Tuesday, July 22, 2008

july twenty-two :: five weeks


Mack is 5 weeks old today.

This morning this what was in my house:

One sleeping Mack in his bassinet.

And one sleeping Sean. (In my bed. He woke up at 6:30 am and we brought him into our bed).

Ahhh, sleepy heads!

Today we headed off to the Biodome as they have a Madagascar Exhibit there. (More about that later). I went with my two boys, my mother, my sister-in-law & my nephew. My fave part of the biodome is the penguins.

Oh, do I love these little guys! I'd love to "meet" one in person one day. Not just behind glass at the biodome. Maybe one day on a trip somewhere....

Mack slept in the sling the entire time and was a really good boy.

I carried him around in the sling. It was perfect. I really am trying to wear Mack for at least 30-60 minutes each day, as Drea told me that if I carry him daily for that long, that I will be able to carry him for 2+ years as it will strengthen my back muscles. Good plan.

I love this flower that was at the biodome. No idea what it is, but it was just there in the rain forest section. (Boy was it HOT in the rain forest section - my mother who is going through menopause was cursing it and I was wearing Mack, so the humidity was deadly!)

I bought a new hat today at the biodome. I just love it. Looks super cute. Or I think so anyhow.

I also got a new ring at Granby Zoo on Sunday. Forgot about that... wanted to show you! It's wood with some silver on it. Just fabulous. Wood rocks.

The Biodome was fun. Lunch was MAD expensive. But you're paying because you're stuck there and don't have a choice. We didn't think to bring lunch. Oh well, next time. The Madagascar exhibition that was supposed to be this big hooplah? Yeah right. It was TWO Lemurs. TWO. That's all. We saw more than 2 Lemurs at Granby on Sunday. Don't get me wrong, Lemurs are cute and all, but they brought in 2 Lemurs and called it an exhibition on Madagascar.... My nephew is saving up his money (from the tooth fairy, etc), to go to Madagascar one day. He is too funny/cute. Anyhow, we thought this would be great to bring him to the biodome for the exhibit. What a disappointment. Especially since we'd just been to the Zoo on Sunday and saw more of what would be in Madagascar! LOL.

Anyhow! I got some delicious mail today. My July Blue Moon Fiber Arts' Rockin' Sock Club kit!

I LOVE IT! It's lightweight in the colorway goody goody. It's so my colors. I love it.

I had fun creating a wordle. You can too here.

Tonight the four of us (Jamie's sister and my nephew headed home after the biodome), went to my dad's best friend's house to visit. He's sitting shiva for his father. His name was Mack. I never met him, but it's my dad's best friend's father, and I used to babysit my dad's best friends kids, and we see them often, so out of respect we went to the shiva house. He was diagnosed with bone cancer, and they'd given him 1-3 months to live, but passed away not even 2 weeks later. So sad. Mack of course wanted to eat just as we were leaving the house, so I sat (SQUISHED) in the backseat between both car seats and fed Mack a bottle on the way there as we had a certain time we had to be there, and then of course Mack wanted to eat again before leaving to go home, so I fed him and then we left. Man, he picks the wrong times to eat!


Kitten With a Whiplash said...

I've played with Worldle before, it's fun. I love yours with Mack and Sean as the dominant words. That is a cool flower, would be nice to know what it is.

Myownigloo said...

Well, aren't you just bursting with good news! Welcome, Mack! Nice penguin photos, coming from another penguin afficionado. (Note my screen name. It's for watching the penguins.)

ahufford said...

Great pictures of the boys asleep. Glad you had a fun time at the Biodome. My old boss loves penguins too.

sharon said...

Seriously sweet sling. gald you had fun with the penguins. Why do they always hype up stuff that really is not hyperabole?

Turtle said...

laughing, crap i so missed the disclaimer!!! i have not gotten my package yet. k off to ignore and forget what i just saw!

Shelley said...

Penguines are so darn cute, eh? Sounds like you guys enjoyed the time at the zoo and Biodome. To bad the Madegasgar exhibit sucked.

I tried to do the Wordle thing, but the link took me to the Biodome and after clicking a few links and not being able to find it, I gave up.

Hope things are going well for you and the family! The boys are looking as cute as ever!

twinsetellen said...

Travel and work have kept me from visiting you lately, and my how Mack has grown!

A friend of mine rented a penguin for a wedding guest (she got married at the zoo). He was wildly entertaining to the younger set. No, they didn't get to touch him - he was behind a fence - but they still loved him.

Tara said...

I'm kind of "meh" for this month's RSC kit, actually. But Émilie really likes it, so I'm going to see if I can get a pair of ankle socks for her and for me out of it. It'd be neat to have matching socks, I guess.

g-girl said...

hmm..sorry to hear the madagascar exhibit was all of two lemurs. :P anything to get people in, right? ooh, your latest installment of bmstr is pretty! :) the ring is very cool!

Bea said...

Wow. You've had a really fun week.

I think you can go see penguins in New Zealand (South Island) but you are still kept away from them because they are wild there.

amy said...

i love the wordle - can you please explain how to get it on the blog site. i've created one but cannot figure out how to cut/paste/import it to my blogsite.