Monday, July 14, 2008

july fourteen

Ok, let's talk shoes. I like shoes. What girl doesn't like shoes. So when my sister blogged the other day that she'd gotten 2 pairs of shoes for 10$, (Buy one get one free & not tax), how the heck was I to say pass on that? I contacted her right away and demanded to know where this store was located. So on Sunday, I ran out with NO kids for half an hour and met my sister for this fabulous sale. Told my hubby I was getting ONE pair of shoes. Ok, he thinks two pairs, because he knows about the buy one get one free.

Black shoes. 10$

Brown Shoes. Free.

Red shoes with White polka dots. 20$

Grey sneakers that are so funky. Free.

Or, four pairs of shoes for 30$ at $12.50 a pair.

I also bought 2 rings. I'll blog them tomorrow. I forgot to photograph them.

The pink flowers in my backyard are so gorgeously intense in color.

Aren't they fabulous?

My early calwonder peppers have something budding on them. I can't wait to see peppers!

Did I prune my tomato plant too much? Jamie thinks so? It was told to cut off any stem that didn't have anything flowering, or that will flower. Did I do too much? I want all the nutrients to go to the flowering stems. Ugh. But I know I didn't cut off anything that would flower. Was I supposed to leave some that aren't flowering? Curious?

My pumpkin patch that is taking over my entire garden. My gosh. I think I'll be supplying the entire neighborhood with pumpkins. ALL FROM ONE PUMPKIN SEED!

My San Marzano (Italian) tomatoes! They're growing! I can just taste them now.... I can't wait!

And Houston, we have carrots. They were replanted with new seeds where my radishes were. The other patch didn't take except 2. This time, we have more than just this - I just zoomed my camera into one area. YEY! CARROTS! I just sprinkled a TON of seeds in this area. I can't wait!

Last night I finished reading Knocked Up by Rebecca Eckler while nursing Mack. I really enjoyed it. I funnily read her books backwards starting with book 3 end ending with book 1 that she wrote. I thoroughly enjoyed every single one of her books immensely. I can't wait for her next book to come out. I'm deciding what book to read next. Debating between fiction and about sleeping habits for young babies. Maybe I can read both at the same time?

Today was a really "off" day. Emotionally speaking. Sean was not wanting to listen and was re-organizing everything in my house. He just HAS to touch everything. I cannot wait until this phase is OVER. And everything that he can touch, he has no interest in. He must touch everything that he shouldn't be. Is this just a boy thing? And this breastfeeding thing. I'm revising my thoughts and I'm just about ready to blog it tomorrow. I just want to make sure I've covered all the bases of my opinion before sharing. (So I don't leave anything out). But the nursing is adding to my emotional well-being. It really is tough.

My sister did come by for a bit this afternoon and let me have some time to do a few things around the house. If she hadn't - I actually think I would have ripped some hair out. Thank you dear sister!

Also, this evening, Sean jumped on me, trying to sit on me while I was nursing Mack. Mack's mouth de-latched and he started sucking really hard on the wrong part of my b00b. OUCH! I have a bruise now where he did latch onto. Oh my - was that painful. Babies really do have quite
the suck. Holy moly. I don't know what to do about Sean's jealousy while I'm trying to nurse Mack in his presence. It's tough.

Tomorrow I have errands to run, and Mack has another check-in with his doctor to make sure he's still gaining appropriate weight. I'm hoping for more than a 44 gram pier day increase in his gain. Crossing my fingers that the nursing is not for nothing. If he hasn't been gaining too much weight, I think I'm going to cry. I'm at that point now. Ready to break down. I can see it. He was 6 lbs 12 oz (3060 grams) last Tuesday. If he gains 50 g per day since then, he should be at around 3410 grams which is 7 lbs 8 oz (which is exactly seven and a half pounds).

Alright. Mack's about done nursing. Ah, there's the belch I was going to burp him for. I don't even have to burp him and he belches. LOL. That's my boy! Nighty night!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a tough day - mititgated by cool shoe purchases and beautiful garden shots (why aren't my Echinacea in bloom yet? They look about a whole week behind yours. And I bet the tomatoes are a-ok, just give them a few minutes to bounce back from the pruning.)
Glad you got some help yesterday - some days are just tough and that's when you need to cut yourself as much slack as possible - you're still purging weird hormones - you're entitled to be emotional.

Barbara B. Solbrig said...

One thing I used to do was read to the older one(s) while nursing the baby. THat way they were getting attention without getting into trouble. They would bring ne a pile of their books and we would read away. We would go to the library every week for fresh books though!

Amelah said...

Your welcome for coming to help. I had fun with Sean! He listens to me :)

Shoe's are great! No such thing as too much shoes!!!!!!

Caroline said...

I love the shoes!

And ouch about the boob incident. It sounds painful. I hope things get easier for you soon. At least when Mack gets a little older, Sean will be able to play with him and he won't be jealous anymore.

AliP said...

Its a bit over pruned yes. You must remember that a plant needs leaves for photosynthesis. You will get plenty of tomatoes without pruning so heavily. (I usually pinch out the sprouts that come out in the crook of a branch and stem joint). I could have pruned more heavily this year though because my two cherry tomato plants have taken over big time! Indeterminate plants just keep growing and growing until frost kills them and can be pruned more heavily.

Turtle said...

cool shoes~!

Big Girl Feet said...

LOVE the shoes!! OMG!! What an awesome deal!
& your garden is looking so great!!

adrienne said...

i went through the pointy toe phase the first time around. don't think i want to go there again. although the shoes are most cute. i really like the gray sneakers!

Tara said...

Oh my! You kind of went overboard with the pruning, me thinks! I didn't mean for you to take ALL non-producing leaves off (SORRY! I should have explained it better. My bad!). Still, I'm sure it'll be fine. I did the same thing my first year, and I still wound up with more tomatoes than I could eat.

I love your red shoes. I heart red shoes! And yay for your carrots! I guess you just need to be really generous when seeding those...

dawn said...

My oldest was exactly like sean. He just had to get into everything. We had to do some drastic baby proof when he was that age. We also started time out/ naughty spot in the playpen when he wouldn't listen or insisted on doing things he knew he shouldn't. It was only for two minutes(1 minute per year), but after a while he learned. It takes lots of time and energy to take care of little ones but it will get better. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

Hattie said...

Both of my kids are touchy with everything. Especially stuff they can't have. My daughter likes remotes, so we gave her one that was broken to play with but she only wants the ones that work!

Maybe when you're feeding the baby, give Sean something special to play with, something he can only have when you are nursing. Like a new coloring book, a box full of little interesting things (so it takes him a bit to look through it), stuff like that.

Bea said...

Your new shoes are very cute! I especially love the red polka dots.

The veggies look scrumptious! Yay carrots! One pumpkin seed?? I have a whole load of pumpkin seeds I was thinking about planting but I have a feeling that pumpkins won't be fond of our summer. Still if I plant any it won't be all of them. I know better now!

You'd almost have to read both those books, because I think just reading the non-fiction might cause sleepiness to those missing out on some sleep. So you'd need something that won't make you pass out too.

Gain weight Mack!!! If you are going to live up to your name you have to be BIGGER!!! Hope it went well today.

Kitten With a Whiplash said...

I'm thinking Sean will come around sooner rather than later. A little jealousy is natural, but you're keeping him involved and making sure he gets some quality time.

Bean said...

I really love thoese pokadot shoes love love them. Great shopping.