Tuesday, December 15, 2009

december fifteen

This morning when I dropped off Sean at daycare, I filled out the rest of the paperwork for Mackenzie to start there in January. January 4th is his first day - which is the first day back after the new year. I am so excited, I can't even tell you! It will make my life so much easier to have both kids in the same school. When I picked up Mack today from his daycare I handed in the letter I typed up which notifies them that he will no longer be attending after December 24th, 2009. I don't even know how many days he'll actually go next week as we have family staying with us from Sunday until Thursday so we'll be busy with them. I will send Mack to his daycare on Monday though, at least for the morning, since it's his daycare Xmas party and I do have gifts for all his teachers. (All 3 of them!)

I did learn this morning that since I didn't purchase Sean's school picture package I won't be getting a class picture from the photographer. Though, the coordinator had a copy which she "loaned" to me today. Looks at this picture. None of the kids seem at all thrilled to be in it - and none of them are smiling. Not a single one! That shows you had bad this chick was. I am recommending to the school that they use someone else next year and even have a name to give them. Sean's 2 girlfriends are Shayna & Callie. Shayna is in the overalls in the bottom row and Callie is wearing the orange & red (or is that pink) outfit in the middle row on the right. Sean is the middle boy in the back row if you can't find him. My blondie. There is actually now 6 girls in Sean's class and 10 boys. (There was 11 boys and 5 girls before). I think one of the boys moved to the next class up when some kids got shifted around. There is going to be another kid entering Sean's class and one of Sean's friends moving up to the next class probably when Mack starts in January. I really hope that it's not one of his close friends moving up, he'll be so sad. But I'm still happy that Mack will be starting there!

I didn't work today in the office, I will be going in tomorrow. I had a rather upset stomach today, which is why I forgot to eat lunch. I was working all afternoon on wrapping gifts for teachers and for some of my knitting friends for our christmas exchange tomorrow night, that I forgot to eat lunch.

I can't believe Xmas is next Thursday night. NEXT. Yep. Next. You read that right. Next Week. How'd that happen? So much to do - so little time. I feel the stress coming on.

Tonight I watched the finale of Season 4 of Dexter with Jamie. I am sick to my stomach and shocked after watching the epsisode. When does Season 5 start? I can't believe they killed off Rita. I found this interview online, which confirms she was killed off. At first I wasn't sure if it was real or if Dexter was dreaming. It was real. And it looks like it was Trinity who did it before Dexter killed Trinity. Oh my! It looks like all the first four seasons of Dexter started the last week of September or the first week of October. So I am assuming that I will have to wait until next fall to watch the next Season. Oh my! It's going to kill me to wait that long! I must know what happens next! At least in January/February we have 24 (January 17, 2010), Lost (February 2, 2010) & Chuck (January 10, 2010)starting up, so we'll have stuff to watch!

Good news! I found Jamie's scarf! The guy who lives in the building where the poker tournament was held has it! I just need to coordinate picking it up from him since he lives off island. I think Jamie said he'd take Sean for a drive this Saturday afternoon while my step-mother-in-law helps me do some baking while Mack naps. I am so happy and Jamie is so happy. It means a lot to me that he loves his scarf that much.

Madeleine showed me this pretty neat link today, that I wanted to share with everyone.

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Bea said...

Glad you found the scarf! The picture looks really disappointing.

g-girl said...

oooh. that is a neat link! perfect for you for future designs. i hadn't realized how many kids there really were in sean's class. sucks that they're not smiling either. glad you found jamie's scarf!

Balkan Style Bloggers said...

I voted for you! Good luck!! My friends keep telling me I need to watch Dexter, but I tried once, and I was too frightened to watch the end of one episode! :) I'm such a wuss.

Amelah said...

Glad u found the scarf.

Wow what a horrible "photographer!!!"

Anonymous said...

I voted for you , hope you win

Big Girl Feet said...

I voted for you!!
I hope you're feeling better now, I had a bit of a tummy bug on Tuesday, not fun!
And Dexter- I know!! Next season can't come soon enough- Norm thinks that was the series ender after the way the narrative from Dexter was going but I sure hope not!

jeloca said...

I voted for you!

I know Callie - isn't she adorable?

Tara said...

Gah! I'm only up to season 2 in Dexter!!! Poop...