Thursday, July 17, 2008

july seventeen :: one month old

Mack is one month old today!
(And I'm keeping up with the weekly self-portrait images in the mirror for both boys!)

Last night, Mack's bath time wasn't so bad. Yes, there was some crying involved, but it gets better each time. One day, I won't be able to get him out of the bath!

Speaking of a child whom you can't get out of the bath... Sean loves his baths. This was also a picture from last night, that I forgot to download to my computer before blogging.

Sean also got a really neat car lamp from one of Jamie's friends when they came over to meet Mack. I think it's really cool. Jamie's friend is really into cars, so this was really the perfect gift! And we were actually thinking about getting Sean a funky lamp for that spot on his dresser. Now I don't have to.

Today was a good day. I think Mack nursed a lot more than usual, but I think that's in relation to the one month growth spurt. I made up a game to play with Sean while nursing Mack at one point, to keep him involved and busy. The time he's most jealous during any given day is when I'm nursing Mack. Which I think is completely normal, just a little hard to deal with. (Temper tantrums sometimes emerge when I'm nursing Mack and I'm home alone, so no one else can distract Sean while Mack's nursing). So we have this little tent that came from one of Jamie's past jobs when he used to work in Educational Toys. It's a cat sized tent (I used to let one of our cats sleep in it before we had kids) and right now it's got some of the kids toys in it. So I brought it up to Mack's room where we were, and while I nursed Mack, I kept asking Sean to show me what was in the tent. And one by one he went and peaked into the tent and brought me out a toy. It was just to keep him busy and it worked! Though, at one point he tried to throw one of the toys at Mack's head, and I wasn't impressed, trying to explain to him that he cannot throw things at his brother or at anyone for that matter.

As far as that Anonymous comment last night, I am not letting it affect me at all. Letting it affect me never even crossed my mind. Actually, I find it kind of funny that someone could be so coward to not leave their name to their comment. I just thought it was blog worthy enough, hence why I posted it. I thought I'd get a reaction from my readers, with opinions of their own, and wanted to share it. Obviously, I'm NOT going to let some b00b-nazi get to me, and I'm going to do what's best for MY family and MY situation. I'm totally aware of the benefits of breastfeeding, and will continue to try to do it as long as it works out for both myself & my child. I'm not quitting yet, but don't think I'll make it a year's worth of nursing. Though, after I do plan on stopping, I'll continue to pump until my milk runs dry, just like I did for Sean. The slight discomfort/pain I'm feeling on my left side is not an infection, I've been checked by our family doctor (Mack's doctor as well) who runs a breastfeeding clinic in our city.

Tonight I went out with the West Island Knits group for some knitting. I actually got a LOT of knitting done as Mack slept for almost the entire time we were there, except about a 15-20 minute period where he ate. And then he went back to sleep, and I went back to knitting. I've been working on my misty garden scarf. I've also been working "behind the scenes" to knit the Socks for my August Sock Club kit due out mid-August 2008! Yep, I've been secretly knitting those!

I got some gifts tonight. Aren't these adorable "I'm the Big Brother" and "I'm the Little Brother" t-shirts? I'm totally hoping that size 2 still fits Sean when Mack fits into 6 month size shirts. They will look so super cute together in them!

I also got some jam from Madeleine. Homemade strawberry jam. Just delicious. I can't wait to try her Apricot jam next month when Apricots are in season. I've got to try my hand at making jam. Maybe sometime soon. Thanks Madeleine!

I got some mail today from the lovely Patty in Minnesota. She wanted to knit something for Mack but didn't like the yarn she was working with. So she went all Minnesota on me and sent my some stuff for the boys. A 12 month onesie for Mack, a Glow in the Dark T-shirt for Sean (looks cool!) and some playing cards (for Cribbage - since her husband plays that with her just like Jamie & I play! (Last time we played was when I was in labor with Mack!) and some yummy smelling lip gloss for me! Thank you Patty! I feel so spoiled lately!

I came home to an empty house. Sean is sleeping over at my parents house and Jamie had ball tonight and wasn't back yet. Ahh, some peace & quiet. Mack was very alert when we got home. I love his pouty lips!

Ahhh, yawn. Yep, time soon for bed!

I just pumped a bottle - thinking about trying it out in the middle of the night, and possibly pumping just for that middle of the night feeding each night. This was my first time pumping since Mack was born. We'll see if he is okay with a bottle in the middle of the night, if not, I'll just nurse him.

I made Zucchini Bread today. Don't ask me how I managed to do so, I pretty much had to entertain Sean while doing so (Mack slept) but I got some baking done! I can't believe how much it made! I used the 2nd half of the first zucchini we ever pulled out of our garden. (Half got eaten last night grilled on the BBQ and the rest made great Zucchini bread!)

Today I found out I won the Summer of Yarn Love contest! Crazy luck lately! Last week I won Emilee Knits contest and this week Summer of Yarn Love! Whoot! Lucky me!

Secret Pal 12 Question of the week #6:

What is your favorite type of project to take along on holiday/vacation?

Probably just socks as they are totally portable, so there is more room in my suitcase for souvenir yarn shopping! Bet you forgot about that! Must souvenir yarn shop!


g-girl said...

so many things to comment about here! first of all, happy one month to mack. I can't believe it's already been a month! I love sean's car lamp!! That is SO cool! what a good idea having sean show you all of the toys that were in the tent! what will you think of next?? the big brother/little brother shirts are cute! ooh, zucchini bread. you're the reason I've been craving some. lol.

Bea said...

I think the lamp is totally cool. Is it on a spring? It sort of looks like it would bounce a bit. The tee-shirts are very cool too.

Anonymous said...

Mack looks so cute (and so does Sean)! Love the shirts that Angela got for the boys. And you are making me want some zucchini bread! I'm so jealous (must learn to make it).

Turtle said...

Such cute brother shirts. That jam and the bread both look yummy! So cool on the contests!

i'm kelly said...

what a cutey! have you gotten your new purse yet? do you love it?

Amelah said...

No need to say it - but the boys look cute in those pics! Glad Sean loves his baths again!!!
Had fun @ knit night!!!

Caroline said...

I'm glad to see Sean isn't scared of the bath anymore!

The bread looks delicious!

Drea said...

Love the jams, the shirts, so cute. Oh and that break looks so yummy!
We have that same lamp. Let me know if you figure out how to change the bulb ;-)

Kitten With a Whiplash said...

Happy belated month-day Mack. He's looking strong and happy.

Jenn said...

Your boys are beautiful! I love their names too...very cool.

I'm not sure about what the boob comment was, because I am a new comer to your blog and I haven't read all the way down yet...

but, I'm guessing it was due to you not nursing long enough??? Maybe??

Anyway, with my daughter, she weaned herself at 8 months. She would NOT take it, and I cried because she was my first and I enjoyed the bond. I had one breast that she would not nurse off of. I ended up having to pump the hound out of it and it still did not produce much milk. So, I had lop-sided boobies because she nursed mainly on one side.

Due to this boobie issue, my son was like a BIG drinker! My daughter would take 4 oz at a son would always take like 8-12 at a time!! He only nursed 6 months because I could not make enough milk for him...I was trying to pump and keep up...with two under the age of 2 it got a big much for me.

Anyway, each person has to work it out for themselves and what is best for their children. : ) Glad you aren't letting a comment get you down.

I like to crochet, but would love to learn to knit sometime.

KnitNicoleKnit said...

your boys are so cute.
and the zucchini bread looks delicious! our zucchinis are growing so fast, i think we're going to be eating bread and muffins for the next year!

Tara said...

I've got a few zucchini that are almost ready to pick. Recipe for zucchini bread please!