Tuesday, July 08, 2008

july eight :: three weeks old

This morning we toughed it out (how do mom's with more than 1 kid get out of the house??!) and we went to a music in the park event. I wasn't impressed with the chick who did the music class, but I pretty much went to socialize and get out of the house! And for Sean to see his friends from his classes at the Y (which ended at the beginning of June).

Mack is 3 weeks old today.

21 days old marks the day that I have to do Mack's Pee Test. Mack has to pee on a towel cloth thing that is provided by the Government of Qu├ębec and then I have to blot it onto a special paper and then mail it off to the Government. Fun! I was able to collect the pee without soiling it (if you get any poop on it you have to re-try), and tomorrow it'll get mailed off to the government!

Yesterday while Caroline was over, she gave me some leftover sock yarn for Sean's Blankie. I eventually plan on knitting one for Mack, so I'll have plenty of leftovers as well! Thank you Caroline!

I also received my Fave Things Swap from Christy! She sent: An awesome pair of green earrings, a scrabble letter pendant that was altered, 1 lb of green apple licorice (my fave flavor!), some knitting note cards, a cute book about a sheep, a music mix, as well as a cute tote organizer (under the licorice). Thank you Christy!

A garden update today:

That zucchini is massive now, I think we'll be pulling it tomorrow! Okay, how do you 'safely' remove a zucchini from the plant? Anyone? What's the best way?

Jamie's index finger for size of the zucchini!

And the third zucchini that is growing in nicely. There are a lot of flowers on the plant, so I'm hoping a TON more zucchinis come!

And we realized that if we just pull the lettuce leaves instead of pulling up the entire plant (we didn't know before), that the leaves grow back and we'll get more lettuce to eat! Awesome!

It's a tomato jungle in the garden! It's huge and big and green! Lots of tomatoes will hopefully grow!

My San Marzano tomatoes are starting. They're my Italian tomatoes! Mmmmm - pasta sauce!

And my beefsteak tomatoes (yep, I checked, they are indeed my beefsteak tomatoes!) are looking great! Can't wait for them to ripen!

And my cherry tomatoes are coming out by the tons! I can't wait to eat those right off the plant!

I replanted another patch of carrots in another location, but in the original location, we've only got 2 carrots from the entire two rows I planted. Oh well. I guess it didn't like that original location. I'm curious to see what will happen with this new location I planted in the front of my garden where there radishes were. I am not re-planting the radish as I'm the only one who eats them, so we'll see. Maybe I'll just plant a handful just for me later on. The only take 28 days to full maturity.

One of my two cucumber re-plants is THRIVING! The other one is doing alright, but this one is doing fabulous. I love it. Cucumber is one of my fave vegetables. I am so happy it's working out!

And my early calwonder peppers are also looking like something's going to happen. I was worried because I thought that the pepper plants are supposed to be as big as the tomato plants, but then someone told me they are supposed to be this small... so we'll see what happens?

Mack had his tongue-tie check up today. He's gaining weight still and now weighs 3060 grams which is 6 lbs 12 ounces. I'm very happy with that, and it means the breastfeeding is working! Though, I'm still not too sure how I feel about it, more to come on that later. Still composing my thoughts.

Today, I'd like to ask you how you put your kids to bed? What method do you use? I'm not sure how to get Sean to bed. (Or even nap for that matter). I must be doing something wrong? He'll only fall asleep at night with us on the couch, and then once asleep, (whenever that happens) we bring him up to his crib. This is bad. Very bad. But how do I get him to sleep/bed without doing this? What's your bed time routine with your kids? Please share. I need advice.

It's too hot (see above! Warning! High heat & humidity! Ouch!) to compose my thoughts today on the breastfeeding topic, so my breastfeeding post will most likely be tomorrow, if I get in early enough from my knit night. Stay tuned!

Don't forget I'm designing the pattern for the August sock club, so if you haven't gotten it yet, go on and sign up!


AliP said...

To harvest zucchini I just cut through the stem that attaches the zuke to the plant.
My Radishes are all gone woody and icky since we didn't harvest them all and they shaded out the carrots TOO much so hardly any are left alive. My cherry tomato plants are gone insane and have some teeny greenies on them and my cukes are starting to get baby finger sized cukes!!!
My peppers have wee blossom buds on them. I may actually get peppers!!
Aaah the summer veggie patch....

Caroline said...

You are welcome! I'm glad you liked the sock yarn and I'm just happy someone will be using it!

ikkinlala said...

Your garden's looking great!

We usually just pull our zucchini. Twisting it as you pull will help it snap off without bringing the whole plant along. I'm not sure whether cutting it would be better, though.

Kitten With a Whiplash said...

Mack looks so adorable. Several of the pics on this post aren't showing up, may be my computer...

There have been times I've wanted to express my displeasure with various government officials in a manner similar to that which you describe. I'm just a teensy bit jealous.

Christy said...

I'm so glad you like green apple licorice! I was taking a risk with that one---I love it but not many other people I know.

About the sleeping--my kids are SO GOOD at sleeping but they didn't use to be. Consistency was the key for us. When they got out of bed we kept putting them right back. When they cried I didn't talk to them but made sure they were okay (food/diaper/etc...) and left them to it. It took about 3 months of hell but now my kids are great about going to bed. I love it!

kristo said...

Ah, Bedtime. Yes, that can be tough. We've finally figured out a routine for Kaylen that works (almost) all of the time. We start off with a warm bubble bath (with toys and playing of course) then Pajama Time. Once she's in her pajamas we go around cleaning up all her toys and putting them in her toy box. Okay, so it's mostly me cleaning, but she does help put a few things away. Then I announce that it's time to brush her teeth. (She knows this is the bedtime announcement) We brush her teeth, and then we go say "Goodnight" to Daddy. Then, I tell her that Tigger is in her crib, ready for sleeping. (She won't go to bed unless Tigger is sleeping too). I think the key is that it's consistent and predictable. She knows it's coming. Bathtime, Pajamas, Cleanup, TeethBrushing, Bed. If I try to spring bedtime on her without warning (like without her bath) then she has a total fit. Just remember to be patient when you're getting your own routine started. It will take Sean a while to adjust, but eventually he'll figure it out. Good Luck!

Hattie said...

Hmm, other than what all the "experts" recommend, a sort of schedule for bed. We have a short one, they drink their milk, brush their teeth, pajamas, bed. Then we just leave them to go to sleep.

What's the pee thing for?

Dawn ;) said...

Love the pic ~ btw, can you send some of those veggies my way? The look delicious. ;)

Firefly said...

Mack is getting the cutest little cheeks!

Jenny said...

I must admit, we are pretty lucky with bedtime and we have always had a routine with Chloe, even when she was a couple months old. We gets a bath. Then I lotion her up, diaper her and change her into jammies. Then I nurse her. Then we read a story (so that way she does not fall asleep from nursing). Then into her bedroom we go. I close the shades so it is dark, I turn on the fan for some white noise, I give the binky and her blankie and lay her down. I turn out the light and shut the down and she just falls asleep on her own. Some days she plays in the crib for 10 minutes or so, but most nights she is out right away.

It takes a while to get Sean used to a routine and he might be resistent at first, but kids thrive on routines and eventually he will love it.

We use a similar routine at naptime (minus the bath and jammies and nursing).

RobynR said...

I'm not going to even try to give you any parenting advice. I know what works for me as a baby sitter but what a child will take from a sitter and what they'll take from a parent are very different things.

What on earth is the pee thing for? I'm dying to know.

Jealous of your garden (except the zucchini and radishes). In fact I think I may take a crack at some tomatoes myself next year.

summer said...

I agree!! Your garden is looking great!!!

The pics of Sean and Mack are so adorable!!!

Nicole said...

bedtime can be rough. Two things worked for my son something to watch or listen too. When he was young a light with music or even just a lava lamp, etc. Now that he is 5 he listens to music. Our routine is read a story and then Alec picks his music and off to bed he goes. Get cr4eative but definitely let him know it is bedtime and that he needs to fall asleep in his bed.

Sharon Rose said...

Green apple licorice!? Where on earth do I get some - sounds tasty!

Nell said...

What's that pee test about???? I never heard of that. What are they testing for?

Very interesting!

g-girl said...

unfortunately, I can't help you with the how do you put Sean to bed question. I can tell you how I've seen my mom do it with my niece though. She cheats and gives the girl a bottle. She barely drinks from the bottle these days unless she's having a hard time sleeping. Then everyone around is told to just ignore her and to stop playing around with her (in the completely dark room!) and she eventually falls asleep. Not sure if that helps @ all but it's what I've seen. It's their routine. Mack is getting cuter with each passing day! :) I can't wait til he starts smiling and stuff. Pee test?? Weird!

Karley said...

oh wow! i wish that i knew how to knit socks... that sock club kit sounds great!! i'm working on my first pair now, but i'm not even to the heel yet.

how do you get involved in all of these swaps and knitting get-togethers?? i'd love to know how to get myself into those things!

O. said...

wow, your veggies look amazing! I wish I had some land to grow veggies on, I think they are just that much better than flowers/plants, since you can actually EAT them once they grow :)

Tara said...

Ah, the pee test... Always fun! You've GOT to have a routine for bedtime, and then stick to your guns. Of COURSE he's going to fuss right now, because he's basically never learned to fall asleep on his own, he's always fallen asleep on you guys!

I've always believed in the bath then bed routine. Both kids get baths every day (not a hair wash every day, but a bath every day). Then it's lotion (kind of like a massage, I guess), diaper, pyjamas, teeth brushed (or for Mack, that would be nursing), then a story, then bed. Goodnight, lights out.

It takes time, but eventually they get it, it becomes familiar and they feel secure within that framework. The trouble is that the longer you've had a "bad" routine, the more difficult it will be to break into a new one, so you're going to have QUITE a difficult time with Sean, I'm afraid. Just stick to your guns. Once they were in bed, if they fussed, I used the Pick Up, Put Down technique (pick up until they calm down, them put them down again and walk out. Repeat as often as it takes (and that can take a loooooong time!).

Poor sweetie, I really feel your pain! Establishing a good sleep routine was my first priority when the kids were born. You've got to have some down time, or you just go nuts!

mames said...

hi robyn, thought i would second the last comment. we have twin 15 month old boys and since they were 4-5 months we did the same routine...bath, dressing in pj's with lotion massage, bottle with snuggle in our bed then to their room and to their crib. sometimes they fall asleep before we put them down, sometimes we rock them down in their room, sometimes they fall asleep on their own, sometimes they cry and we let them. it just depends but they are usually asleep by 730. (but they get up really early). it will likely start to change as they give up the bottle, but i do the same at nap time during the day. their room is really dark from blackout curtains, has been since birth. this may be too drastic for sean if he is not used to it, but it is the only thing that worked for our little guy, especially with the summer hours. i second the consistency too...just establish a routine and stick to it. we sacrifice nights out but they will only be little for this time, so i do not really mind.

good luck...i love the latest pic of you and mack. so pretty, so cute. smiles.

Bea said...

Gosh your garden looks really good. In all three of these posts I've read today!

I have to say I've never seen green apple licorice but I'm going to have to look for it now that I know it exists!