, though.

Bea said...

Good choice on the shipping to a friend in the US! I wish I'd known you wanted one of those bags. My mom got me one for my birthday or Christmas one year and I've NEVER used it. It doesn't really fit my taste or my wardrobe as much as she hoped it would but she got three as a deal and it wasn't returnable unless she returned hers too, so I still have it.

RobynR said...

I'm so with you on FedEx. I sent my family a package several months ago and they just got an invoice for 86 dollars in brokerage fees. Rat Baskits.

Tara said...

You're welcome, Robyn, it was our pleasure! That's part of the reason why I couldn't make it the previous weekend, actually. With the kids being sick, I didn't have time to pick up a gift, and there was NO WAY I was showing up at your door empty handed after Mack the Knife's arrival!