Thursday, December 24, 2009

december twenty-four

I chilled with the kids this morning. Our cleaning lady came baring gifts. She brought some perfume for me, some beer for Jamie (we can't understand why she thinks Jamie drinks beer, but keeps bringing him some), and some chocolate & candies for the kids. It's the thought that counts.

Before my sister-in-law left today to go home, she had some time to do my nails. She put on stars on my 4 fingers and put the letter "R" on my thumb for my name. I think she did a pretty good job. I suck at applying my own polish, but when I do get them done, I always tend to go for reds.

I've been working on my Mara Shawl. My total progress right now is 9” down the center, 21” across. It's chugging along very nicely. I am in love with the color. It's gorgeous. I just want to knit knit knit on it.

How can you not love this?

This afternoon after Mack's nap we had Mack's best friend over with his brother. Sean decided to show off that he likes to walk around in my mommy's shoes. What's it with boys and their mother's things?

They played with toys.

Mack got stuck with stickers from his brother. Introducing Indie-Mack!

We chilled!
My dishchair seems to be a huge hit with guests.
Actually this is where I am blogging from now.

We took pictures of Mack & his best friend in their matching name bibs. (Mack's best friend's name has been photoshoped out due to his mom not putting his name anywhere on the web).

Mack's Best Friend's Mom made both the bibs. We've been trying to get them together to photograph them wearing them, but we just didn't get to it, until today. Finally!

While they were over, I made coffee for the first time ever. I know, pathetic, that I've never made coffee before. Well, I've never had a reason or need to. When there was coffee needed, I've always had someone make it for everyone. I've never been a coffee drinker before. Today I had my first ever straight cup of coffee. I've had mochaccino's before, and flavored coffees, but never straight coffee. Well, I didn't hate it, but I am not sure I am going to become a regular coffee drinker. Well, at least now I know how to use our machine.

Shortly after our friends left, we headed to Jamie's step-sister's house for Christmas Dinner.
It didn't take Sean long to fall asleep in the car (for a 15 minute car drive!)
That's what no nap will do to him.

Here is where we spent Christmas Eve.

Sean looks on waiting for the train to arrive & pass by.

And there it goes!

It was a really neat train.
My fave car was this one with the lights coming through showing silhouettes of people!

The kids polished off an entire bowl of cheesies and therefore didn't eat much at dinner...
Turkey? What's that? Cheesies! Now you're talking!

Mack had a great time playing with one of his cousin's old doodle boards. The kid loves to color.

My kids got spoiled tonight with some adorable outfits. My fave is a size 2 shirt that Mackenzie got that reads "Mommy's Little Man". The kids will be stylin' once they are in size 2 for Mack and size 4 for Sean. Before I know it, they'll be that size! It goes way too fast. I can't believe Sean is turning 3 on Monday. Wasn't he just born?

Jamie & I exchanged gifts tonight. I got him a Habs Pen, which he loved. I also gave him the latest Habs collectors coin, for our collection, and as well, a box that had a coupon in it, to redeem for some "Jamie socks" once I'm done knitting them. I will get there.. I told him.... early 2010...! I *think* I know what yarn I will use for them too. So that's a start! I got a Chapters gift card (I already have one book picked out that I want to get) and a purse that I already had. My husband saw a Habs purse, and thought that I would TOTALLY love it. Well, I do. So much, in fact that I've worn it to a game before, with him! This just proves how well he knows me, that I'd like it, but shows how unobservant most men are! It's a cute bag, that I would pretty much only wear to a game...! It's not exactly stylish to wear anywhere else! I also got a ton of lotto scratchies... which I'll probably save for tomorrow. We'll see if I win anything!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
Chag Molad Sameach v'Shanah Tovah
חג מולד שמח ושנה טובה


Anonymous said...

I can't tell if it saved my comment so I'll try again:

I can't believe Jamie bought you a gift you already have! Although, one year I let Yannick choose and try on a ring I wanted to buy him, and when I did buy it and give it to him 3 months later he couldn't believe I'd managed to pick a ring he liked so much that fit so well! Men. LOL

Amelah said...

hhahah was just reading Jenn's comment!!!! Sounds like Yannick!!!

That was nice of Lana.She brought us chocolates.

Really neat train, with the silhouettes! Pretty cool!!!

Hey atleast he napped eh!

Nice nails! She did a super job!

Bea said...

Ok. I feel like I read this already because it looks so familar but I have no comment here so I guess I didn't. I think your nails look great. Christmas Eve looks like it was a lot of fun. Love the train.

Tara said...

Cheesies rock!