Monday, December 28, 2009

december twenty-eight :: three years old

Sean is 36 months old today. It's his 3rd birthday.
I have a three year old!

Sean loves to be silly.

And even sillier.

He requested McDonald's for lunch today.

Mack thanked his brother for the good choice. I would have been happier with anything else for lunch, but that's what Sean wanted, so that's what he got.

After we got in from lunch we put Mack down for a nap and then we gave Sean his birthday gifts. We waited to give Sean all his gifts on his actual day. We didn't really give him any Chanukah or Christmas gifts this year, since everyone else in our family spoiled the boys this year.

His favorite toy was this one. I picked up the Mcdonalds Cash Register back in October at Target when I went to Rhinebeck. It's been killing me for over 2 months not to give it to him already! He loved it soooo much that he didn't want to open up anything else after opening this gift. I am so happy he loved it. That's exactly how I thought he'd react to it.

Tonight for dinner we went to Jamie's work belated Xmas dinner. It was for his job at the head office where my family also works. Since I used to work there as well, I still go to the dinners, and since it's my father's company and my husband works there, I still go. The kids come too. The restaurant we went to wouldn't have been my first choice for Sean's birthday dinner, but it was alright.

Wow... Sean's really 3!

I remember him this small, a few days after he was born.
(I miss those days)

Sean on his 1st birthday.

Sean on his 2nd birthday.

It's been a wonderful 3 years getting to know him so far, and I cannot wait to get to know him more as the years go on. He's a wonderfully smart child and I love him more and more each day. I hope only the best for him (the same for Mackenzie as well) and I hope he becomes a beautiful young child with a thirst for thriving in whatever he chooses to do with his life.

Today Mack figured out how to open my bedroom door. It's over. There are still 2 doors in the house that the kids cannot open even though they are not locked (one of them being my office door - I can't even sometimes open it!)

Tonight after the kids went to bed, I watched Robin Williams : Weapons of Self Destruction. It was really funny. There were some stuff that I didn't find funny at all, but I did find myself laughing out loud while watching it. I definitely recommend watching it. A lot of political (American politics) stuff in it though.


missfee said...

happy birthday to Sean - what a great age to be - and it just gets better 4 is my favourite so open to the world and discovery. Congratulations to you and Jamie so far.

Amelah said...

Happy Birthday Sean!! Oy i still remember him that small!!!! Now i see what he meant when i saw him and he said he had a LOT of presents to open!!!!!

Bea said...

Happy Birthday Sean! That's a lot of presents. I can see where its better to go light for Chanukah and Christmas so he won't feel like his birthday is mixed in with those. The cash register is pretty cool. Sorry about the doors. That sort of sucks. There's always those handles which make it so you can't turn the knob.

Balkan Style Bloggers said...

Happy belated birthday, Sean!! I'd like to order one big mac and a small fry and coke. :)

illahee said...

happy belated birthday, sean!!

g-girl said...

looks like sean had a fantastic birthday. :) a cash register!! what a great idea. i regret not getting my niece one (yet)!

Tara said...

Enjoy 3! Because 4 is really a kicker :)